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A job card template is structural document may describe detailed information of the product work orders. It may help to organize customer orders for producing materials with specific plans, schedules and technical requirements. Most of the businesses are using the job card template to tracking the customer orders, work flows, follow up plans and actions. Even the step of each production process stages to ensure the customers’ requirements are complying and each order is as per standards.

Actually job card template is an important tool that may use to organize customers’ orders, and product quantitatively. Usually, this product numbers are managing with various processes, machinery, equipment as well bill of materials that use for the manufacturing processes. Hence, job card template is very necessary part of the managing customer orders for manufacturing products.

Why Job Card Is required?

Actually, job card is not just allocation data, information or works but is more than it. Most of the businesses are using the job card to arranging overall work tasks for manufacturing products. Hence, each task may be well organizing, even machinery and bill of materials to successfully comply standards as per customers’ expectations.

Here are some points that may focus on importance of job card.

  • If you are dealing with multiple customers’ orders, products, machinery, equipment and man force. You need to arrange well in manufacturing facility to design the manufacturing processes to control and monitoring the procedures. Even each manufacturing sequence for producing materials should be requiring to allocate works, machinery, equipment and resources to get success in allocated time.
  • Most of the cases, customers are always expecting the materials before the order expiry or delivery date. Hence, you have to organize and make each customer happy to provide the materials on time. The job card template help you to arrange the materials through setup priority of the processing the product.
  • Manpower is very important part of the manufacturing process. Hence, job card not only organize the products and materials, but also help the business to well organize manpower.
  • It will be make easier to focus on quality. Quality assurance and quality control team can track each order through job card. The team can conduct the testing according to process steps, and sequences of job card arranged.
  • Usually, when you are taking about the management, mean each order, resources and manpower are arranging well. Job card is actually help to arrange all accurately.
  • You can use the job card template with advance techniques. It may also give you a scope to evaluate the job performers on basis on their job quality.

In short, job card may help the management to organize job allocations and concern requirement to successfully complete the tasks to smoothly complete the manufacturing process.

Tips for preparing job card template

Actually you can take many different ways to creating job card templates. But you have to focus the basic requirements to make easier the job allocation. Remember that, before making a job card for allocating job for manufacturing product. You have to take care the important points, try to make clear and easier to follow-up. Here are some tips that may help you to create job card template.

  • First of all, you have to define the customer’s requirements, and job description to preparing job card.
  • List out each tasks that you need to processing at various place and at machinery.
  • Understand what is customer’s specific requirements, end application requirements and characteristics of products.
  • Define the criteria that you need to follow for manufacturing process.
  • Describe the target date to review the customer delivery requirements, and total time for manufacturing.
  • You can download ready made templates from this site, which may provide structure to fill out the details require for processing the materials.
  • Most important thing is, discuss with your team members, get the suggestions from them and improve the job card details.
  • Try to make each details very clear, readable and easy for understanding.

Remember that, when you are going to create job card template, you have to need some preparation such as list out task details, available machinery, equipment and manpower mean resources, what will be bill of materials, how much time you need to complete task etc. This details are much important even you need to consider before the creating a job card. Entire data will be helpful for create a perfect and effective job card.

Free Job card templates download

When you are going to create job card template from sketch, it will be very tough to making it. Even it is also possible to miss any field that can create problem during production operations. Hence, best option is to download ready made template that may you to organize your information with effective way. Usually, you have to make a simple heading, job requirements details, details of bill of materials and resources details. Later on you have to fill out entire details in template which are ready for production lines. Here are some ready made templates that may help you for your business.

Free printable job card template


Job card template for Excel Download | PDF Job card example download

It is obvious in the manufacturing unit, preparing job card and print entire format for circulate in each department for processing the materials. Hence, it is very important that each job card format should be printable and easier for the short in hard copy. This job card template is very clear, with all the details which are require for the assembling in manufacturing unit.

This template may include the assembly data, customer order number, customer name, model number and tag if any, activities details, starting and end time of the entire details with remarks.

Example of job card template for excel


Simple Job-card template for excel download | PDF template Download

Creating a job card template is very difficult if you don’t have any specific tools to organize the data about the various jobs. This job card prepares in the excel application which is very easy for the customization, as well easy for operate. Here in this example of the job card template for excel may help you to organize each customer’s order, material flow, as well resources for producing the materials.

This Job card template help you to organize teach item, estimates each product with specific way. The description of the job may include the products, services as well after sales services details. Even the figures of possible or estimate costs details.