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A job sheet template is a document may contain details of works along with materials, resources, and utilities for producing the products for a customer. It can also include the time slot for each job for a day. Actually, the key aim of this preparation can be describing a requirement for producing for a job with individual job quantity, time slab as well resources allocations.


Probably this is document format that may cover set of instructions to aid workers for performing the task, even allocations of equipment and other resources as well.


This job sheet includes detailed information of the individual job with specific details such as product name, job identification number, product specifications, details of job, machinery and equipment, require resources, and manpower even schedule in time manner for each job. You can also describe the allocation of jobs to responsible personnel.


Actually, the job sheet is preparing on base of the job, not on the base of employee’s task. Whenever customers are gives any order to management, the planning team creates job sheet and they will distribute among all related department for start the actions on it.


Workshop Job sheet template Excel

Simple Workshop Job sheet template Excel
Workshop Job sheet template Excel

Template Download

This simple format of the job sheet is representing a daily plan that has to be require to maintain within the described time frame. This is unique formation of the job sheet where you have to describe the job details with some specific information such as contractor name, client name, contractor contact details, date and time, client code, project code, job hours etc.


With this template, you can manage your regular tasks which is allocated by management needs to complete on a day. Typically, this format specifically designed to provide task to contractors, where they should have to complete each project and its day to day task within the time frame.


Actually, this template makes the management’s work more easy – Allocation of job tasks to individual as well as group, providing a time frame to complete the task, and easier to review this entire project through the job sheet template. In short, job sheet is specific format that specifically helpful if the business having multiple tasks that needs to complete in limited time and resources.


Simple Job sheet template Excel

Simple Simple Job sheet Format
Simple Job sheet template Excel

Template Download

Using this template, you can manage your bunch of instructions to allocation of job tasks, resources management, as well time frame to complete the job. Generally, the sheet will be describing the specific schedule which is made for allocation of works that may related to any project, regular production or contractual job.


This is actually one of the important tool for management, which through planning team can easily arrange the multiple jobs, as well allocates the priority job to complete it on time.


Just Example:


  • If any business gets the order from customer for the “Item – A” for quantity – 100 nos.
  • The customer provided schedule to complete the product within “15 Days”
  • Delivery schedule can be – 1st delivery – after 7 days of order, and remains within 15 days.


Now, business planning team can allocate the job with job sheet as follow:

Date of Production Start – 1st April, 2020


  1. Production Team 1 – 35 Nos, Production line 2, Unit 2, with 10 Manpower, task should complete within 8 Days (Deadline – 04/08/2020)
  2. Production Team 2 – 40 Nos, Production line 3, Unit 1, with 30 Manpower, task should complete within 10 Days. (Deadline – 04/10/2020)
  3. Production Team 3 – 25 Nos, Production line 1, Unit 3, with 10 Manpower, task should complete within 7 Days. (Deadline – 04/07/2020)


As you can see in this example having a job schedule that describe the production should be completed within the days 10. Actual deadline is 15th April, 2020. But business should have to run with safe side. Obviously, the production will be complete within 10 to 12 production days. This simple example may help you to understand how the job sheet may help to allocate the production bifurcation of the tasks and quantity as well.


Tips for writing an effective job sheet


There are actually so many different ways to creating a job sheet. Actually it’s all depends on the product, jobs, project requirements as well as internal business policies. However, the basic structure and contents that may drive entire job requirements as well associated with tasks completions.

Here are below some tips that make your job sheet formation much easy:


  • Determine the purpose. You must clear about the vision, objective and purpose of the job sheet. Whenever you are going to create job sheet, you must keep your initial purposes that reasons job sheet is being enable in your business. The key requirements should be on top priority that may complete your motive of the job sheet.
  • List your relevant variables to your jobs. Identifying some relevant variables that directly impact on the job should be verified and reviewed. These potential variable should be including in the job sheet to acknowledge the concern peoples to keep focus on it.
  • Outline your job sheet details. Once you understand your purposes, and potential variables, now you can draft your job sheet with keep maintain its importance. Now, the next step is to verifying your existing inventory, resources, manpower, and period of time. Now, it may easier for your allocating the job tasks to individual person or group.
  • Verification and reviews the job sheet. Whenever you complete your drafting works, now time to review the entire sheet. To identify any mistakes or something that incorrect for the process. This verification process is actually much important when you are going to order the production to your team.


The job sheet is probably much powerful tools to allocating task among the individual or large group of employee. Hence, you have to take care during the formation, as well inserting details in it. Even more, you have to ensure the efficiency in the workplace.

Further, you have to verify some things that are much important for the job sheet are:

  • Double check your job quantity, description, product, product specifications, and related bill of materials.
  • Check the responsible persons are available, even manpower and supporting team are available on schedule date.
  • Describe and check key points that customer had highlighted to keep note during processing.


These are common points that you have to take care during the creating a job sheet. Even you have to keep monitoring on the progress of the entire job process. Even and compare the plans and actual progress of the job.