Simple homeschool report card

Free homeschool report card template for Excel (Blank School Report)

A homeschool report card is assessment of children education progress, work and overall performance in subjects studying at home. A parents or private tutors are preparing the report cards as usually conducts tutor to determine the quality of children education and performance.


The homeschool report card may outline kids’ academic performance which may include the grades, overall performance, and assessment of various subjects. The Report card may use as school report card that helps to parent for improve the performance of children. Even the report card records are also helpful for schools that can specifically take attention on any subject where having assessed weak.


The reviews of the report card are not just important for the parents, but also important for the school to identifying actual performance of their students. Even the school can compare their assessment with homeschool report card assessments.


Frequently monitoring, reviews and improvement in the weak subjects can be drastically improve the children’s performance in academic records. The parents, private tutors or school teachers can focus on subjects where student performed weak. Even they can take the step to increase the interest in particular subject for potential improvement.


On base of the report card, parents and school management can communicate, meeting and discuss on the assessment done during the period. They can take the main records for these special meetings for discussion for individual student’s academic performance, and improvement of grades in each subject.


Homeschool report card template

Easy Homeschool report card template
Blank Home school report card


Download Excel Homeschool Report card template




Using this homeschool report card template you can manage your children academic records and assess their performance accurately. This report having a simple formation where you can describe each subject grades / marks for each quarter. Even the report covers entire year’s records with specific remarks. As you can see, the report card having a special scale are given as bottom of the table, you can manage entire report accordingly. The report is available for download, you can modify / add / delete anything which is not suitable for your own report card.


This homeschool report card template may include – Grade, Quarters, semesters, year, general subjects, grading scale and remarks.


Whenever you are going to fill out this report, you have to just enter the grades / marks for particular subject, there actually pre-defined subject list is given under subject head. This grades or marks details you can enter for each quarter, even semesters. At the end of the year, you can make the average grades for each subject. The scale which is given in bottom the report can be possible to little vary from your own report requirements. You can change it as your own report card’s requirement accordingly.


At the last / bottom of the report contains remarks column, you can add any specific remarks about performance of anything which is made the details much important.


Benefits of Homeschool Report Card Template


The Report card is not just assessment of the students, but is makes more unique opportunity to improve the performance to take actions on weak side of children. Usually, the parents can get the benefits to review the report card timely, as well school teachers can also take the note of overall performance, and individual subject assessments.


Here as below some of the list of benefits that we conclude:


  • As results of the review of records of the report card, the parents can determine the curriculum as well schedule of the kid.
  • The records may help to parent to understand about children’s interest, they can include the portray, or anything else that make more fun and interest in subject.
  • Parents can realize the weaknesses and strength of child; they can make the seamless bonds with the child to improve their performance accordingly.
  • It makes easy to analyze what child can adapt quickly, using such methods of teaching which is much suitable for child are much appreciate improve.
  • The assessment may conclude the child’s difficulty, parents & school teachers can take attention and special care on subject.
  • What things that make child more engage? – The parents can interaction those things that make more child’s brain strong and productive.
  • Parents can know much more about their child to review the report card. Such as child having a good grade with painting, that mean it having special talents that may help to child for further development.


Usually, the report card is actually mirror of the child’s academic performance. They can take the necessary actions on after check out individual subject grades of the child. The parents can get know – what child having much interest. What things that child takes as fun with learn. As well how makes child more engage with subject. Which things that makes difficultly etc. things that helpful and appreciate improve the child’s overall performance in any subject.


How to Use this Homeschool Report Card template?


First of all, you have to download the template which is made with excel. The Excel sheet having pre-defined information, formulas and design. You have to just enter the details which are require to complete the format. Here are some steps that may guide you to operating this sheet:


  • This format is really very simple; you have just enter marks against each subject as per quarter. The semester values are calculated as first quarter + second quarter; you can modify as per your requirements.
  • Add or remove any subject as per your requirements. In case you add raw, you have to modify formulas for semester and year’s average as well.
  • As per average, you have to describe the grade at top of the report.
  • You can describe detailed information, any remarks that much important for reporting. The section you can make big or small as per your needs.

Creating or fill out the home school report card is not much complicated at all. First of all, you have to decide what information, subjects, and you have to define. The grade range to easier for assess. Even you can also include student name, standard and other related information.