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A project status report is a document may contain project information of overall status with progress of performance of implemented strategical plans. Generally, most of the companies are using this report to ensure monitoring of the direction to meet goals. It may also focus on risks and financial current status.

Actually, the report may highlight the progress of key elements of the project. Even it can be effective communications and strategy to update the project team, stakeholders and interested parties. Normally, Project management may take important decisions on based of reviews of this report, which makes further strategy for efficient improvement.

Table of Contents

  1. Overview to Project status report
  2. What to include in project status report? (Elements of Project Status Report)
  3. Project Status report templates – Free Excel Word Examples & Samples
  4. Benefits of project status report

Overview to Project status report

It is obvious that the management can ask the progress of project on intervals. Even the frequency of the status updates and reporting may vary, it can depend on project type and size. Actually, it can be complex with the project may have so many components, plans and factors that directly impacts on the progress. Hence, project status report is best way to present the overall progress of the project.

Normally, it may include the status of the project, budget plans and executes, risk management, issues, developments, and critical activities with a project.

Generally, stakeholders are not regularly tracking the project or not communicate with the project team for the status of a project. Hence, the project status report is best way to update to all associated parties with project.

What to include in project status report? (Elements of Project Status Report)

Information can be varying of each project status report, even at each business segment. But some basic information that must be included in the status report. Over dumping at status report can create confusion and complex for read. Hence, try to include the details which are necessary, and which that gives a sense. In the project status report should include, as minimum information as below:

Brief Information of Project Steps……….

Stakeholders and project sponsors normally, could not accessing the project details, even not communicating the project progress with project team. Hence, you have to make sure that you cover all aspects of your project status, within your project report.

Status of the Project……….

All the details within your project report should be accurate and up-to-date. Normally, the status report may include a description of project, milestones for next & last reporting period, achievements, outstanding points, etc. In short, it should be cover entire project work plan and execution details.

Budget plans & execution report……….

It is very important to describe the details of planned expenditure, actual expenditure even, surplus/deficit and revenue against planned output delivery. In the section of budget reporting you can describe budget estimate, and framework.

Project Schedule……….

The details of the project schedule, targets and completion date are requiring to mentioned. This section of the project status report may cover milestone/ task details, start and end date, and percentage of completion. The description should be give overall picture of the status of each stage, milestone and tasks that planned.

Risk associated with project……….

Normally here in this section of the status report you have to specify details of any major or minor changes to the high risk identified since the previous records or reported. Even, mention there any modifications to the strategies taken at place to organize them. More, to focus new risks that have arisen since the last report, even as identified with any level risk category, should be include in this section.

Issues Report……….

Any issues that may impacting the project progress should be describe in this section of the report. Try to make some specific details for describe it, such as area of concern, specific problems, and any action or decisions that requires to be taken during project operations.

The core project management normally completes a regular project status report and updates are informed to stakeholders and project sponsors. The report helps to track each project’s task, and help to enhance the progress of work flow. Well focused reporting may help to deliver the project on time and within the budget. Hence, keep the record well focused, and report against each milestone, instead on percentage of works.

Project Status report templates – Free Excel Word Examples & Samples

A project status report template is widely used for reporting status of entire project. It may help to get overall picture about the works, process, budgets, issues and risk associated with project. Actually, creating a status report can be easy if you have right sample format, and sufficient details of the update. The best platform may help to detailing the report more effectively. Hence, here some sample project status report templates are given for your reference:

Project Status Report Template

Project Status Report format, Project Status Report sample, Project Status Report example, Project Status Report pdf, Project Status Report excel
Project Status Report Template


This sample project status report is simple platform that may use for describe the status of project. It may include the project status update such as overall status, milestone tracker, open issues, and actions on the risk associated with project. It may cover overall project process which you can explain the details to the stakeholders. Actually, the best part of this project status report can use for any time span. It can be monthly, quarterly, annual or customized date span.

Weekly Project Status Report template Word Download

Weekly Project Status Report format, Weekly Project Status Report example, Weekly Project Status Report sample, Weekly Project Status Report pdf
Weekly Project Status Report template


The best part of this weekly status report is simple for inputs and also for reviews the outputs on weekly basis. This simple design will allow you to track each work tasks and overall progress to easier for determine actions for improvement. Every plans & Schedules can possible to maintain with specific dates with unique tabular formation. So, it will easier to monitor the schedules dates, target dates, completion dates, and actual date of complete the task individual.

It can be different contents and information with weekly project status report. Because it may target short-term works and goals that may needs to achieve in weekly span. Even, all the uncompleted tasks can possible to carry forward for next week on priority. Hence, this template can be gives extra advantage for the status of any project.

Word Project Status Report Templates

Word Project Status Report format, Word Project Status Report example, Word Project Status Report sample
Word Project Status Report Templates


It is easy to print the document if is made with minimal design in word formation, this project status report template is made with same concept. Neat & Clean reporting gives you extra advantage against the stakeholders and project sponsors. Hence, you can use this template as reference or download the copy for make your own project status report template.

Printable Project Status Report Template

Printable Project Status Report format, Printable Project Status Report example, Printable Project Status Report sample, Printable Project Status Report pdf
Printable Project Status Report Template


Creating a template can be tough job if you don’t have sufficient tools and information. Hence, here you can get the best reference for the making your project status report more effective and attractive.

Tips for Creating a Project Status Report

Some of the tips for the making a tidy status report are as below:

  • Understand the audience to determine their interest with your project & business.
  • Describe the project staring and deadlines of each project stage, milestones, as well as in schedules.
  • Include sufficient quantity of the technical language.
  • Standardize the frequency of the status reporting for your project.
  • Describe the communication methods with all concern, in the report.
  • Try to make the report based on work completion, instead of percentage of works.
  • Visual & Graphic presentation always being best attach for everyone, try to include at appropriate locations.
  • Discuss all the issues raised during the project execution phase, even take the reference of previous action plans.
  • Address risk associated with project, and describe possible action plans – to be taken

Project status report is opportunity for improve the business. It may increase the change of success of project on sufficient reviews and action plans.

Sample Project Status Report

Sample Project Status Report template, Sample Project Status Report format, Sample Project Status Report example, Sample Project Status Report sample
Sample Project Status Report


This is unique sample design for project status reporting. It may cover basic details of the project status that require to describe against business management. In some cases, business management asking for the minimal details about project status. Hence, this format will be fit those requirements. Even, this is blank format, so you have to just enter the values are requiring for complete this report accordingly.

Example Project Status Report

Example Project Status Report template, Example Project Status Report format, Example Project Status Report example, Example Project Status Report sample
Example Project Status Report


The status report of the project may be describing overall picture including project health and measurable progress. You can use this template report for various time span, it may include monthly, quarterly or annual. Even it can be possible to customize the date the preview for various time span. This is the ready made format will be helpful for small scale or medium scale business.

Project Status Report Template Excel

Project Status Report Template Excel
Project Status Report Template Excel


If you have handling any project independently, it is obvious that you must need to create regular status report to update project sponsors and stakeholders. Normally, the time span for the updated status report can be different for each business. Even contents can be varying for each status report as industrial segment. Even, some basic details that are necessary to must include in it. Hence, this ready made template can be take the place as reference for your own status report. Keep reading and understand how to create effective project status report for your business.

Project Management Status Report template

Project Management Status Report format
Project Management Status Report template


To creating status report effectively you have to include some elements that are much important for your report. The focused report may help you to highlight important aspect of your business. Hence, some elements that may help you to make better reporting are effective communication, consistency, establishing metrics, simplification of reporting, verified details, standardized formation, structure and information, effective use of tools etc.


Benefits of project status report

  1. Systematic framework for project
  2. Focused on Objectives
  3. Tracking the project
  4. Identifies risks
  5. Helps to manage costs
  6. Improve overall visibility
  7. Communication and participation
  8. Control indicator
  9. Project performance and analysis


The best part of the project management is should Involvement of the peoples from the various levels for work together to keep improve the project. The effectively implement project’s stages can give better improvement overall business. Even more, project status report is backbone of the project, hence it should require to accurate and up-to-date.  There are a lot of benefits to making a status report, here are some of the benefits of this report are as below:

Systematic framework for project

The status report can be one of the major factors that direct impact on the overall project structure. It may help to definite well planned structure that may help them to execute projects more systematic method. Normally, business can have multiple projects, even single project has multiple factors that may impact on project growth. Hence, it is very important to each factors may address with sufficient manner to easier for control over on it.

Focused on Objectives

It is definite that overall project and its reporting may focus on objectives that needs to achieve on completion of project. The status reporting document that helps as effective tool to keep monitoring, even enhance focus on project goals and objectives frequently. Even, the report may highlight the issues that expecting from everyone focus on same issue at on time.

Tracking the project

Actually, this is much important feature of the project status report. Normally the report may contain all the require information that require for the easier to track the project progress. It may include work tasks, budget status, project plans and schedules, issues and risk associated with project. Even it will show overall health of project.

Identifies risks

This is unique feature of the status report. It may allow you to identify risk that may help to move better condition the project. Normally, identification of risks, and highlighted in the report is key step to eliminate the risk through sufficient actions.

Helps to manage costs

Through the active reporting, all the costs related aspects may cover in the report under the head. Hence, it will be easier for the project team to manage project costs with systematic way. Frequent monitoring and reporting can control the expenditures over the time.

Improve overall visibility

Creating a regular report on the project status may help to view the entire picture of the project performance. Even you can see the progress of each stage, and aspects that may impact on project growth. Normally, it may highlight status of health of the project is key feature of the report. Through it its makes more visibility into the project, because health status is indicating overall project visibility.

Communication and participation

Obviously, any project may work and progress through everyone’s efforts and team works. Hence, it is much important that everyone is get updates on the status of project. This report will provide a sufficient update for the teams and interested parties.

Control indicator

Status reporting of project may include the key indicators that may help you to identify the requirement of more control over the project works. Better control with reporting will allow you to measure the performance, and quality of works.

Project performance and analysis

Frequent monitoring on previous status reports of the running projects may give best inputs for analysis. Hence, project team can review those inputs to analyze the performance of project. The project status report may include the details of analysis and performance is indicating that the all necessary actions are implemented properly.

Using project status report template will deliver proper information that may help you take future decisions. As you can see above listed, so many benefits that can drive your project toward success.