Minutes of the meeting

The Minutes of the meeting are a document that records all the events taking place at the meeting of employees of the company’s staff. It does not apply to strictly mandatory documents, but in some cases, it is really necessary.


System Role


Meetings in organizations, regardless of their status, business direction and size, are held with a certain frequency. They allow you to solve many current problems, take the necessary measures in a timely manner to resolve complex issues, determine the company’s development strategy, etc.


However, not all meetings records with the help of a format and this is not a violation of the law. In principle, the company’s management has the right to determine, which meetings need to be in records. Which can be arrange without issuing this document.


” The main function of the format is to register in writing all the tasks, questions, opinions voices at the meeting and, most importantly, collectively made decisions. “


The more carefully and with details the system is should keep, the better.


“Practically, minutes are requires at those meetings that have a direct impact on the future of the business. It is also recommended to record meetings with the members of representatives of other enterprises and employees of state institutions.”


Procedures for the meeting


The meeting is not an event that is held, as they say, from a bay of floundering. It requires thorough preliminary preparation, which is usually carried out by a responsible officer appointed to this by a special order of the director. He collects the necessary documents, writes a list of topical issues and pressing problems that need to be solved, notifies all potential participants of the up going meeting and conducts other preparatory activities.


” It should be listing that, the employees of the business who have get information about the upcoming meeting and an invitation to participate in it may refuse. But only if there are valid and sufficiently good reasons, since the meeting is part of their job duties.”


The meeting usually has its own chairman, who monitors its progress, announces the agenda, and conducts a vote. Most often it is the head of the company, but there may be another employee. At the same time, information about the chairman must be entered in the protocol.


From the very beginning of the meeting, all events taking place at it are carefully recorded. And this is done in different ways: keeping a protocol does not exclude the use of photo and video fixation tools.


” The minutes after the end of the meeting must be signed by the secretary and the chairman of the meeting, as well as, if necessary, by its participants, who thus confirm that all the information entered in it is correct.”


Who should draw up the system rules

The function of issuing the protocol is usually within the competence of the secretary of the enterprise or other employee appointed to perform this mission directly at the meeting. At the same time, the person chosen to keep the protocol should have a clear understanding of how and why this is done and have at least minimal skills in writing protocol documents.


Preparation of the System


To date, the law does not provide for a strict unified form of the minutes of the meeting, so that organizations can draw it up in an arbitrary form or according to the model approved in the accounting policy of the company.

MRM Sheet

However, it is necessary to specify certain information in it:


  • Document number;
  • Date of creation
  • Name of the organization;
  • The locality in which the business is register;
  • List of persons present at the meeting (with the introduction of their positions, full name);
  • Data on the chairperson of the meeting and the secretary;
  • Agenda (i.e. those issues that need to be addressed);
  • The fact of the vote (if any) and its results;
  • The result of the meeting.


Sometimes the minutes include the exact time (up to minutes) of the beginning and end of the meeting – this allows you to discipline employees and optimize in the future the time that is spent on this kind of meeting.

If necessary, some additional documents, photos and video certificates can be attached to the minutes of the meeting. If any, their presence should be reflected in the minutes of the meeting as a separate paragraph.


” It may records that, the system should be conducts extremely carefully, errors and corrections must avoid. It is completely unacceptable to enter false or knowingly false information into it. If such moments are identify in the event of an audit of the company’s internal documentation by regulatory authorities, the company may suffer serious issues.”


Basic rules for registration of the System


The format, as a rule, is design up in a single copy. But, if necessary, copies can be prepare, the number of which is no limits.


” The document must be sign by the direct compiler, secretary, as well as all members of the assembly.”


You can design up the meeting of minutes on a simple sheet of A4 format. Or on the letterhead of the organization – it is not much important. As well as whether it is conducts in handwritten form or filled out on a computer. It is not necessary to certify it with the seal of the business.