Functional Resume Template

Free Functional Resume Template [Sample Word Format]

A functional resume template may contain job applicant’s careers’ details with focus on skills & experience rather than on chronological work history. Typically, the functional responsibilities and achievements are takes on priority to show job applicant’s strengths & accomplishments.

Orientely, job seekers are using the functional resume instead of typical resume, when they expecting to change their line careers. As instant, any sale manager wants to applying for any other managerial job. At the movement, it can be big gaps in their employment history, even the work history will be directly unrelated to the job. Hence, functional resume will be help to take an advantage to describes their skills & experiences about the specific abilities.


  1. Structure of Functional Resume
  2. Example of Functional Resume
  3. When should be used a Functional Resume?
  4. Functional Resume Vs Chronological Resume
  5. How to write a functional resume?
  6. Functional Resume Template

In short, you can use the functional resume when you have nontraditional work experience, non-relevant work experience, or expecting to change careers. Typically, functional results certain similarities with common resume styles. But there are some attributes that set it apart. Specifically, it may contain:

  1. Common part at the beginning of the resume is introduction about self.
  2. At the main body part, the section should be focus on specific skills, job related skills and abilities.
  3. As second section, you can describe the experience and capabilities to handling tasks.

At on after the specific requirements of this results, you can describe short details about the previous work experience. It is not important the work experience is related to job or not. But it should be point out your personal progress, as well enhance relativity.

Structure of Functional Resume

Contact Information

Typically, in the any kind of resume, contact information of the job seeker should be going at the top of the page. This is very important part of the entire resume.

Career objective

This is one of the important details which is necessary to put at an end the contact information. A career objective is actually summary of the statement that shows professional goal. Usually, it can be few sentences.

Core Qualifications

A qualifications summary is also known as qualifications profile. In this section, you can describe the core key achievements, brief details of skills, and experience as well most relevant to the position in the resume.

Work Experience

In this section you can describe the previous work experience, even it is related to job applied or not. But the experience is any experience that a job seeker takes a personal gain while working in a specific field or occupation.

Relevant Skills

This should be larger section in the resume. Here in the functional resume, you can highlight the skills to reviewing which is require for a job you are interested in. Actually, you can describe the common skill or soft skills which can be possible to apply to any kind of job, and relevant skills which can directly apply for particular job.


In this section, you can describe the highest degree mean education as well relevant certifications here in. If you have multiple degrees, as well any particular course can also mention in this section.

Example of Functional Resume

  • Latest Degree Name, Certificate details, year of Completion
  • Degree 2, Name of Degree, Certification, year of completion
  • Degree 1, Name of the degree, Detail of certification, Grade, year of completion
Mahesh A. Prajapati,
101 Wall Street,
Nr. Quila market,
(123) 000-0000
Career Objective
Core Qualification
Skills & Abilities
Work Experience
  • 03 Job Position, Company (Brief Details), Job starting and End date, Brief Details of works
  • 02 Job Position, Company (Brief Details), Job starting and End date, Brief Details of works
  • 01 Job Position, Company (Brief Details), Job starting and End date, Brief Details of works

When should be used a Functional Resume?

Typically, when you apply for the job, and you don’t have enough work experience related to job. you should create a functional resume instead of regular or chronological resume. Usually, school student, or person who had long periods of unemployment can use the functional resume to mixed into work history. The following conditions, you can use the functional resume:

  • Normally, the functional resume will be helpful to peoples who have long periods of unemployment. Hence, the functional resume will be much helpful instead of the chronological resume format to mix out work history more specific.
  • Some time, some job seeker expecting to switching over the industries. particularly, when leaving one company to another company, industry or segments.
  • When any job seeker expecting to highlight the specific skills rather than the experience, functional resume will be much helpful and suitable format.
  • Recent college graduates can specifically get benefits to describes their abilities and skills with this format.
  • It will be easier to managing a skill which either interacting un-related to job, instead of technical skills.
  • In case of any person frequently changing the job, industry or segment, in such situation you have sufficient work experience. But still it can be un-related to job. Hence, you have to manage you work experience more specific, and systematic. The functional resume can easily organize it more specifically.

Functional Resume Vs Chronological Resume

A chronological resume is you can consider the simplest resume to write. Most of the job seeker are using this kind of resume for applying the job. The structural its organize the information on fact-based. It means, it’s easy for employer to review the resumes and get a feel for qualifications and experience.

Even, a functional resume is very different from the chronological resumes that focus on skills. Some of the details may similar such as academic qualifications, contacts, etc. But in the functional resume, the skills are setup more uniquely to emphasize it.

Mostly, with functional resumes, skills are set on first section, even highlight the career objectives, as well describes expertise in any particular subject. At the same side, in the chronological resume begins with career objective, history of job experience, and then skills and abilities are in general section.

How to write a functional resume?

  1. At the top of the resume, personal information and contact details are typically necessary in any kind of the resume. The alignment of this details can be depending on personal wishes.
  2. Usually in the first section, you can start with skills summary or professional profile. Here in this section, you can create relevant skills and experiences with sufficient contexts.
  3. At this section, you can describe the specific skills under the unique skills categories such as business management, marketing, leadership etc.
  4. Simply, below the professional experience you can describe your previous good assignments such as details of projects you had completed, details of tasks, etc.
  5. You can list out your education at the bottom of the resume. The education background can be relevant achievements or not, but you can describe herein. Usually, the may include name of the institution, study areas, degree or diploma’s certification etc.

Functional Resume Template

Blank Functional Resume Template
Word Document – Functional Resume Template

Download Functional resume template for free in Word | PDF

When you are deciding to creating a functional resume template, then you have to well describe samples which may help you to make your resume for effective. As you are thinking, writing a functional resume is not similar to chronological resumes. It needs an extra effort to make our resume more valuable. You can download as above sample and write down functional resumes as suitable for your job.

If you wish to apply for any position that may un-related to your work experience, or you are recently complete college graduation. Then functional resume template is best format to use for applying the job. This above free resume template you can download and use as your requirements.