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Free House cleaning schedule template for Excel (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)

A cleaning schedule template is helpful tool to effective and easy way to clean target area regularly. It may provide an instructions and checklist to makes your cleaning process more quickly and much effective. Even with proper cleaning schedule, you can setup priorities of chores which is critical for house cleaning.


Usually in household cleaning schedule you can manage different activities on different days of a day or even for week. Such as – Cleaning sofa every day of a week, even washing sofa’s cover for every Sunday.


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The key purpose of the cleaning schedule is to help for ensure that all the cleaning processes are done without anything missing, even the level of cleanliness is maintained accordingly. Usually in businesses, even in the big homes, master cleaning schedules are much effectively works. Within master cleaning you have to include all the things that directly associated with cleaning process. Such as you have to include details of equipment and tools are used in the cleaning process, as well properly identified areas for cleaning, structure, time period of each cleaning activity etc. are common.


Typically, the cleaning schedule template may include the following basic structure or parts are:


  • List of activities that needs to done during a day or even for a week.
  • Schedule hour / date to complete the activity for each task.
  • Deadline of each task to complete for a day or a week.
  • Checklist for each task’s – for verify the task is completed / Not-completed.
  • Remarks for tasks if anything miss, change the schedule or require to re-work.
  • Details of identified locations, areas or items


There are actually multiple things that you can manage with cleaning schedule. This structural schedule may helpful for the house cleaning, if you expecting to business related template, you have to add more things that make your schedule more unique and effective.


Tips to writing a cleaning schedule


Describe task clearly

Whenever you are going to write cleaning schedule, the main thing for the entire this schedule is tasks. You have to identify a list of things that require to be done a daily or even regularly. You can brief out the instructions on what to do, and how to clean specific area or item should be stared for proper instructions.  Each task must be specifically described such as – Cleaning refrigerators from inside with cotton cloth using “any A type powder”.


Who will have done it?

The task assignment of each chore for each member is much important. Even the member should know what is task, and when it should be perform, and how to perform. The task assignment makes cleaning process much easier, and avoiding chaos. Everyone in household should know their responsibility and perform the task accordingly.


Clear out frequency of schedule.

At the top of the cleaning schedule, you have to clearly describe the schedule for how long time period. You can indicate is the schedule for “A day”, Week, or month chores. Clearly makes your works more comfort, you can realize what things are necessary, and which is on top priority.


The cleaning schedule is usually designs accordingly to living style and conditions. Even depends on whether it will be used at home, business, public area or for a school. The contents, schedule and assignment of responsibility may be according to their requirements and locations of schedule made for.



Examples of Cleaning Schedule Templates


The cleaning schedule templates may provide a accurate list of tasks that you planned to complete for day or a week. Even with schedule template, you can manage the tasks for a month as well. The best part of the schedule template is to organize and makes the reminders for your upcoming tasks. You can track your next day tasks much easy.


House Cleaning Schedule template

Sample House Cleaning Schedule template
House Cleaning sheet – house cleaning schedule template

Sample Template Download

Whenever you are deciding to clean your house, you may became confuse where from start? – Don’t worry, you just list out require tasks that you identified during observations. Such as kitchen’s wall’s tiles is becoming dark – needs to clean it properly. All the require tasks that you need to proper list out. Identify the tasks that you expecting to conduct first, or require to put on priority, and set accordingly.


The next step is creating the schedule as you expecting to take on first. Decide which area / location you are conducting first for cleaning, write in the schedule. As the same, all the locations and areas you have to describe as per availability of time for a week or even for month.  You can download this ready-made template and modify as well fill out as per your schedule.


Cleaning house schedule template

Free Cleaning house schedule template
Simple Cleaning schedule Format sheet

Excel Sheet Download

While creating a house cleaning schedule, you have to divide the tasks in the various parts that makes your work easier and well set. Such as you can manage – kitchen, drawing room, bad room, garden etc. even you can schedule it separately. Classification of the locations may provide you comfort to focus on particular areas which you plan for an any day. You can also download this ready-made template which having all the sections that require to clean the entire house.


Weekly Cleaning Schedule template

Sample of Weekly Cleaning Schedule template
Printable Weekly Cleaning Plan sheet

Template sheet Download free

First of all, you have to review your list and identify how long days needs to complete all the tasks successfully. Typically, if the tasks are not possible in couple of days, you can manage it for entire week. You can schedule your tasks on weekly cleaning schedule template. Even you can download ready made template from here.


Cleaning Schedule template

Cleaning Schedule template
Blank Cleaning house Schedule format

Free Download Excel sheet

The cleaning schedule template is one of the important tool that cleaner can follow it and perform the cleaning process smoothly. It may provide the instructions, tasks list, as well provides an information about priority of tasks. Using our template, you can manage such tasks that require to perform for the day, week or even for a month. This template may help you to organize and prioritize the task very easily.


Daily Cleaning Schedule template

Free Daily Cleaning Schedule template
Sample Daily Cleaning Schedule excel template

Download Excel Sheet

Using our template, you can manage daily cleaning process smoothly. With this template all the require features and contents are available which are usually require for cleaning procedure. The template is also printable; you can print with standard paper size “A4”. Later it makes easier for you to fill out as per schedules are complete.


Home Cleaning Schedule

Printable Home Cleaning Schedule
Blank Cleaning Schedule sheet


This template is made with simple layout in excel application. As you know, excel is very easy and flexible for creating as well modification of any sheet and format. With the template, you can customize the entire template as per your internal document’s requirement. Simply, all the details, which are require for the cleaning procedure is already described, design and set to make more effective. You can download this ready made template, customize it as per your home design, and track your upcoming task easily.