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Job Application Form template [Application form for Employment]

A job application form (Application for employment) is formal document may be use to gather information of job applicants as part of recruitment process. This information will be helpful to find the right candidate in hiring. The standard form may help to speed up the entire hiring process as well as enables employer to short out applications quickly.


Traditionally, the job application form outlines application’s personal information, academic – educational records, works experience, personal statement as well as employment history.


As employer’s policy, the submission of job application forms can be varying such as online, hard copy filling out by applicant, or as time on face to face interview. Even more, the contents of the job application form may be more or standard require details. In short, the application form’s contents, length, and details may be depending on employer’s internal policy, designation and/or existing requirements of business.


Job Application Form Template for Excel

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Any professional business, job application forms are being almost mandated practice to gathering information during hiring process. Definitely, it may help the employer to know more about job applicant, but the form contents should have defined as information require to collect.

The Structure of the application form most consist four major sections are:

  • Personal Details: Applicant can describe herein about his self, such as full name, postal address, date of birth, domicile, district, contact details like cell phone, home telephone, email address etc.
  • Qualification: All the qualifications or educations details are much important for any designation as well you know. This section requires to fill out all the certified qualifications with extract details about candidate’s degree. In case for specific designation, computer knowledge can be must. Hence, candidate should complete the details carefully.
  • Experience: Experience or Employment history is one of the key factor that play major role for appointing in hiring process. During the fill out this section, you have to read the employer’s guidelines that exactly what employer expecting from candidates. Ideally, your best performing job details are much helpful to candidate to get hire.


The job applicant’s credentials are depending on the information given in the form they filled out. Using this form, you can easily gather the information to identify right candidate.

Tips to keep in mind before creating a job application form

Now days, every business / employers are using a job application form required to filled out by each candidate for a particular job. But some ideals that much important to understand before the creating a perfect job applications form. Here are some tips to help you find and hire the right employee:


Understand actual needs


Creating a job application form is quite simple, but it should be much effective and useful when we use these data for review. The employer should use the form to collect the information from job candidates to identify right candidate, not for formality. Downloading the form from internet and giving a candidate to fill out, it is not right thing. Point out what actual business can expect from new candidate, what really requirements for a particular post etc.


Dynamic design


Whenever you are going to create any form, keep in mind the form should be enough dynamic to make it more effective. As you know, every business is making their format “standards”. Any department can’t change contents even the details of the form. Hence, before the creating a standard form, you have to keep in mind this thing. You have to create dynamic design which is easily use for various vacancies.


For instant example, if you are hiring for production engineer, and quality supervisor. At this point there are so much different information are needs to process. At the movement static design may be insufficient to collaborate each types of information. Mean, dynamic designed format – “Use blank table for further information” – Where engineer or supervisor both can fill out their related information specifically.

Avoid such information to include in it:

  • Race / cast
  • Physical disabilities
  • Political affiliation
  • Religious affiliation


Review before finalize the form

Once all the details of the form are completed, you have to re-check out to ensure all the required information is mentioned in the form. Even make sure, it will be providing a complete picture.