Multiple Project Log Template for Tracking (Excel Sheet)

Multiple Project Log Template for Tracking (Excel Sheet)

A project log template is record book for recording hourly activities of a project as well related information. It may help to track each project’s task to ensure how much works are completed during particular period of time. The log sheet describes all the information of each activity with specific time and date. Which makes easier for project holders to review the project progress.


In the project, it is obvious that the multiple department, multiple locations and peoples may involve to complete any task. Hence, it is very important for the project management to keep records of each task even each activity to make it easy to identify the task’s progress. Even more, the records may also help to assignment of the task which are still pending.


Free Project Log Template Excel


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Using this template, you can manage your entire project log with simple index file. This template having all the features that makes your log process much easy. Even more, the log file having an also facility to review the status once the complete the tasks. The template may include Log id, date, issue description – if any, impact description, impact and its priority, mitigation plan, responsible or owner of the process and status. This is actually health and safety related log file which is specifically designed to recording risks associated with projects and its log details.


Excel Project Log template


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This is one of the important and unique template having all the features that may help you to track your project easily. This template may helpful to project manager to tracking the activities of the entire project, even you can also log multiple project’s tasks.


The template may include – project summary, project over and budget overview. At the first section there are details of the project summary such as project date, project name and prepared name as well approvals. In the section, in the project overview, there are starting date, end date, task action list, details of percentage of the works done, and specific note if any.


At the bottom section you can include budget details which is optional actually. But you have also manage the details of the budget processes such as category, spent details, percentage of total works are done, details of the task – is on track? or not, even you can also include any specific note. This is different type of the template which may help you to organize your regular tasks of the project. You can download this template free of cost.


Multiple Project log template


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This multiple project log template is help to project management to track each task of any project. There is actually each task should be need to define with its own specific id to easier for track the task. With this template having a special category field which is also make the tasks and its project separate. This unique design helps you to manage multiple project with single format. The template may include project log id, work stream, category, description, prepared by, date of assignment, owner / responsible name, due date of the task, existing status, date of close the task and remarks from any operation. This template is designed specifically for the multiple project log management; you can download it free of cost. Even more, the template is design in the Excel sheet, hence it is very easy to customize and print.


Printable project log template



If you are expecting to print out your project log template after the completion of the entire project activities for filling purpose. This template is really suitable for you. This template is very easy to fill up, print and use as well. The template having a basic detail which are require to complete the log book, such as project name, begin date of the tasks, scheduled details of each task, as well actual completed date of the task. The template also included task action list with initial date and details. This is actually very simple and useful template for any scale of the project.


Uses of a this template


Using a project log template, the project management can manage their project’s tasks very easily. It may also help to track the records of each activity with some simple format. When you are expecting your project details and its tasks are needs to organize with any simple and list type format, the project log is much helpful in this regard.


Here are some points that may focus on the important of the log sheet in the project management:


  • The log excel sheet may help you to understand – what tasks you have to accomplish within the period of time. Even, where your tasks right now, and what is exactly progress percentage is remains from the entire project.
  • Log sheet may also help you to compare actual completion of task date vs your estimated / planned due date. This may be in form of “Schedule” of the entire task or parts of the task.
  • On review of the project log, the project team can discuss on any important task, action or needs for improvement of the project. In short, it can provide direction to the project for improve overall performance.
  • The log book can also check by management, in case of any strategic change, new allocation of tasks, assignment of duties, or further resources require to improve quality, speed of project or any other needs can be fulfilling.
  • What’s your next plan? – Project log is one of the important document through refer it – management can understand the future requirements and expectations from the outcomes from the project.
  • The project log can provide historical records of the project. This records may helpful to analyze the existing status and condition of the project. The project team can get understand – what kind of issues uncounted up until now, and how did solve them. The information may provide right direct for troubleshooting of any further issues.


The project log may update administration, client, stakeholders, as well co-staff frequently. As results any kind of the change, upgrades, modifications, or technical requirements can be easier to fulfill.