Handover Report Template

Free Handover Report Template for Excel – Project, Equipment, Employee

A handover report template is a document may use to assign or sharing tasks or temporary works to someone with full activity summary. In businesses, when someone transitioning out their position, the person can handover their works to new appointed person. Typically, it can be Job, project, assets, equipment handover or any resources handover by written document.


The handover report is actually formal confirmation from other party to describes their deliverable to second party. The parties can be employee to employee, supplier to customer, buyer to client, etc. The report mainly used to confirm the performance or works were delivered to the customer. It may be reporting of physical delivery of works of performance that handover to customer, may be as part of agreement.


Importance of a Handover Report template

  • The document helps to ensure every important subjects were not ignored. When two people are transitioning roles for handover something.
  • This report template can helpful to any kind of handover such as works, jobs, tasks, assets, projects, any deliverable, etc.
  • It may help to ensure any kind of issues that require to be conveyed, and processed.

Typically, all the communication related to delivered works or performance are starting once the handover report is raise. But remember that the handover is not mean acceptance of any deal or performance, even job.


Samples of Handover report templates


Whenever someone’s transfer their position to another employee may be either permanently or temporarily, they need to prepare handover report which contains the summary of all the work functions and responsibilities. The document will be helpful for new appointed person to understand this duties, responsibilities and objectives.


Project handover report template

Simple Project handover report template
Free Project handover report template

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The project handover raise for two reasons, first is project needs to deliver to customer, as part of project or entire project. Second is project handler going away from project, and temporary or permanently handover the project to someone. Typically, Project handover report may contain the important information such as – list of personnel working on the project, what is existing status of the project, key details of the milestones, meetings’ outputs, actions list, client contacts, as well other important details with specific deliverable. The report template should also need to cover this important information which is require to share to new appointed.


Work handover report template

Blank Work handover report template
Simple Work handover report template

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The Work Handover report template is used to describe the handover details whenever any staff member of a company transfers his position to another. Typically, the process may be for permanently or temporarily. The purpose of this procedures to helps the successor to understand his duties in the new position.

Simply, the work handover report template may contain the details such as:

  • Employee name, Department, job title, reason for work handover, taken over by as well employee number.
  • Details of any tasks which are pending or under the progress are also require to describe in it.
  • Details of tasks / works – Number, task details and existing status.
  • Types of works, details of achievements, progress details, as well other related information and documents.
  • Action requirements – descriptions of the tasks, responsible person name, and existing status.


Normally, above information are general whenever the handover process is occurring in the organization. But it may be depending on the tasks, position, organization structure and condition of tasks. You can manage as your suitability of your business.


Shift Handover report template

Employee Shift Handover report template
Free Shift Handover report template

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The shift handover report template is builds a seamless process even change the shift. Changing a shifts are continuous process while manufacturing processes are operating round o’clock. Actually, this is not automate process, it should be requiring to human interference, the shift supervisor / manager should be requiring to prepare the shift handover report, and submit to new shift in charge. The main purpose of this process is to maintaining continuity, and transferring their responsibility, and accountability at least of next shift. Obviously, when a shift ends operational responsibility is transfer to the incoming shift. Hence, the shift handover report can be being higher priority whenever shift changes.


What to include Handover Report template?


Actually, contents of the handover report can be varying from one type of job, project, or works to another. It all may depending on the length of project, tasks, business structure, job position and existing business status. But still there are some basic components must be similar at any handover reports are:


Existing Status

Whenever the handover report is being prepare, or delivering to new appoint person, the existing status are needs to describe in line with progress reports. Even, what will be next steps, what is criticality, and what exactly needs to complete the tasks. The existing status from each segments, and each steps must be cover in the report.


Next expiry dates of tasks

The outputs from general, project or management meeting results of action plans should be reviews in the report. Each task’s deadlines are necessary to complete the task over the time. The report should conclude the entire tasks, milestone wise and objective wise records where all the upcoming deadlines must be including.


Sequence steps details

The most important details in the report is sequence steps of the entire project must be include. Even details of the tasks which are needs to complete, and upcoming tasks schedule is equally important. The key deliverable of each upcoming events, meetings and other supporting details are also requiring to describes in the report.


Sharing Technical Details

This is actually most important things that ever is technical details. The troubleshooting of any kind of issues, previously conduct issues, and details of troubleshooting actions must be include. The new appoint person should be aware of the frequently or re-occurring issues with the project.