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Free effective forecasting report template & examples

The forecasting report template is technical tools may help to predict future trends of something by analyzing historical data systematically. Typically, it may utilize well-organized data structure for analyzing the resources, financial budgets, expenses existing issues and risk factors on period of time.

The forecasting report key purpose is to determining “The direction of the future trends of objective / target”.

The management usually takes the inputs of this report to allocation their financial budgets, as well as estimate potential expenses for period of time.


Creating a forecasting report may be one of the important task to making an effective plan for the business. Typically, there are different types of techniques that may use for creating a forecasting report.


Qualitative forecasting techniques


The qualitative technique is actually scientific method is typically conducts through observations, interviewers, focus groups etc., mean no-numerical data analyzing.


Time series analysis


Probably in this technique, you have to index the time series data in order to extract in the statistical formulation to predict the values for forecasting. The model may be depending on the time series that all the meaningful data are gather and taken for analysis to get accurate prediction.


Causal models


This is actually mathematical models. It may be representing causal relationships of the two important elements. Using this technique for forecasting, you can describe accurate prediction with statistical data.


Uses of forecasting report template 


This is actually “Decision-making tool” may help to business for various processes and important tasks such as budgeting, planning’s, estimations as well as prediction for future implementation and growth of the business. Actually, it may be helps to predict the future trends of the something which you defined as objective for the forecasting.


In the planning of sales


Every sales team needs proper planning to projecting the period for improvement of the sales volume. The sales team typically creates the map which is outcomes of the forecasting reports. Even more, sales management also allocate the sales target on review the sales forecasting report. Hence, it is much important for the planning sales volume, zonal sales as well management of the entire marketing.


Estimate Market

The forecast is actually well demand if you what to understand the trends and market demand. The forecasting may help to business for estimate the accurate market demand of particular product. This information is much helpful for the business to take proper actions for implementation and distribution of the products in the market.


Inventory and stock management

If the business can accurately forecast of the sales volume, the business can easily manage its inventory as well stock of the product. Actually, these are co-related – mean if, the business having a forecasting of future trends – the stock management team can arrange the sufficient stock to reach the demand. Overall even it may be also helps to avoiding “overstocking”, if forecasts are accordingly predicting.


Financial estimation

Every business having key motive is increments of the profit. Hence, the reporting should be much appreciate predict the anticipation of sales of the business. Overall, the forecasting also helps to accurately predict the future profit and revenue. Even more, it may also help to increase the profit by predicting the existing status and potentiality.


Resources and allocation

Typically, the management can take actions to review the report for arrangements of the resources, as well as allocation of the resources to appreciate team or process. Generally, the forecast is helpful to supply chain management also. Hence, the business can take advantage of the existing status by reviewing the report.


Improvement of product & services

The outcomes of the forecasting report may help to understand the existing product status in the market. Even more, the report is essentially helps to improvement in the production activities, sales after services as well sales team’s performance.


What to include in the forecasting report?


The forecasting report much helpful for long-terms as well short-terms viability or values of an activities. Even more, you can determine what exact the business needs to take as actions for product sales volume & profit enhancement. To create effective forecasting report, you can include following things:


General Information

In this section, the report may include general information which is associated with the forecasting reporting. Such as project name, department name, project manager name, project completion date etc. The details are much important hence it should be on top of the page. Even, in this section, you can include more details as require for the reporting.


Schedule and Cost


This section is actually including financial details such as budget and costing of the project. There is may include budget at completion, earned values, actual costs to date, planned values, estimated to completion of the project, cost variance, schedule variance, cost performance index as well status. Typically, the budget at completion is defines as per baseline cost of the entire project costs. Even the actual costs are considering total costs that actually incurring. Earned values and planned values both are different things, where earned values as actually works that are done, however planned values are schedules of works that needs to complete. The cost variation is helps to identify the differences of the budget and actual costs – its measures the cost values.





Mostly in the project management, milestone is one of the important things that needs to define and require to accomplish in line with. All the defined milestones are needs to reviews as per planned, even this reporting may also include the details of each milestone once it completed even, the variation time / days are also needs to describe clearly. The team leader / manager will be review the milestone and sign-off in the status.


The Scope


The reporting may be including the scope that described during the planning and entire process management. Even in the reporting, the scope may be with different phases and its reporting should also require to describe accordingly. Typically, the scope having phases – the scope for the planning and defining its processes, designs, development, tests and delivery. The reporting similarly describes its progress and exact status what, and how much scope is covered during execution processes.




The resources are one of the important part of any process either it is manufacturing, engineering or constructions. The resources can play key role in it heart processes. In the forecasting report template, the resources are taken as part of the existing conditions, efforts, require efforts, and estimated efforts in the upcoming processes or events.




This is actually very important part the entire reporting. According to the report – the business can take necessary actions for eliminate or reduce the level of risks preventively. The report should include the details of the risks which may be as estimate to review the previous and existing risks associate with the processes.


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