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Maintenance Checklist Template – 10+ daily, weekly maintenance checklist

A Maintenance checklist template is typically pre-defined check points for verification and actions for any tasks or maintenance of any equipment. It may contain the specific details of regular checking aid points for an equipment to avoid any mistake or miss any check point.


Overview to Maintenance checklist

Actually, checklist is a tool, used for define the points which may need to regular check for any equipment, place, system or methods to eliminate possibility of mistakes – mistakes in regular checking and verification. It may contain pre-defined information / points, which are made by team. The team are verifying all the points and requirements of maintenance to eliminate any malfunctioning and problems. And defines the standard checklist which will be helpful in regular maintenance verification and preventive tasks.

If you really want to ensure the works are completed without anything missing, checklist is best options for those tasks verifications. The maintenance checklist template is one of the best solutions for automatic machinery, internal system as well as it may also use for improve the safety. Here are some Example maintenance checklist templates:

Maintenance checklist templates

Preventive maintenance checklist template

Preventive maintenance checklist template excel, Preventive maintenance checklist template pdf, Preventive maintenance checklist template word, Preventive maintenance checklist template example, Preventive maintenance checklist format, Preventive maintenance checklist samples, Preventive maintenance checklist examples, Preventive maintenance checklist pdf
Preventive maintenance checklist template


This is monthly preventive maintenance schedule or checklist helps to manage weekly information. The checklist specifically designed for individual machine and supporting equipment such as lifts and crane etc. These checkpoints are pre-defined; hence it may use for preventive maintenance. It may include who will conduct the checking, where and what will be need to check. Actually, it is easier for do preventive maintenance where multiple machinery and multiple equipment are engaged with individual machine.

Forklift Maintenance checklist template

Forklift Maintenance checklist template excel, Forklift Maintenance checklist template pdf, Forklift Maintenance checklist template example, Forklift Maintenance checklist format, Forklift Maintenance checklist examples, Forklift Maintenance checklist sample, Forklift Maintenance checklist free download
Forklift Maintenance checklist template


This is exclusive forklift maintenance checklist template only available with The template contains the most important maintenance check points which is regularly require for identify defective items to be repaired. Forklift operator or supervisor can have filled this template before the using this equipment. You have to provide detailed description of defect in the remarks column in case forklift is out of service. Generally, this maintenance checklist having an all the specific points which will help you to identify any unusual sound, broken parts, out of order functions, electricity etc.

Machine Maintenance checklist template – Free Excel checklist format

Machine Maintenance checklist template excel, Machine Maintenance checklist template pdf, Machine Maintenance checklist template sample, Machine Maintenance checklist format, Machine Maintenance checklist samples, Machine Maintenance checklist example, Machine Maintenance checklist pdf
Machine Maintenance checklist template


When organization working with multiple machinery in single unit, need to proper maintenance to each machine for smooth processes. Every organization knows the values of assess that should be properly maintenance tasks should perform at regular intervals. Hence the maintenance team’s responsibility will become more important for preventive, predictive and regular repair tasks. The maintenance team can identify the key values places and parts of machine for regular checking with simple auditing. And those key places and parts can note in specific checklist which needs for regular check for smooth regular operations.

Preventive maintenance checklist template – Predictive maintenance checklist | Word | Excel | PDF

Preventive maintenance checklist template / Predictive Maintenance Checklist, Preventive maintenance checklist format, predictive maintenance checklist sample
Preventive maintenance checklist template / Predictive Maintenance Checklist


Preventive maintenance is part of the total productive maintenance (TPM), and preventive maintenance checklist is a one of the important document to prevent issues with equipment. Here you can see the preventive maintenance checklist is containing the information and check points which may help to prevent bad occurrence with equipment. Actually, preventive maintenance is different from reactive maintenance, it may prevent the event may harm the equipment.

Generally, preventive maintenance checklist template should be preparing on based on calendar. It may daily, weekly, biweekly and monthly are in general. When the organization having a multiple machinery and equipment, weekly and biweekly maintenance and its schedule are the best option for verification by preventive maintenance checklist template.

Preventive maintenance checklist template | Equipment maintenance checklist

Preventive maintenance checklist template | Equipment maintenance checklist
Preventive maintenance checklist template | Equipment maintenance checklist


This is unique preventive maintenance checklist specially use for Prevent Tool related maintenance. When organization frequently use the tools which is in part of the mechanical processes, that needs to maintenance at period intervals. And it should be conduct on preventive is important. Hence the tool preventive maintenance checklist is one of the best option to verify regular check and repair of tools which are in used of regular processes. Tool maintenance process is conducts same as inspection process, each tool is conduct and verify for these processes to ensure the further repair require or not.

Preventive maintenance checklist for tool may include the regular check points, specification about tools such as materials and dimensions etc., method of inspection, date of inspection and observer note are common in checklist.

Machine Maintenance checklist – Weekly / Monthly / Annual maintenance schedule checklist

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Machine Maintenance checklist – Daily | Weekly | Monthly Checklist template


Generally in manufacturing units, machine maintenance checklists are often use for verify machine condition. Machinery parts, leakages, spare & parts, operations and functions are common in these checking procedure. Operator can perform this task daily or regular basis. In case of biweekly or monthly checking process can be conduct with supervisor. These process will be help to identify & prevent the malfunctioning, bad machinery parts, operational failures etc.

Building maintenance checklist template / Building maintenance checklist format

Building maintenance checklist template, Building maintenance checklist template excel, Building maintenance checklist template pdf, Building maintenance checklist template sample, Building maintenance checklist format, Building maintenance checklist sample, Building maintenance checklist example, Building maintenance checklist pdf, Building maintenance checklist ppt, Building maintenance checklist worksheet, Building maintenance checklist excel sheet
Building maintenance checklist template / Building maintenance checklist format in excel sheet download


It is extremely important that the company assets should be properly maintain and repair on period. Hence the building maintenance team is needs to prepare a standard format that may help to identify such parts of the building which needs to frequently inspect. Building maintenance checklist is one of these document is help in this regards. This template can be in daily, weekly or biweekly with specific points that needs to check properly and repair accordingly. Here ready-made checklist is available, you can download building maintenance checklist for your internal used.

Machine maintenance checklist template – Electrical | Mechanical

Electrical Machine maintenance checklist, Mechanical Machine maintenance checklist template, Machine maintenance checklist template, Machine maintenance checklist template excel, Machine maintenance checklist pdf, Machine maintenance checklist excel sheet, Machine maintenance checklist format, Machine maintenance checklist sample, Machine maintenance checklist example
Electrical Machine maintenance checklist template | Mechanical Machine maintenance checklist template


This template is very different and unique that used for check electrical and mechanical of machine. Generally, this type of templates is used in verification, inspection, repair and regular checking of machinery for electrical & mechanical faults. Actually, these types of templates are made by team from mechanical & electrical department peoples with assistance of machine operators. It may contain the details of parts which are generally needs to clean, leakages, wires, safety valves, rotating parts such as bearing, wheels, electrical panels etc.


How to create maintenance checklist?


Actually, creating a maintenance checklist is easy and it can be containing the critical tasks of maintenance. Hence it can be tough job if you don’t know how to prepare and implement in regular tasks. Maintenance checklist is a document based on analysis, reporting and identified critical parts for maintenance point of views in facility.  You have to some care and consider things that are as below:

  • You have to list down the machinery, equipment, resources, system and places where you need to check for maintenance tasks.
  • Identify the processes, machinery and equipment and systems that are critical and regular maintenance or checking required.
  • Prepare points for individual identified resource and prepare appropriate frequency for checking.
  • Create specific guidelines, instruction notes and work instructions for maintenance checklist.
  • Make the blank space for observers’ remarks.
  • Assign the duties to related maintenance officer, prepare schedule for maintenance checklist verifications.