Small Business Budget Template

Free Small business budget template for Excel (Google Docs)

A business budget template is a financial document may contain estimations to plan potential future expenses as well as incomes. It may help to outlines financial, operational and performance to achieve goals of the business. Actually, the business budget is essential and powerful tool that every business using to enhance their financial performance.

The budget can create at on startup of business, but it is much crucial when the run a business. Probably business budget can serious impact on each level of management, in case of insufficient plans of budgeting. Well-organized budget makes enable to better controls at each stages and costs at any level.

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An ideal business budget

Whenever you are going to create any essential document for your business, you have to make clear what actually ideal document. To create ideal business budget, you have to classify what should contain in it.

  1. Potential Revenues & Sales figures
  2. Figures of fixed costs – Don’t depends on sales
  3. Variable costs & Semi variable costs – related to sales
  4. Expected Profits

For creating an ideal budget, you can include all the details which are suitable for your business size and the level of financial strategy. Even the above major four categories must necessary to include in the business budget.

In the case of start-up business, you may include further information such as – (1) Total costs of startup (2) Running costs (3) Sources of Investors’ Funding figures etc…

Whenever you are startup your business, or run your business, and having multiple branch offices at various locations. You can create multiple budget or separate budget for each branch. Even you can create single budget for each one, but you have to merge each costs, expenses, as well potential incomes in the same sheet.

How to Create a Business Budget template?

Actually, when you are going to create a business budget, you have to consider the template that make your works quicker and easy. This business budget template makes your initial budget more unique, specific and accurate. It may help you to calculate estimated incomes from various sources, expenditures as well potential profits at end of the year. Naturally, this template is part of the initial business plan. Hence, your business plans will be much effective, and much accurate to increase overall business performance. So, the steps that make your forming a budget much accurate and effective are as following:

Collect helpful financial data

As you know, budget is full of financial activity where document organize figures for future project or process. Having you a well-establish business, you can use the historical financial information at least of previous years. The information may include Expenses and revenues at least of last 3 years.

In case of you are going to establish new business, you can search for any financial information of business which is similar to your own. Same sized and shaped any business’s financial information can be helpful as guidelines for creating your own business budget.

Estimation potential sales and profit goals

It is obvious that you are running business that you should well aware the potential sales for upcoming month or year. The estimation of the sales can be expertly calculating to understand various potential events. Such as:

  • Seasonal, government, or occasional holidays.
  • Office closures – estimate days
  • Any seasonal booms

To setup realistic, and accurate projection of your sales and profits you have to estimate the amount figure. The best figures can only come out from the calculations when you cover all the potential factors that directly or indirectly impact on your projections.

Calculate and decide costs

There is can be three types of costs that may involve in the operating the entire business, which can be:

  1. Fixed Costs – The cost which is not decrease or increase (constant), are whatever the amount of materials produced. Such as depreciation, insurance, property taxes, rent etc.
  2. Variable costs – The cost which that may frequently change as the quality of materials change by producer. Such as Billing or sales commission, direct labor costs, cost of RM, utility costs etc.
  3. Semi-variable costs – This cost is also known as a semi-fixed cost or a mixed cost. Actually it is mixed costs that an expense which contains both a fixed-cost component and a variable-cost component. Such as sales commission, wages and marketing fees are best examples.

Determine your profit margin

How much profits are you expecting from your business as you given time and invested the money? – First of all, you have to calculate the profit margin with your existing figures available. Calculate your estimated revenues and sales, subtract your expenses from it. You have to Include the total costs of sales you sold in amount, as well other several factors such as shipping, materials, equipment etc.

Update and adjust your budget over time

The change is the law of nature. You have to keep watch the market, internal productions and changing situations. Make sure you budget is fit to existing conditions all of them. You must update the budget over time, so you can well estimate and accurately plan your potential expenses and sales as well.

You have to compare with actual sales and expenses with your existing budgets. That will be gives you flexibility to adjust the budget as decrease or increase the costs and / or revenues. As results you may realize what actions that needs to increase the potential revenues to decrease expenditures, or through necessary improvements.

Download Examples of Business Budget Templates

If you are expecting accurate management of business expenditures throughout at all phases of a project, so you may require collaborative and real-time tool. Managing as well tracking your budget against the actual expenditures is really a crucial step. It may help you to understand where your project going on. You can increase or decrease your expenditures to look out the actual condition of the entire business as well. You can find out following examples that may help you to manage your budget confidently.


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With this templates, you can evaluate actual expenditures against the business budget plans. Even you can see having with templates, there are charts and graphs for making control more visible. You can add or remove these feature any time once you download the template.

Business Budget Template

Simple Business Budget Template
Business Budget Templates Download

Template Download – Excel

For the business, you can consider budget is managerial tool more than accounting tools. It may partially helpful to accounting for understand the trends, nature of revenue and potential budget goals. Typically, it may contain the financial records, and help to obtain the goals. The excel budget sheet may provide some additional facilities, flexibility, and customization that help you to create a budget for your business.

Annual Business Budget template

Best Annual Business Budget template
Annual Business Budget templates

Yearly Budget Sheet Download

The typical business budget are makes for a year in order to annual financial year. As you know, the budget sheet may help boost visibility into your finance operations even entire project. To implement the real-time updates and creating a enough transparency as well as accountability you have to prepare the budget sheet. You can download this template, there you have to only entire some basic details such as date, expenditures and potential incomes. The sheet will be automatically calculating the figures of each one.

Business budget template excel

excel Sheet - Business budget template
Small Business template for excel

Sheet Download

For the small scale business, this excel budget sheet is much helpful to manage entire project. The excel sheet make your work easier to financial records tracking and monitoring as well as control the expenditures. This budget planner can also manage your income sources, and expenditures with accurate projection of profit margin.


Startup business budget template

New Startup business budget templates
Excel Startup business budget sheet

Best Excel Template Download

When you are going to start up business, you can need budget template to projecting the entire project. The financial forecast is much important when you working with startup business. The potential income and expenditures, calculating the expenses to accurate projecting figures is easy with excel sheet. You can download this template for manage your budget much accurate and effectively.


Small business budget template

Small business budget sheet
Printable budget sheet


Mostly for the small businesses, the specific software for the budgeting is not viable. Hence, you can use the excel sheet, where you can manager entire project or business budget with sufficient way. You can check this out the template having all the features and information available. You can download it and customize as your business scales and requirements.


Monthly business budget template

Monthly budget excel sheet
Free Monthly business budget sample sheet

Simple monthly budget excel sheet download

Actually, the monthly budget sheet is much different than half yearly or annual budget. Because the monthly budget is more focused projections, that makes it more effective. However, short term budget is always much accurate due to budget team. They can accurately understand the market’s trend, booms etc.

Even the each operating expenses can much easier to make the minimum gap between estimated with actual.


Free business budget template

Excel business budget templates
Simple Excel budget template

Download Vertical Budget sheet

Using this template, you can manage your budget more effectively. With this template, you can organize each incomes and expenditures, as well as calculate profit margin more accurately. In this template:

  1.  You have to just enter the values of each potential incomes and expenses.
  2. The sheet will be automatically calculating the values of each.
  3. However, you can add or remove any income or expenditure as suitable for your business.

Even more, the template having pre-defined categories that may help you to organize your data more accurately.

Sample small business budget template

Excel sheet business budget format
Sample small business budget template

Download Sheet

The business budget template can use for the specific task or particular job, when you are expecting to focus on particular task or project. With the budget worksheet, you can manage – Estimated incomes and expenditures, as well track each project level. If you are dealing with small scale project, you can organize data more accurately with categories, even with task wise can make more effective.