Effective Job Application log

Job Application Log for Excel – Record Sheet template

The job application log is simple document may helpful for recording and checking status of important information about every job that you have applied for. This sheet will be help you to record, remember, and follow-up each application that you applied for job.


Maintaining records of each job application is much important for individual if searching job. It may help to ensure that each appointment for interview had conducted, and also helpful to remembering upcoming interview dates. To review this sheet, you can follow up with a call or email with personnel who invited for interview.


What to include in job application log template?


Job title.

Herein you can describe the job name / position for you applied in any company. The job title is much important, because through it – you can communicate with the company to verify the status of your application for job.


Company Name.

This is simple field where you can enter the name of company. But try to enter full name of company to avoid any confusion.


Contact Name / Title.

In this field, you can describe the name of the person that you have to contact for further process of application. The contact name with its position is much helpful to understand the level of person in company.


Contact Details.

Herein, you can enter the details about the company as well as of single contact point. Mean, you can enter contact person’s phone number, fax, as well emails, even you have to also include company’s contact details.


Mailing Address.

Simply, the mailing address is necessary if the application is short-listed. You have to present physically if they call or email for interview.


Resume sent.

When you sent any resume, you can enter the date of the resume sent to any company. This details may help you to track when you had sent the resume.


How sent.

The field describes the specific details of way through sent the resume for job. You can describe the detailed information about the method used for send application.



Typically, when you send any resume, you can include some reference person names, as well contact details. This details you may forget with time. So, you can include the details of reference names & contact details.


Job description.

You can describe brief details about the job post you applied for. This details may help you for preparation, if company invite for interview. Try to insert specific details and keywords that specifically focus on job functions and interviewer’s requirements.


Application status.

This is actually part of review of the records that you had entered after any resume sent to company as job candidate. This details may help you to verify the application status of particular application.



Herein, you can describe the details of the interview, specifically date of interview. This will be help you to remember the date of interview as well you can also track and review the existing status of your resume that you had sent to any company for job.



The follow-up is unique and specific details, even it is much important to keep track and dedicatedly follow the application that you had applied for the job. You can include the details about – how you will be follow it, even when or on which date you will be contact to company for now the status.



The remarks are also important part of the log sheet. You can include some comments that may help you to understand more details about the column that you entered for tracking and review purpose.


Printable Job application log sheet template – Excel


Simple Job application log sheet
Log Sheet – Job application – Employee




It is obvious that when any student completes its education or even expecting to earning, the job searching is the foremost tasks. In present work, most of the businesses are uploads their needs on internet day basis. The job seekers can apply on it as appropriate positions.


If you applied at some companies for seeking a job with same time or during some time span. This is best idea to recording theses applied details with all associated information. You can maintain these records in the job application log sheet. The job application log sheet will be help you to keep track, and well-organize your applied details with specific notes. The job application log sheet template will be help you to manage following points:


  • You can list of the companies, where you had applied along with all contacts details.
  • It will be easily understanding the proceeding dates of each application.
  • Managing details of each positions which you applied may be easy. Hence, you can do preparation before attend any interview.
  • You can keep track each application.
  • It made follow up very easy – before and after job interview.


The benefit of this sheet is – It may help to remember easy date & time of interview.