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Market Analysis template – Samples & Examples

A market analysis template is a document may help to assessing qualitative and quantitative values of the specific part or entire market. Actually the analysis may contain each aspect to define market environment. Normally market analysis template may also include with support of SWOT analysis.

Actually the market analysis conducts the specific aspects, it may include volume and in value. Normally the analysis helps to understand industrial exploration by studying it.


Normally when you are deciding to analyze the market analysis. You have to identify the scope of the analysis i.e. target segment, sector or specific part. It will be considering as the target market.

  1. Generally, the market analysis’s initial stage should be understanding the potential customers.
  2. The analysis will be help to understand which segment or sectors, mean where target customer is locating.
  3. The analysis may also help to determine the scale of the market.
  4. When you are analyzing the market, you have to focus on your objective, mean what you really require from the target market.
  5. There are also require to understand what criteria require in the making their purchase decisions.

Understanding the market through analyzing entire market or part of the market may helpful for introducing product or services. Actually the market analysis provides a various information that potentiality for the business.


Why need a market analysis template?

When the business peoples investing the large scale investment in the business. It is very important to analyze the entire market for proposed product or services. The analysis may help to understand the market trend, values and volume. These market analyses may helpful to understand all aspects of the market potentiality.

The market analysis may include the demographics, segmentation, competition, values, product or services concern volume and trend, etc. The market analysis template will be providing a structural formation to makes easier to comply information which are require to analyze the entire market segment.

Try to avoid these common mistakes

  • When you are doing a market analysis, you have to focus of product and services and its potential advantages. If you are not choosing a competitive advantage it will be big mistake for you.
  • Don’t think you customers will be come to you without your effort. you have to do make any strategic and motivational offers to attract them.
  • If you are not honest about realistic status of the business. You will be bear the down trend in the business.
  • Your decision should be based on two considerations: (1) what competitive advantages are important to your potential customers and (2) what competitive advantages are being offered by your competitors. Look for a gap or niche.

Some mistakes that may come when you are doing a market analysis. During the analyze the market, you have to focus on critical part of the market. You have to determine and devoting adequate time and energy for more effort able analyze and evaluation.

Benefits of Market Analysis Template

Many organizations are skip the market analysis and making the big mistakes. Making some decisions without any proper analysis, it can be raise chaos in the business i.e. quantitative, qualitative as well financial. Hence it is very important to understand the market, its trend and initial requirements.

Normally the standard document format i.e. market analysis template may help to keep a record, it may be either volume or value base. Even the type, financial, and quantitative or qualitative analysis can also support. Hence, this standard market analysis template will be help to organize entire analysis process.

On the base of the market analysis, business can create a specific or target able marketing strategies for the business to achieve the goals. The global market and its market analysis can be depending on some factors which can be internal as well as externals. Hence, each factor should be incorporated in the study and its specific solution to increase the market volume for business’ product can be possible.

How to do a market analysis?

In the business environment, understanding of market is essential aspect to increasing product promotion in the market. But it is also important which part is market, where, when, how and what really need to conclude, even the what actually require to target from the global market is also at the place. Normally the market analysis conduct to analyze the potential customers, location, target segment, and potential buying decisions of customers. Here are some basic steps that may help you to understand, how to do market analysis:

Identify your potential customers

The first steps of the market analysis are to identifying your potential customers. The description of your target market should be very specific, Even clear it may individual or businesses, or both. You have to also require to identify the customer’s profiles, it may contain the customer’s segment, type of customers, type of businesses, specific applications requirements.

Example: Stainless steel tubes manufacturing company will be identifying their customers as oil refineries, boiler manufacturing companies, heat-exchanger manufacturing company etc. which are widely using the steel tubes.

Understand Geographic market

Getting a realistic data, even and estimating the market segment information on geographic market area, which is very important to understanding potential customers. Actually the geographic market depends on your business scale, and reachability. If you have store, or any shop it will be local geographic or limited geographic area. However, you want to increase your customers, you have to focus on local market.

Market / Customer requirements

Understanding the customer requirements is not easy task, but delivering their needs to customers is very critical parts. Hence, you have to determine first, what actually we can deliver to customers, what actual requirements of customers and how to convince the customers for the providing services or products.

Define criteria for target market

During the market analysis, you have to determine the criteria for the target market. The criteria which is indicates the customers’ buying trends and reasons for the decisions. Hence, it is very important that the potential customers related market reasons, understanding the criteria, and implementing product or services accordingly is very important to capture market.

Market analysis template

Market analysis template
Market analysis template