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A Letter of Intent (LOI) is a document may contain a declaration of the intentions of the Writer. Actually, it may also outline agreement of a serves, terms & deal between two parties. LOI is usually in concept of memorandum of understanding, will be formalize binding agreement on agree both parties.

In business environment, a letter of intent (LOI) is usually written document to declare intentions of one party initial proposal to the other party. LOI is very common for a purchase or sales transactions, even more is also used for business negotiations, contracts, college admission, and mergers etc. Most of the businesses are using the letter of intent to clarify the subject of a deals between two parties, as formal agreement document.

What is Letter of Intent for a business, college, or job?

Probably, the structure and process of writing a letter of intent is similar to covering letter. Typically, LOI outlines the different parts & topics that should be include in the letter as interest of writer. Even the letter of intent contents & its soul of writing will be different as subject, objectives and intentions are change. It all depending on writer’s motive you are writing the letter.

How to write letter of intent for different requirements such as business, college or job concern?

Business Letter of Intent

In businesses, a letter of intents is a formal written document may use as in mergers and acquisitions, that records the preliminary terms of an agreement. Typically, a business LOI widely used to finalize a contracts, and business deals.

College Letter of Intent

If you are in merit or shortlisted your expected college or school, and looking forward to get the admission, then a letter of intent will be help you.  A letter of intent may help you to outlines your interests about the college, and help to describing the reason why you should be given admission. Typically, some students are used this letter to describing a statement of interest, a statement of purpose, or a personal statement to send to school or college, who has been offered scholarships.

Job Letter of intent

Actually, the structure, style and detailing of the LOI is similar to covering letter of job. But the contents may be little varying as interests and subjects are different. Whenever you writing the letter, you have to clearly describe what are your reasons are for writing. Evermore, you can also describe your interest, your interests about the organization, and why you should be given job. In some cases, you can mention about your extract details about your skills, awards, accomplishments etc.

How to Write a Letter of Intent?

As you know, writing a letter is a fundamental skill typically used in schools, college, business, or personal relationships to communicate various subjects. When you are going to write any kind of letter, you have to consider some rules that make your letter more valuable. Here are some tips that make your letter more unique, especially letter of intent:


It is very important If you want to write letter as Professional, you have should to include name of attention such as professor, manager, CEO, college principle etc. at top of the letter. Salutation is very important part of any kind of letter.


That’s the folk wit – first impression is last impression! At the begin writing the letter of intent, you should put on first paragraph in introduction section. Even more, it should be unique, specific to the recipient. Mean, when you have to consider who is reader, or what it motives for writing a letter. If you are writing a letter for the college admission, you should write suitable contents.

Main content details

At on completion of all formality sections, you have to start writing in the main content or body paragraph of the letter. Here in this section, you can describe all the specific details, highlight or explain your intentions to reader. The main content details outlines ” Why you are writing the letter”.

Conclude the Letter

At in the next paragraph, describe the brief conclusion of the letter. Here you can express your desires, even with positive statement that reader could consider yours. Remember that, in the conclusion section, don’t include everything, mean short and important details should be including.

Review the letter

Whenever you are complates all the writing in the letter. It will be good to review entire letter contents. You should ensure to proper spell & grammar checking, even all necessary information.

Submit the Letter of Intent

All the works are done, which important to complete in sequence to finalize the letter if complete. Now time to verify the details such as if any attachment, certificate, or any document require to attach with it. Once all the details are verified, you can submit the letter of intent.

Letter of intent samples – Examples & templates – Excel / PDF

The document is very important for the business deals because it may demonstrate knowledge concern the transactions. Even it also presents writer’s intentions and gives ensure how it should be performing. It may also show professional approach of a party to the another party. Here is some instant sample letter of intent that may help you to make letter of intent for your personal use.

Free Letter of intent sample

Letter of intent sample
Letter of intent sample

Blank Letter of intent sample In Excel Download | Letter of intent sample in PDF Download

This is sample letter of intent will be helpful for any kind of purpose, because we consider all types of requirements during creation of this template. The structure & contents of the letter is common and easy for modification. Even more, each paragraph contents giving a guideline about what and how to describe at each one. Actually, this the best part of this sample letter may help to any professional, student, business people or job related communication. You can download this sample letter and use for your personal requirements.


Printable Letter of intent sample

Printable Letter of intent sample
Printable Letter of intent sample

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A LOI may help to defining an agreement before deal is being finalize actual contract in transaction between two parties. Some businesses are using this document as memorandum of understanding that would be gives an extract details about the deal in the business environment. The business deals always depending on the documents which are usual help to communicate between two parties. The letter of intent one of the document which cover extract details that most of businesses are expecting to make before the dealing. Download this simple letter of intent for free.