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A Memo (Memorandum) format is a written short informative message used to communicate in business. This popular form of communication is widely use to reminder specific set of information such as, policies, procedures, work instructions, or any related to business office. The format of the memo can be different as requirements of message. It can be in form of letter, request memo, confirmation memo, suggestion memo, report memo, and study result memo.

In business Environment, Memos are very important tool for communication internally in business office. Hence, if you are business people, you should know how to make a good memo format.  The best memo should contain brief and unique information, as well organized, and given on time. The important thing is, it should be able to provide information that the receiver won’t have any questions on after reading it. Actually, this tool is widely used in the businesses, hence everyone should have writing skills, and basics of the writing memos.

Format of a memo

The memo is active part of the business management for communicate between two sources that act as the basis of any activity. The basic structure of the memo is very simple but very important to organize and provides important information in internal management of business. Here as below simple structure’s elements of the business memo:

The Heading

Typically, head of the memo may contain some essential information which usual for the letter or any business document. Such as sender and receiver (Who prepare the memo, who is receiving the memo). Name of the person, who the memo is for. Subject, date and memo number etc. Herein, subject is describing and explanation the purpose, and what about? with single line. In the section of header will be describe general information which through reader can get idea about primary details.


In this section, memo sender can introduce the subject details with specific background related to the subject. Even the purpose and some extract information about the objective of this entire communication. The section may cover couple of lines with subjective materials that explains quick introduction about purpose.

Message body

In the section – message body of the memo may contain important as well detailed information about the subject of this document. Herein, memo sender can explain all the details related to the objective, purposes, existing issues or matter of subject. Detailing of this section may give extract information to the reader. Hence, reader can understand, and even take action if in their responsibility.

Closure / Conclusion

Typically, at the closure section, memo writer can describe some opinions, suggestions, and closure details for the subject. Even more, it can be also including the outcomes from entire exercise. The steps forwards to be accomplished, and what next action plans can be merge in conclusions. In case of the subject or tasks needs to allocation of responsibilities, individual involvements, action tasks, and time frame is also necessary if it is requiring. In short, in the section of conclusion can be brief of entire subject.

If you feel to take the reference of the memo format, you can see below ready made templates which are specifically made for the business requirements. These templates will be help you to simplify the matter to incorporate functional needs in the memo.


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The memo is very important tool for the business to establish hassle free communication internally in office. Actually, memo is not just use in the business, but also use at various segments. Hence, this tool helps to exchange information among the people with the organization. Usually, the memo used to provide latest information, updates to the employees, announcements, and getting an employee’s attention for a specific matter.

Technical Memo format


Simple Excel Sheet | Free PDF

Mostly in businesses, there are so many practical and theoretical experiments are taken for improve the processes. At the movement, to acknowledge the situation, existing status, technical requirements etc., against the management. The brief details of the current status can be requiring to explain with specific report. But full-scale technical reporting is not the right format for any specific tasks where initial, or middle reporting. Hence, the technical memo is effective tool where expecting to brief the technical reporting. That is the reason, technical memorandum is also called an executive summary because of its reporting style.

As you know the initial or middle reporting of any project or process is never be final report or full report. Hence, it will be never considering as permanent record of the works. So, Technical memo is best option to acknowledge the information, message the technical status details among the peoples of organization. Even more, this is common and simple way of disseminating information within an organization.

Interoffice memo format


Excel Download | Example PDF

The interoffice memo is commonly used in the business office to communicate between employers and employees within department or organization. This internal written format may contain updates of the project, details of any task’s status or common messages to co-workers. Actually, this is one of the best option for the businesses to maintain the written records of the communication. Even you can ensure that all the key personnel, co-workers and related personnel receive important information and updates.

Usually, the memo format can be little vary for different business, subject and segments. But the major elements are similar for each business. Hence, here you can download this ready made template will be help you to save your time and money.

Format for memo


Download Excel Format \ PDF Format

This is simple and unique memo design format that easy to use for the regular works. The memo format having all important details which are require for acknowledge receiver. Such as, at the top of the format you can see company details and logo, memo number, date, sender name, receiver name, reference details, and finally body of memo i.e. memo details. Here at bottom, you can see details and approvals details with signature of receiver.

Memo letter format


Excel Sheet \ PDF letter format

Actually, memo letter is design and style like a letter, but it is not should too formal letters. Keep in mind you have to describe and its detailing such as letter.

In the top of the letter, you can type memorandum or Memo as state that the document is memorandum at the outset.

As the second line you can describe the address of recipient, even add as cc to any third person. The second section, you have to describe memo number and date to easy for track from the records as and when require.

Actually there are no require to describe any “kind attention” or “Dear Mr.” etc., because this is not formal letter.  A

t the third part, you have to just start the subject lines where specific purpose you can explain. Once all the details are describing at the top, you can write main details or body text in the format.

Memo sample format


Sample Format for Excel \ PDF free download

Typically, in businesses, a memorandum may be used to communicate important information such as announce an upcoming events or meeting, make a request etc. If you are related to business offices, you definitely need a format of a memo. Hence, you can use this free memorandum sample template to easily prepare the memo through just feeling some details.

Format of memo


Excel Format | PDF Format

A format of memo is containing basic four sections that are header, subject, main body and conclusion. Actually, you can also add more section as per business requirements. The business memorandum is specifically format written communications within the organization, hence you should be make the format to easier for read, understand and processing.

Business memo format


Memo Format for Excel \ Download PDF format

Normally in the businesses, time is main factor that play key role to success any project. Hence, each business memo should well have designed to accommodate busy readers, who want to quick find the information they require from the document. Even more, business memorandum should be also well-organized to keep highlight important information. Actually it may target to identifying the issues, as well propose a solution as main aim.

Cash memo format


Format – Excel \ PDF – download

Actually, the cash memo is different type of the memo which is used to stating cash received for the goods sold. This document is used as paid receipt in case of cash sales is made. Typically, this document is providing by supplier / seller to a customer at the time of cash purchasing of goods or even services. We can say this is equivalent of an invoice but for cash transaction. But there are so many different between invoice and cash memo. An invoice is supplier providing before the payment, while cash memo is gives whenever payment is done.

Memo format example


Example Memo – Excel \ Download – Memo PDF

The memos are typically widely used for communicating internally within an organization. This written document passing important information which may formally request, acknowledge, or technical status. Usually, Memos can be including basic four types of sections that are header, subject, main body and conclusion. But it can be raise in case of special requirements such as technical, or issues concern. Check below example of Memo.


TO: Henna Johnson,

Cc: Jimmy, Philip, Dyna, Linda

FROM: Ricardo

SUBJECT: Customer Returns

DATE: 6/10/19


In regards to your concerns as per our conversation meeting Dtd. 05/10/19, this is the criterion to be used for our product “Customer Returns”.


  • Only product that if after repair will still be in good condition to be put back in stock, is to be returned to customer.
  • All non-repairable items, and items that even if repaired do not meet our Quality Standards and requirements anymore, are to be scrap here.
  • The Customer Returns Clerk will process and separate all products that need to go back to customer, collect all the necessary data and keep them inside the building.
  • Supervisor will tag a copy of the Returns List to the returns pallet and issue a copy and the Returns pallet to the shipping clerk.
  • The Returns List will state the Item, Qty., defect, disposition and the date that the Returns were “Hands to shipping” as “Ready to ship”.

Clark will Fax a copy to customer Attn: Quality and file the original

If you should have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Thank you for your Team Effort and Continuous improvement.

Simple memo format template


Memo – Excel Sheet \ Template for PDF

This versatile template will be providing you platform to make your works easy to outline key information in message. If you are using the memo for the business, this memo template may provide professional look, as well design that convey the importance of the included content.

See the example picture as above, you can also have to put down MEMO label over at top of the format. At the header section, you have to describe key information such as recipient name, sender name, subject in brief, date of memo, and cc name if any. Remember that, subject should be with specific text, so that reader can easily identify the purpose of memo. Now, you can write the body the memo, as detailed as you can but as brief as possible. Herein last section, you can describe the closure details or conclusion of entire document. Mostly business peoples are reading subject first and secondly conclusion for quick understand the matter. Hence, conclusion of the memo should be summary of entire document is appreciated.

Memo writing format


Memo Writing – Excel | Format for PDF

When you are writing a business memo, you have to make sure all the details you are going to write should be specific and short. Actually the writing memo is something of an art form that reader can quick understand the subject matter. Hence, during the writing keep the point communication conveying your thoughts. Typically, the business memos are raise to bring attention to problems, as well direction for solutions. Even more, it can be also for the management change, policy change, procedure or system enhancement concern. Hence, the contents of the memo can be change as per subject’s requirements.