Stock issue tracking format

Free Effective issue tracking template for Excel – Issue Tracker sheet

The issue tracking template is a document may help to contain records of identified issues for potential solution with setting up priority.  The key purpose of this sheet is to managing issues list as per priority for solution in line with requirements.



Project Issue Tracking template

Blank  Issue Tracking format
Issue Tracking Sheet


This template is specifically designed for recording issues for tracking and managing solution purpose. It may be including the project associated issues, key risks and its solution in line with requirements. Typically, this tracking is widely used for recording issues in the projects. The project manager can handle this sheet to frequently monitor on status of issues that identified during the project.


The project issue tracking template focus on specific risks, problems and issues that directly or indirectly associated with the project. The template may include project manager name, project starting and end date, project scope and its short description, issue number, issue name, responsible person name, existing status and comment.


The project issue tracking may help to setup priority and assignment of issues that identified during the project tasks. This tracking sheet much helpful for categorize the tasks, monitoring the status of issues, as well describing it well organized.


Product Issue Tracking template

Printable Product Issue Tracking template
Excel Issue Tracking Sheet


Practically, the product issue tracking is very different type of the issue log or tracking system. It may be due to some mistake, error or any other technical issues associated with the project. The issues may be inputs from the internal or external (customers). Hence, it may be requiring to manage the information separately.


The records may be help to technical team, production team as well sales team to identify the issues that raised during the product manufacturing or during the installation at the customer’s facility.


Issue tracker can include – issue number, location, department name, process name, existing status, description of the issues, assignee name, raised by, priority of issues for solution, existing status – it may be either open or closed and finally remarks related to issues.



Customer Issue Tracking template

Blank Customer Issue Tracking excel sheet
Issue Tracking format


In the business environment, customer issue is really much important for overall performance improvement. The customer issue tracking sheet may help to business for identifying and organizing the solution of each customer complaints, issues related to customers. Usually, the business can involve all the department to focus on solutions. The customer issue tracking may include:


General Details

The sheet may include some general details which is important for identifying the actual issues and existing status. It may be including month, supervisor name, unit or department if separately maintain the records.



It is not fix; it’s all depends on the business how big or how many teams build for identifying the solution of each customer’s issue. Usually, Sales team, production team, quality team are common. But if the issues are much concern with technical – business can build technical, quality and engineering team for specifically target the issues.


Existing Status

This field describing the existing status of the issue. It may be open, closed, or on hold. The status helps to know the existing position of the issue recorded at a glance.



You can describe the issues, which need to identify on priority in the list by the teams.


Complaints details

The complaints details include complaint number and date. This details are associated with the customer complaints.


Issue No.

Unique number for tracking the issues separately, as and when expecting to review.


Issue concern

The issue concern may be related to product, process or system. When the business received any issue complaint, they have to define the category of the issue to identify the relations of the problem. The team also ensure who will be takes this entire issues.


Brief Description

Details of issues with specific wording to extract the details about the issues occur with customer.



The team will be identifying the solution and prepare the action plans for each issue. The tracking sheet will be including the reference number of each action plan.



Employee Issue Tracking template

Simple Employee Issue Tracking format for Excel
Excel Sheet – Issue Tracking template


The employee issue tracking sheet is different type of document, which is specifically design to record issues concern to the employee. This is only focus on the employee’s concern issues and problems. That occur during the task or even job.


Typically, when any employee has a trouble with any kind of the issue may needs to record in this sheet. It may be concern to accounting, safety, workplace, co-worker, payroll, or even work environment. All the records are maintaining in this sheet. The management will be resolve the issue on priority to review each issue in respective order.


The employee issue tracking sheet template includes issue number, issue date, employee identification number, employee name, supervisor name, description of the issue, existing status of the issues – it may be on-going, hold or completed the issues, responsible person name, potential action etc.