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Leave Application form template for Employee in Excel & word format

What is Leave Application Form?

A leave application form is formal request document, used as request to authority for grant the permission for leave for requested period of time or dates. Authority can reject or accept full days or approve partial leaves, as per situation and company policy.

When any employee needs a leave from their works for some days or period. It is standard practice that, this form is necessary to filled for apply for leave. Actually, this is a professional method by which the employee requests the authority to get approval of his leave. Generally, in businesses, in case any employee takes a leave without complied leave application form. That can surely a bad impact on management. Hence, it is necessary to fill out all the details require in leave application form.


  1. What is Leave Application Form?
  2. How to Design Leave Application Form?
  3. Leave application form templates
  4. What can be procedure for submit the application form for leave?


How to Design Leave Application Form?

The design can be varying in case of different segment of industry, and company scale. Even creating a leave application form can simply different for each businesses and office uses. But it may contain the similar information which is needs as basic of application format. Probably, that basic information can builds right application form for leave. Hence, some information is necessary to include in every Leave Application Form, which makes a meaningful formation of document. Here is some information that we highlighting that can be use as basic of format:

Employee Details [General Information]

In the section of this form you have to describe the details of employee such as name of employee, department, designation, home contact details, and office content information are common. In case the company maintaining unique employee code number and any tracking code specifically for tracking must be mentioned in the form.   Even, name of supervisor who will be check this form first and signed for further approvals should also mentioned.

Reason for Leave [Specific reasons for leave]

The employee must clearly and specifically describe the reason for the leave applied for approvals from authority. As standard practice of businesses, employee has to provide a proof of reasons for leave when comes back from its leave. Hence, employee should explain actual reason with honestly and describe the true reason in this form.

Type of Leave [Exp. Annual leaves, Marriage, no-pay leave etc.. ]

It is often happening when employee takes a multiple types of leave. Hence, during the designing this format, you have to give the options to easier for employee can select multiple type of leave. Generally, you can include in the section of type of leave are: (1) Annual Leave (2) Sick Leave (3) Maternity Leave (4) Compassionate Leave (5) Marriage Leave (6) No-Pay Leave (7) Vacation (8) Disability work related.

Details of Leave Period [Specific time duration]

This is specific details that are necessary to explain in the leave application form. You have to provide detailed information of leave period; how many days are going to leave. Even, if possible mention the specific date period such as 01/01/2010 to 02/02/2010. Actually, it should be clear the starting date of the leave, return to work date, and total numbers of days you taking the leave. Hence, it should give a clarity related to leave period.

Reliever Details [Surrender the works to another co-worker]

Every business can have its own rules and policy, hence it obvious that whenever employee requesting for leave. Hence, employee has to provide details of reliever and job functions. Generally, employee has to mention the name of reliever person, who has doing similar works and operations. Even, reliever should be agreed to take care of his part of works, when applicant takes the leave. Hence, this is an important aspect of leave application form which may include on format.

Request Lines [Respectively request for approvals to authority]

When you are designing the form, you have to give a space for the formal request. In the section of request, employee can address the authority for explaining its leave details and requests for approvals. Here employee gives assurance for the information is true, and proof will submit when come back from leave. In case of human resources department received the insufficient details in this section of employee leave application form. They can ask questions to employee regarding the request. Hence, better is all the details should be clearly, readable and brief that easier for processing at Human resources department.

Approvals [Approvals from manager, HR Processing]

Normally, there can be two part of the approvals section. First may be part of department manager approvals, where his sign and comment can include. Here the manager can approve or reject the application at with strong reasons.

At the second part of the approvals section can be for human resources department. Actually, the part of human resources department generally includes under the head of approvals. But manager may have only authority to approval or reject form. Actually, Human resources department can be under the charge of processing the leave, and authorize for settlements of leave. Hence, the part of the human resources may also include in under head of approvals.

Leave application form templates

Using an employee leave application form is good practice for the business. It will be maintaining discipline and regular planning of works. Generally, the information may include in the leave application form templates are basic employee information, job title, description of job, department, employee id, etc., and purpose of application. Here we have enough varieties of the application of leave form for various types of leave, and designs. You have checked those templates and prepare or modify downloaded templates for your business.

Leave Application Form Template



This is basic leave application form template that may use for simply apply for leave. This form is generally employee is fills and submit to high authority for approval. Actually this form gives a complete solution for the application of leave. It may include all the details require for the apply to leave such as employee details, type of leave, leave period, and approvals.

Application for Leave Form

Application for Leave Form, Application for Leave Form employee, Application for Leave Form sample
Application for Leave Form


It is simple to making an application for leave, or form formation that help each employee can apply for its own reasons. The best part of this template is employee may apply for multiple type of leave in single form. Hence, it will cover all the details that needs for approvals. Even, the employee should to submit the proof of reason for leave when comes back from leave.

Employee Leave Application Form



The employee leave application format form can use for various segment such as company, business, organization, school and consulting business. The leave application form may include in first section, last paycheck stub for hours available and second section is type of leave. even, you have to also fill the information at the bottom of the form which may include approvals, and general request from employee.  Mostly, bottom part of the application form may use by human resources department for further actions of the form.

Annual Leave Application Form



Annual leave application form is written by an employee for take for the permission for leave from their higher authority. Actually this is the formal format for mode of communicate between an employee and its higher authority. Mostly in organizations, application form for leave is necessary and standard document, that should have needed to filled by an employee before goes on a leave. Human resources department can only be proceeding leave formalities once the application form for leave is completed. Hence, if the employee getting leaves on annual leave formation basis, they need to comply the formalities to maintain records.

Sample Leave Application Form



This is a unique sample leave application form designed specifically for apply for the leave. The application form template may include information such as employee details, type of absence required, date of absence, and comments from manager. This information is commonly used for application form for leave.

Leave Application Form Excel Template



This template is designed in excel application. To consider the general requirements of organizations, this may be fit to it. Leave application form excel template is easier for use, print and edit for your personal use. As you want to professional design, this template you can take as reference to make perfect your formation. The layout of this template is simple, as well as all important fields in it are included. Hence, you may customize the elements of the application form with minimum effort.

Office Leave Application Form



The leave application form for office should be little detailed and professional that used to need communicate for leave request. Mostly in office leave application form, you may include the similar information that are used in general leave application form. Even, you have to include details of reliever, type of leaves, and details of leave you want to deduct from your leave balance, such as CL, PL etc.

Leave Application Form Word Doc



You may use some extra facilities when you are creating a application form for leave in word format. The Word is Microsoft office application that allow you to make leave application attractive, well designed and professional. There are so many effective tools that help you to make application form very quicker and well organized. When you are working with an organization, it is important that your application should be enough professional and meaningful.

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What can be procedure for submit the application form for leave?

The standard procedure for submitting an application form for leave can be different for each business. But somethings that can be similar and can consider as common practice are as below:

  • An employee will fill the application form as standardized by management. Even all the details require in the form, will provides as accordingly.
  • Than after, employee will submit this form to their high authority for approvals.
  • Manager will be verifying this application and approve or reject the application, as consider conditions and company policy.
  • Head of the department i.e. manager will be submitting this application to human resources department, they will be verifying accordingly.
  • Human resources department will verify the records, check an employee leaves balance and will be maintains the records for next transactions.


This is the common procedure that every organization will be follow, and use as standard practice. Even, may some steps of the procedure can be increase as level of process and business scale.