Job order forms format

Free Job order forms templates for excel

A job order form is a document may contain entire customer’s order tasks with includes quantity, process stages, schedules and tasks assignments. Most of the businesses are using the job order form to describe product or service order details with more specific format. In some industries, job order form also includes process stages, inspection criteria and allocations of inspection steps.

In manufacturing environment, usually the job order form contains the customers’ quantity, technical details, cost estimation, date and time, schedules, execution details etc. It may be instructive format that customer can provide along with order.

What to include in job order form?

A job order form is valued format for business to communication about quantitative as well technical conversation with customers. This form may help to organize each customer details with separate requirements. Here is some key information that may help you enhance the reliability and flexibility of your business job order form:

Describe job title & Description

Actually most important section of the job order form is job title and its description. Hence, the position of the job details should be clear, even the applicability and description will be helpful information. Normally in this section, the nature of the job may include which is require to describe specifically.


The job order form should be providing mandatory minimum requirements that include qualifications. It may involve standard requirements, qualification which help to make an applicant suitability for the job.

Describe requirements

This section will be describing quantitative as well technical requirements. Even the details can be including the specific requirements, financial details and characteristics requirements.

  • Job details – A description of the job quantity, technical or any specific details with sufficient details require to complete the job.
  • Separate Quantity – The details of the quantity details, along with schedule may also important for the supplier or manufacturer. Hence, each details should be clear related to quantity.
  • Technical details – Some specific requirements, product characteristics, technical requirements which are require for end application may require to include in it.
  • Tax details – In some cases, job order form may also can include all the taxable / financial details. It should be requiring to separately describe labor charges; manpower details concern to resources.

You can also include some specific skills, technical requirement or condition require for the product, or during the processing. The details of the specific requirements can also include at additional details.

Types of job order forms templates

It is obvious that each industrial segment, even the for each different kind of products and services needs a unique design for job order. Hence, here we tried to incorporate different types of job order form that will show you which type of job order form can be suitable for which type of industry. Even the specific requirements, technical requirements and characteristics requirements are also important factors for the job order forms. Here are below some of the types of job order forms are describing for your reference:

Information Technology (IT) job order form

A job order form is also widely use in the IT sectors related to software and hardware maintenance, as well networking concern. Normally the form of the job order can be for maintenance and installation, even as repairing purposes. Usually the structure of the IT job order form may keep the similar formation as different job orders from other industrial segment. But the contents may little vary from it.

Construction Job Order form template

Normally with construction business, job order form is very important because of so many different constructions related tasks require to incorporate. Usually construction businesses are using the job order form to listing the tasks, schedules, timelines, and cost of each tasks. This information is very important for the estimating the construction related tasks, as well what the actual cost can be vary from budget. That information may helpful for analysis for future management.

Service Job Order form template

Use of job order form can be every sectors, even the service sectors are also using the job order forms. Normally in the service sectors, job order form may have related to services require to customers, provisions of services are may include.

Maintenance job order form template

This is unique and different type of job order form. Because this form actually uses at any segment, any industry or any division of the business. Because this is common type of job order form which is normally use as internal document of any organization or business. It may also use as internal use as well as external parties too. In the maintenance job order form, all the require maintenance tasks, estimation costs, and schedule can be including in it. This form is very important for communication between the two parties.

Employee job order form template

Actually this is very different and specific form that describe the require specific information in it. This template may describe the specific details of jobs, tasks which may describes for individual works allocate by management. Normally this form can be for group of people, team or individual employee. Even it can be list of entire project tasks, and or individual tasks details.

Job order form templates

When the business having a various task, works and require to load balance of works. Hence it is very important for the business to organize well-organized formation to enhance productivity. Normally every business is making its own standard formats which is use for communicate within the organizational level.

This standards format are businesses are preparing for the managing works, organize the information and run the processes with smooth manner. Hence, it is very important for the businesses to establish templates as standard formats. Here are some basic templates which can be useful for the businesses:

Job order form template

Job order form sample
Job order form template

A job order form template should be containing all the information and detailed tasks should be including in the form. Normally the job order form are requiring to follow the list of tasks, even it may also use to estimating the cost of each tasks. The form may also include individual tasks schedule, time, costs etc.

The form is widely used for the organizing the manufacturing processes. In the form, company details, client details, scope of works, materials movement details, estimation of costs, timelines and scale, schedule etc.

Sample Job order form template

Sample Job order form
Sample Job order form

This sample job order form may use for recording information about the tasks. The form can be helpful to complete the work tasks, and estimating the entire project.


Basically, a job order form is written document which may help to execute the entire project or workload balance. This job orders form help to define the task wise information, estimation of costs, schedule, as well as setup of the tasks. The details of job order forms is use at each stage of the processes. Hence, it should strictly follow during the semi-process as well final stage of the processes. Hence, this form is useful at each stage and segment of organization.