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A job application form is a formal document may contain applicant’s information of all employment history with previous career details. Generally, most of companies are using this application form, which is job candidates will fill out as require during hiring process. Typically, this form may contain job candidate’s basic contact details, employment history, education, and qualifications.

This form may cover necessary personal information, which may help to employer for an employ decision. In deep, human resources department of any company is arrange the entire recruitment process. As well it will also design an application form as on company’s requirements.


Table of Contents

  1. Overview to employment application form
  2. What can be purpose of a job application form?
  3. Structure of job application form
  4. What should not be included in an employment application?
  5. Job application form Format – Templates & Samples
  6. Importance of the job application form


Overview to employment application form

An application form for employment is an official business document, which is job candidate will be fill out. Normally in businesses, every job applicant may have to fill up the form. The application form may help to employer to see the professional career of candidate. Even more, it may include applicant’s basic information, education, qualifications, previous experience, and skills. This information may help to employer for hiring decision at the end of recruitment process.

It is obvious that each application has its own background and different approaches. Basically, it will be not easier to make each applicant on same platform. Hence, the specific job application form may reduce this gap, and use the same questions and collect the information from each job applicant. The application form will use consistent manner to take the equal stage to gathering information. Hence, the decision maker can come on conclusion to take right decision for selection.

What can be purpose of a job application form?

Normally, the employer can design an application form as per its own requirements. It may depend on its internal system, company policy, it’s products or services and organizational structure. Hence, the purpose of each business may vary for the job application form design & apply in system. But here are some common purposes introducing on initially we can identify:

  • The job application form can allow to know more about job candidate. This information can be used for the take decisions for hiring process.
  • An employer may get the information as they expecting from the applicant. Normally, All the candidate’s resumes could be mix the information. The application form will help to sort out the require information.
  • Employer will get information, what they need. Neither more, and not little. The information may easier to filter with job application form.
  • The employer needs a sufficient system that help to compare each candidate’s records. These expectations may be complying with job application form.

It is very important that, the purpose should be fulfilling from application form for employment. Actually, these is a professional approach to maintain uniformity with each incoming application from candidate. Every piece of information may organize with specific formation and that will be possible with application form. Hence, it is very important for the businesses to use this form with every recruitment process.

Structure of job application form

The information that the employer is collecting, and which is to be used for the selection of the applicant, is available from the employment application form. So its effectiveness and its credibility are so important. The effectiveness of the employment application form, and its information is based on its structure. Hence, well organized structure of job application may provide accurate & expectable information to employer. Here are some major sections that require to be include in the application form of employment:

Personal Information of candidate

In this section, applicant require to fill out the basic information. Actually, these are simple information but very important. Typically, the applicant will be fill out the information in form such as (1) Full Legal first name and last name. (2) Permanent address, city, state, zip code, country. (3) Professional email address (4) Home phone / Cell phone. (5) Social security number (6) Eligibility to work in the country… and other basic details. Normally, hiring company may ask from the applicant during the recruitment process.

Educational details are need for a Job Application.

Typically, in announcement for the job vacancies, employee provides a minimum requirement of degree or educational attainment for particular job post. Hence, candidate should be providing their educational background in order to proceed to the succeeding recruitment.

In the section, job candidate may describe the academic degree details, date of completion of their education. Even more, applicant should be attach the relevant certifications.

Employment History and experience require for application form.

This may be unique requirements that is also necessary to provide to employer. Every job that ask for specific details of previous work experiences. As I believe this section is very important for employer and also for job candidate too. In this section, applicant will be providing previous employment details such as employer name, address, contacts, job title, responsibilities, salary, jointing date, reason for leaving etc.

What should not be included in an employment application?

It is very important for employers should clearly understand what type of questions that they need to avoiding to ask. Very important things are some questions that makes biasness & discrimination should be avoid. Some of the example are as below:

  • Race
  • Political affiliation
  • Religious affiliation
  • Physical disabilities
  • and Confidential information such as tax status

Normally, some sensitive information should have a try to avoid during the recruitment process. Generally, some confidential information such as tax related, should not ask at time of the hiring process. Even employer can ask to their employee about tax details on after joining the company.

Job application form Format – Templates & Samples

As a business owner, when you are arranging recruitment process for vacant posts for employment, at you will be expects to fill with the most qualified candidates. The initial process for recruitment process is job application form. It is being common to use the job application form in small scale or large organizations. Normally, job application form structure, design and content may be similar with all type of businesses. It is obvious some information may be little or more as specific job post. To see the importance of job application form for businesses. Here you can see some special design can helpful for your business:

Application Form for Job [Free job application form]

Application Form for Job template
Free application Form for Job


This is the simple job application form help to human resources department and recruiters to organize, tracking, and update of their candidates with systematical manner. The form may help to review each applicant’s information to well-organized, comparable structure. Further, this template may also to determine the candidate is potentially eligible for next phases of recruitment process.

Online Job Application Form – Download Free Application for Job

Online Job Application Form template, Online Job Application Form format
Online Job Application Form


The spread of digitization in the world increases. Every practitioner making their works online. Apparently, the employment recruitment program also becoming online. Now days, large percentage of employers are using the online form and collecting job candidate information through internet. Even, return of their application status, online screening and qualify the applicants with the online approach is becoming common.

The benefit of the online application form is, each application from job candidate may store in specific database. Hence, it will be easier for the employer to track each application with helpful for the various researches on bunch of applications. Apparently, employer can compare, track, verification, and review each job application with single click.

Sample Job Application Form [Standard job application form]

Sample Job Application Form template
Sample Job Application Form


Job application forms becoming a mandatory practice in businesses. Because have great benefits to making recruitment tasks more effective. Every application form’s contents may similar or minimum require contents with other businesses. Normally, any job application form has four major sections. That may be (1) personal information (2) Educational background (3) Qualifications, experience & Special Skills (4) References, Job claim, and declaration.

Employment Application Form – Download Free Forms for Job employment

Employment Application Form format
Employment Application Form template


This sample job application form can help to make your recruitment process more efficient and effective. The document also helps you to make your own job application form to take details from this reference. During the preparation of job application, this information gives an idea, how to make a job application form. Furthermore, you have to describe your requirements against candidates, what exactly company may be expecting information from the candidates. These expectations may design in job application form.

Job Application Form Templates – Free Printable Application Form for job

Job Application Form format
Job Application Form Template


This is unique design for the application form for job, you can use to organize the applicant’s information with more effective way. Normally, application form for job is similar to resumes, but the difference is that the resume is design and provides to employer by candidate, same a side employer may provide application form for job for the fill before the interview.

Importance of the job application form

Typically, every business is using a jo application form for the recruitment process. The job application form provides all information’s, which are require for hiring process with their own structural format. Hence, it makes an easier to assessing the information for hiring process. Here are some of the point that gives an idea, how important the job application form for employer, and also for job candidate:

  • From employer’s point of view, application form is important aspect to understand job candidates.
  • The application form may help to sort out the eligible applications for further interviews. It may save the time of employers.
  • It is important to know by the candidate that, inaccurate, or insufficient information may result in termination of consideration of hiring.
  • Easier for access key information from each application form., and
  • It may be allow employer to compare application for better selection.

Now days, application forms are being a key tool for segregate each applicant’s data from so many applications. It may also helps to manage important data for further communication with job candidates. Normally, hiring process is conduct on collection of application form. Hence, it makes more important the information fill out by job candidate should accurate and true. Otherwise candidate’s application may reject from hiring process.