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A log book template is a document may contain systematic record of any observations, incidents, event, daily readings, measurements records etc. regularly. The log book should be filled in at least daily to maintain their records up-to-date. In simple terms, it may use to keep a record of some subsistence for daily basis. Actually, the log book is essential document that makes enable to access for multiple scenarios. Recording generic uses can be – vehicle, mileage, works, project, or any event etc.


In business environment, a log book is a systematic way to maintain regular records, as well keep track of any activity in workplace. It is typical management tool that widely use to recording various entities individually. Such as – Projects, equipment log, Vehicle log, driver log, machine speed log etc. are generic uses in any manufacturing or engineering units.


List of Log book

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  4. Car Log book template
  5. Project Log book template

Use of Log book


Actually, the log book may help you to organize your events related to common objectives in sequence. Even, it makes easier to identify any events, incident or notable matter that recorded in the logbook.




In case you are maintain vehicle log book, and your car average is decrease with same distance, you can get clear idea something wrong with your car or truck.


Effective manner uses of log book


Whenever you are going to filled out the log book, you have to keep in mind. The log book should be enough concise, and point to point. Make try your book should be noteworthy activities, or advancement of listed accordingly. In case during any event, you have faced any problems, or even obstacles. You can note down in special remarks – this details will be helpful when you will be review the entire sheet.


Maintaining a logbook


In simple words – “Log book is basically records of your activities” there various fields where we need the log book to record something which is important, remarkable, note able and we expecting to remember it.


Typically, in business environment, Log books are keep maintain for at least 90 to 180 days’ records. Later it will be put in the obsolete documents. The maintaining records of log book’s contents can be varying as per uses. If you are using the log book for vehicle – you have to maintain regular odometer’s reading. You are using it for project – you have to describe the events or activities records. Typically it may directly relates the requirements of logbook.




Actually, the calculations are makes your logbook worthier. Either you are using the log book for personal or business works, you can calculate the figures that may use for analysis. In case you are prepare vehicle log book, you can calculate the total distance the vehicle travelled. As the same way, you can calculate many things that you expecting to keep records in log book, and even expecting to calculate it stately.


Examples of Log Book templates [Excel Sheet]


The log book template is actually calculating or accounting of the hours work as well related important details such as – mileage log, distance, or any measurements. If you expecting to maintain your records related to your works, your car mileages etc., It may be easier to create with Excel. Even you can also download ready-made template available with Download templates and modify as per your requirements.


Vehicle Log book template

Blank Vehicle Log book template
Vehicle Log book template

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It is obvious in the business the vehicle log book is used for recording the trips records for accounting as well maintenance purposes. If the business has a vehicle that frequently use for business purposes. They can maintain the records to keep track the vehicle and its related trips. Typically, the vehicle log book may contain the description of the destinations, number of miles or distance traveled for various reasons.  Usually the vehicle log book may contain the following information:

  • You can use the log sheet to recording vehicle type, vehicle’s registration number. As well vehicle’s specific details such as chassis number, capacity, etc.
  • For accounting purposes, the records of the log may maintain at least for the 15 to 18 months. But it’s all depends on the business requirements and audit management.
  • The vehicle’s odometer reading is main purpose of this log. There may be records starting and ending date of the recording.
  • At the end of the month, how much miles are traveled by vehicle, even how much Gas, and other expenses are done on the vehicle are also may record.


Mileage Log book template

Blank Mileage Log book template
Mileage Log book template

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Using the template, you can track overall trips’ mileage, even you can manage and store. The odometer’s start and finish reading for average calculations. The Mileage is actually calculating in the sheet is auto. You can change any other fields that are require for your own use. The mileage log book template may provide a record of vehicle miles. Which is traveled for the business over a given time period.


Car Log book template

Effective Car Log book template
Car Log book template

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A car log book template is a document that may help to recording regular car’s mileage. That car traveled during a day or even for month. The details of the car even the records of the mileage may helpful for the personnel even for business. The document may help to review the car’s condition, even if any mileage variation.


Project Log book template

Free Project Log book template
Project Log book template

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The project log book template is widely use in the various projects to recording the daily activities of a project. Usually it may help to recording information such as:

  • Action items,
  • Issues and risks records,
  • Regular tasks progress etc.,

Which is much important for tracking purpose. Actually log book provides a platform to makes works easy of project manager to track the records much easy way.

With the log book, you can also describe the graphical presentation of entire status. As well particular details with its existing status. In short, the log book is much helpful for the taking a decision making, improvement, identification of the issues as well helpful for entire project life cycle.