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Free Sales Forecast Template for Excel | New Startup Business

A sales forecast is the process of estimating the future sales. It can project of accurate achievable revenue from estimated future sales volume. Even more it may direct to opportunities for sufficient sales growth efforts. Actually, this tool for estimation is works on based on historical sales data analysis, market survey and sales trends.

Sale forecast can be helpful in making potential business decisions for significant sales improvement. It may include predictable for short-term and long-term performance of sales volume. In sort, based on sales forecast, it will be easier to do significant changes for increase the sales volume.

Table of Contents

  1. Overview to Sales forecast template
  2. Sales forecast templates for Excel – Samples Formats Examples PDF
    1. Excel Sales forecast template – Free Printable excel sheet
    2. Sales Forecast template for new startup business
    3. 3 year Sales forecast template
  3. What you can do with sales forecast template?
  4. Tips for improving your sales forecasting
  5. What factors that influence sales results?
  6. Conclusion


Overview to Sales forecast template

Actually, Forecasting sales of the product is the initial stage for the financial projections. It can be key document for the overall financial planning. Hence is it very important to use realistic estimates. For accurate forecast of sales could be require a detailed sales information that may makes future sales volume predicable. All the historical sales data, sales growth graph and overall trend will help for realistic estimation of future sales volume. That may require a specific sales forecast template that makes your work easy.

Forecasting sales for the product is one of the important tasks, but needs an extra effort to accurate prediction for future sales volume. A sales forecast template may help to analyzing and accurate forecast the unit sales, profit margin, gross profit, even growth rate for product. It may cover prediction to the sales for daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, even for annul. Through this template, you can forecast accurate future sales volume to take effective decisions about marketing and expansions overall. The template can track easily your sales volume, help to prioritize for sales distributions, accurately predict your sales revenue, and help to plan for your future growth of business.

Sales forecast templates for Excel – Samples Formats Examples PDF

Excel Sales forecast template – Free Printable excel sheet

Excel Sales forecast template sheet, Excel Sales forecast format, Excel Sales forecast sample
Excel Sales forecast template


This is ready made excel based sales forecast template that may help you to organize your sales information in sheet. This for a year, but you modify and make as your requirements. Normally, annual sales forecast template is more used for businesses. Because weekly or monthly sales forecast easier for business peoples with normal understand. Even, yearly, three years or five years’ sales projections needs extra effort to calculates, estimate sales even for manage the information of large volume can be difficult. Which ready made sales forecast template for excel can do easily with its advance tools and functions.

Sales Forecast template for new startup business

Sales Forecast template for new startup business
Sales Forecast template for new startup business


It is fact, the sales forecast is the mathematical calculations for the predicting possible future sales figures. But if its accurate inputs from historical data, perfect analysis and sufficient effort for organizing data can give a guessing results for future sales volume’s information. Hence, when you recently started your business, you have to understand your basic inputs, and expecting outputs with consistent platform.

3 year Sales forecast template

3 year Sales forecast template
3 year Sales forecast template

This excel 3 year sales forecast template is a setup of useful information, which may help you to understand the basic about the sales forecast. The template can do various calculations & estimates the costs, growth, and sales volume for the next three years. Even it may describe a financial status for upcoming 3 years with simple model.

What you can do with sales forecast template?

  • Tracking sales volume: The template may allow you to track daily, monthly, quarterly or yearly sales volume. Even you can track all on-going sales records that are in-progress, and end the sales process can also may include.
  • Forecasting sales revenue: It may help to predict the business financial status for the future. Even, you have to make use of the values you obtain from your sales. Normally, its can help you to continual monitoring on the overall sales growth.
  • Customizing the forecast targets: It is obvious that the businesses are reviews their sales volumes, and forecast to ensure the growth. Hence, it is also requiring to review each sales deal and customize the targets. Each new defined targets will encourage to improve sales significantly.
  • Reporting the trends of sales: The template can display overall sales reports. It may include total sales deals, in-progress sales deals, how much revenues can generate for the future deals, what can be long-term sales growth percentage etc.

Tips for improving your sales forecasting

Historical data is key inputs for the sales forecasting. you can use these data set as your expecting forecasts requirements.  The analyzing the data to accurate prediction of sales growth and volume can depends on your data.  you can take it from last month, over a year’s or last three to five years. Here are some tips to improve sales forecasting more accurate and improve significantly.

  1. Multiple forecasts

A single number of forecast can’t represent the overall forecast picture. Is extremely important to make and use multiple forecasts in order to get accurate data for overall growth. multiple forecast gives a realistic and reliable outputs to easier for businesses to take right decisions. The concept behind the multiple forecast inputs and outputs from sales forecasts are due to specific products, operations, financial needs, growth of sales etc.  You can accurately predict to review multiple forecasts for overall business growth.

  1. Customize targets for future opportunities

Based on the analysis of the sales forecast data, you can easily identify the possible opportunities that makes your sales growth significant. You can review each stage of the sales records it can be weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly. On based of analysis you can set new targets frequently more reliable and realistic.

  1. Flexible Process

This is important discipline that may value-added function for your sales forecast. Because it is necessary to get the results from the sales forecast sheet with minimum efforts and analysis. You have to make your process more flexible that without any data interruption, you may get perfect results. It can possible if you take care during initiation of making a sales forecasts.

  1. Use Consistent formation

It is obvious that the one sales forecasting format / method cannot be works best for every business. Hence, when you choosing the particular method for your sales forecast, you have to take care or test well before finalized.

  1. Require commitment to the forecast

It is extremely important for sales growth; each sales team member individually perform to achieve their goal as committed. Every individual for each month submit their data to perform as commitment for particular values.


What factors that influence sales results?


  1. Self | Business policies, insufficient plan, resources and manpower, etc.
  2. Segment (Industry / Retails) where you sell the products.
  3. Economy, Local government bodies, Local Factors, Government policies (Including taxes and benefits), third parties etc.
  4. Time management, non-productive uses of resources on time.
  5. Customers can be major factors for any business obviously.
  6. End application | Product’s end application is one of the important factor can reduce or increase the sales.
  7. Customer’s competitive market – It can directly impact on sales if your customer disables to growth its competition in market effectively.
  8. Product’s technically – Some time complex operative model / and or unused functions can confuse the use can be one of the factor for sales.



Actually sales forecast works as backbone of financial plan, even for overall business plan. Normally, businesses are presenting their sales growth in market. Even the sales forecast is standard formation for forecasts business sales growth through setup expenses, growth and profit. The sales forecast can impress the overall sales volume that can direct impact on business’s long-terms and short-terms performance.

Nobody can do 100% perfect and accurate prediction of sales volume. Normally, the sales forecast can give a hint from guess possible trend of sales growth and volume. Fortunately, those predicate figures may be for used more reliable and correct, through that at least you can make a plan for future.