Free Gantt Chart Template for Excel

Free Gantt Chart Template for Excel

A Gantt chart template is a document may display project schedule through a horizontal bar chart. Usually, it may help to illustrate entire project management for follow up from start to finish. A chart shows the amount of work complete with periods, along with current schedule status.

In project management, a Gantt chart is important and used as a production control tool, as well useful for certain projects. Actually, this is a horizontal bar chart for display a project planning & schedules on time scale. When you are use the Gantt chart, you may feel that this tool can be used as multiple requirements.

  1. What are use of Gantt chart?
  2. How to create a Gantt Chart template in excel?
  3. Components of a Gantt chart
  4. Gantt Chart Templates (Excel / PDF)
  5. Benefits of using this project Gantt chart template


What are use of Gantt chart?

When you are running very complex project and multiple tasks and procedures, simply you can use Gantt Charts for a variety of use cases. With the single Gantt Chart, there are possible to handle multiple tasks, scheduling for each task, as well its makes a simple your tracking and monitoring purposes.

Here are some common uses of this chart:
  • This tool may make easier to organize project planning and scheduling as well on time scale.
  • The chart is incredibly helpful in project management, which through you can track the status of each phase of project’s task. Usually, you can keep track of milestones, hours worked, deadlines etc., are common.
  • The best part of the Gantt chart is you can visualize what has to be done and when?
  • Most of product managers are using Gantt Chart with its own requirement, such as to manage strategic planning process, user research projects, product or service releases etc.
  • Overlap of the processes can be big trouble in the project management, but this tool will be quickly show the where processes are overlapping.
  • Quick estimation about processes are easy with Gantt chart, even when process was start and when it will be finish.
  • This tool is very helpful for simplify the projections by presenting so many information in single glance. Usually when you are working with complex projects, and having a multitude of processes are involving in single project.

The essential part of the project management is Gantt Chart. Mostly, the project managers are referring to create the chart to establish project planning and scheduling. One of the best features of the Gantt chart are:

  1. Estimations of the time for the entire project, even for each task.
  2. Easier with creating multitask management on time frame.
  3. Accurately describes each task in potential time for complete.

It is very important for the project management to create a proper chart to organize the tasks with priority. Some very complex schedule management, time management, as well setting up task with sufficient information can be helpful to complete the project much smoother.

How to create a Gantt Chart template in excel?

If you are handling project with multiple tasks, even or multiple projects are running under your guidance. It can be very tough to manage, track and updates of each task on timely. Hence, the best way to organize your tasks with simple, and powerful, you need an efficient software that will make your work. But you don’t need a spend big money for this software. You can use the simple and easy application is Excel.

Mostly peoples are creating a Gantt Chart in the excel, because it has more powerful and advance tools that make your works effective. Even more, you can organize your multiple project as well tasks. Even you can manage the task progress, time frame of works, and task duration as well. See as below steps that describing how to make this chart in excel:

Drafting your works

It is obvious that when you are going to any specific works for the project management, you have needs to create draft for outline entire project. The Gantt chart is one of the important schedule management tool that needs to create it with specific and systematic manner for successful complete the project. Actually, the Microsoft excel is not providing a built-in Gantt chart, hence you have to need some preparation to take this work.

First of all, you have to create a simple table where all the tasks are organizing on as setup of prioritized. As in same line, you have to define each component of Gantt chart. Such as date, task, phase, milestone, dependencies, brief description, and progress line. The next step is you have to enter the project’s data in the excel spreadsheet. Each task should be listed in separate row.

Describing brief details of project’s task

The details of the project’s task are key matter for the Gantt chart. Even there should be task’s title and brief details of each task should be mentioned in it. These details will be helpful to track each task, as well activity which can be taken as sub-task.

Project’s task start & end dates

The Gantt chart is one type of project task’s schedule with specific and systematic presentation. Obviously, each task should be have defined its starting and end date. Once you are entering the starting and end date, the excel will help you to calculate remain days, as well graphical progress bar.

For create a progress bar, you have to choose the range of the start dates, particularly with the column header. You can setup the stacked bar chart from the “charts” groups at the “insert” menu in the excel.

Duration of tasks

In excel spreadsheet, the duration for each is simply calculate automatically within the Gantt chart. The duration of task column will be considering data as you select, which may be starting and end date of the task. Usually, the duration of the task column will be populating on its own, may if it not you can re-enter the formula. Even more, you can calculate it in by day, month or hours.

Improvements & updates in Gantt chart

Actually, it is necessary to update the Gantt chart once any task having a progress or done it. Any kind of change, or progress should be requiring to immediate update accordingly. Because the effect of each calculation, Progress bar as well day calculate will be depending on your updates.


The excel spread sheet have a facility to change or customize any field as you wish. Whenever you feel any color or line want to change as per standards, it can be easy to change with Excel’s functions.

Components of a Gantt chart

Once you are deciding to creating a Gantt chart in the excel as fulfill your purposes. Then you have to think about what will be major elements of the Gantt chart, or what really management expecting from the project. As on objectives, and purpose of the project, you have to collect the information, and organize your plan in the Gantt chart. Usually, following are basic components can be including in chart are:


The format can be depending on the duration of entire project, as well level of the details. Usually, the timeframe can be in form of days, weeks, months or quarters.


This field representing an activities or part of the work that require to complete. Normally, the tasks can be result of the work breakdown structure from entire project to make smooth and seamless communication. Usually, in the tasks field brief details of tasks, starting and end date as well duration can be including.


If you expecting your project progress with dynamically, and smooth. You can describe the stages details in the Gantt chart to ensure the reliability. Some common stages can be – define, design, develop, testing, final tests etc.


The milestones actually describe an important phases of time in the entire schedule. Normally in the project management, schedule management teams are identifying some stage where percentage or phase is needs to complete on time. Through milestone, team can understand some of the important phase of project is complete on finish a milestone. You can also consider as deadline for particular task or group of task. On base of the milestone, project team can be take any important decisions.


Mostly in the project, some of the tasks can be dependent on another task. Once any task is complete, second task can be possible to start. Hence, it is very important for the project manager to identify these types of tasks which are interconnected, as well one task has dependency on another task. Even more, you can describe this tasks on Gantt chart with special color code, or even with Aero or any other sign.

The progress bar: In the Gantt chart, the progress bar or today line may a vertical reference line that display current date mean status. This progress bar describes a useful mark, through management can understand where stage is on. Even more, how much works are still pending and how much is complete on time.

Gantt Chart Templates (Excel / PDF)

If you expecting to create a Gantt chart for your project works, you can use these templates. These templates may contain the core functionality which are require for creates simple, flexible and useful chart. Even more, when any project are needs a specific schedule, and having a multiple task at on various time scale, definitely you need a Gantt chart. These ready made template which you can see as below will be help you and guide as reference.

Simple Gantt chart excel template

Blank Gantt chart excel template
Simple Gantt chart excel template

Excel Gantt Chart download / PDF Format download

Actually, the Gantt chart is results of simple idea for building a unique project schedule with time management. There are three simple steps can be needs to care: (1) What steps are needs to complete the project. (2) What the basics steps will be run during the project (3) How long each one will be taken to complete.

With this ready made template, you can organize each task, the complex project tasks can be makes easy and flexible with Gantt Chart. You have to just check out what elements are requiring for project. Even you can customize this chart as your business requirements. This template will also provide high-level visual overview of your project on a predetermined timeline.


Blank Gantt chart excel template

Blank Gantt chart excel template
Gantt chart excel template

Download for Excel / PDF

This chart shows the major tasks, as well key activities that help you to make up the overall project plans, and schedules. Through this specific tool, you can track the status of project’s task by describing any sign, or color code. Usually, this template may include useful information such as time (start, end dates, duration), status of task, responsible personnel, stage of project, etc.


Benefits of using this project Gantt chart template


This is unique sample project Gantt chart template having included all the require functions, bars, and information which makes your work easier. You would be get a ready made chart here, in which you just have to enter the values mean task and its related details, dates, and other require information. The auto calculation functions will be work for your better presentation.

In short, you don’t need to create the entire Gantt chart from the beginning, just you have to download, customize, modify the details as suitable for your business. The template will be save your time and energy, even you can use it as reference document.


Gantt chart excel template

Simple Gantt chart excel template
Sample of Gantt chart excel template

Free Download for Excel / Free PDF

If you are expecting complete picture any project, you can use the Gantt chart to see the progress, no matter if you have multiple projects. This tool having a features that make you enable for analyze volume of production. Even more the timeline which makes you comfortable to compare with estimated works on time base.