Monthly Budget excel worksheet

Monthly budget template – Calculator & planner Excel sheet

A monthly budget template is standard structural planner document for allocation of monthly expenditure may contain the financial information with potential expenses to keep the finances on the track. This is the essential tool may help to allocate separate budget for each expenses for various purposes. Most of the companies are using the budget template to arranging their regular expenditure to analyze their monthly expenses for potential control.

Table of Contents

  1. Simple method for budget (Common planning steps for personal & business)
  2. Personal Monthly Budget template – Excel printable budget sheet
  3. Budget Excel Template Monthly – Free Excel worksheet
  4. The 50/20/30 Rule for Budgeting

Actually, the budget will enable to save more money. Even more it is easier to tracking and creating a separate category for each expense. Normally, the businesses are using this template to determine where the money is going each month.

Simple method for budget (Common planning steps for personal & business)

It is obvious that every business’s initial financial step may be budget. This is the basic pillar for any financial plan. There are so many different ways to creating a budget, depending on the income and types of expenditures. Even budget may help you in visualize the future financial standing, and forecast potential expenditure. In additional it will be first step toward making the financial goals a reality. Here

Categorize your expenses and calculate it

First of all, you have to determine the actual expenses and exactly income from various sources for the month. The sources of income can be varying for each month; hence you have to determine what will be actual income for the month. Second thing is expenses.  The expenses are second most important aspect of the monthly budget. you have identified and make in order as your needs:

  • Frequency: When you are making a monthly budget, you have to know that which expense will be need to pay for which month. The expenses can be monthly, quarterly, half year or annual. Such as (1) your internet bill can be monthly, quarterly or annual (2) Government housing tax can be half year or annual.
  • Primary needs: You have to categorize your expenses with specific category. You have to understand which expense put in the primary requirements. Such as food, water, cloths, root rent etc.
  • Saving type: Some expenses can be future capital. These expenses are very important for the budget. Even for middle class business or family. These may include retirement, short or long term bonds, bank saving etc.
  • Other expenses: In the other expenses you can categorize the entertainment expenses, gift, pet expenses etc.

Calculation of expenses for each month is not tough job. You have to just remind which expense you have to pay for which month as per category. Some unexpected expenses can also come during the month. Hence, you have to also allocate little budget to understand the conditions. Such as your car is sounding too much, you have to allocate the car repair expense for these month.


Understand your sources of income and determine potential income

Actually, very first aspect of the budget is income. All the budget plans can be depending what really money coming in. Hence, it is very important to understand and determine the potential income. Generally, any business or person can have multiple sources of income. Hence, understanding a potentiality of income and sources can make easier the budget process.

Some of the income can be from regular or fix sources. Such as salary, but over time can be variable. Hence, reliable income can be salary and over time on wages calculate as other income.

Allocate savings & debts in budget

Saving and debts is one of the important aspects of the budget. Which is comes under the expenses head. You can not underestimate these realistic expenses during budget planning. These expenses are normally calculating on after the calculate regular expenses.

Monitor, compare and track the budget record sheet

Completion budget process is not enough; you have to review the budget record sheet. The review may help you to understand entire picture of your budget. Even it may help you to allocation the expenses for next month. Even you can compare the expenses with previous month to understand which expenses are exceeding the budget, even which is add new in the month. The controls on expenses can be possible through frequently monitoring and tracking the records. Hence, this is one of the important task for the budget.

Personal Monthly Budget template – Excel printable budget sheet

Personal Monthly Budget format
Personal Monthly Budget template


The personal monthly budget template may help in allocating the budget for your regular expenses for the month. The template also useful to understand regular expenses, monitoring and control on it. The reasonable use of this template will provide you categorize expenses that may easier to understand the expenditure. Even it will be easier for enter values of each expenses.

Allocation the budget is not easy task, but this template you can manage these all expenses with simply way. It will be also enable you to compare and check each expenses at end of the month.

Every budget template can incorporate two major aspects one is actual income and monthly expenses. The template also will allow you to maintain your actual income against budgeting your daily or monthly expenses with flexible way.


Budget Excel Template Monthly – Free Excel worksheet

Monthly budget excel template
Budget Excel Template Monthly


This simple budget excel template is useful for all types of business, no matter the size of your business. The business budget in place is important to the enhancement and values of business. The excel budget template may helpful for calculate all the expenses, as well saving and debts for the month.

The budget excel template may helpful to cut out the expenses without hurt your business growth. Even the analysis of budget and review can enable potential adjustment for the cut out the budgets for expenses.


The 50/20/30 Rule for Budgeting

Actually, 50/20/30 – is percentage which require to allocate from your income. Even this is sequence for “Life needs”, mean 50% for primary & essential requirements, 20% savings & 30% for personal.

Here we are talking about 50/20/30 rule…. Actually this is percentage of the budgeting. Mean you have to allocate your money in percentage for particular or group of expenses. According to this rule following simple explanation may help you to understand it:

  • 50% expenses should be allocating from your income in budget for primary & essential needs. Such as housing, food, utilities, Insurance, cloths, etc.
  • 20% expenses should be budget from your income for the saving and debts payoff. The saving is very important for some emergency situations, even it may useful for your future. Even outstanding debt payoff is also very important can increase your burden. Hence both the things are very important on after your primary requirements.
  • 30% of you can allocate for your personal from your income. When 50 & 20 both the requirements are fulfills, later on 30% can allocate for your personal needs.

It is always matter how you spending money from your monthly income. Even you have to understand, how to making a monthly budget? Normally budgets can be depending on the income! yah, actually you are allocating your expenses for the month from your total monthly income. Hence, you have to understand what is right way to budget your entire expenses list.