Sample new hire checklist template

Free new hire checklist templates & formats [Word & Excel]

The new hire checklist template may outline overview of company, orientation program details with check points to ensure all important steps are covered for on boarding employee. This Human resources form helpful to successful hire process for on boarding new hired employee.

Typically, the checklist may contain the review of company policies, key team members, workplace details, position information, setup of equipment, as well job related information. Simply, you can consider this checklist gives an assurance to HR and management that all the necessary steps and documentation require are on track.

The checklist template is actually very important document that widely use while hiring new employees in organization. It may be helpful for both – employee and employer during the orientation process, and initiating the job tasks.

So let’s see what are the essential steps for the onboarding checklist:

  • At the initial stage of the process, human resources department should get official job requisition for needed department.
  • For some important position such as marketing, security or safety concern, business should check out the background of new hire.
  • Once of the important process is to acknowledge about job basics and task schedule. It can be in form of time sheet, job schedule etc.
  • The checklist must be describing and review job description in the checklist. With this review details, you can describe the brief of the job functions, scope of works, as well department work instructions.
  • It is human resources duties to complete all the new hire form complete quick as possible to enable further steps.
  • The next step should be co-workers and team member’s introductions, which is help to integrate new employee within the organization.
  • The methods of introduction can be different as business internal system. The human resources department can send emails, meeting with key staff members, floor visits, etc., can steps for introducing new employee.
  • Introducing new hire training for new employee can be end of this process, but it is starting of the employee’s journey in organization.

However, you can also include some details about your company, business and some common processes. Actually, onboarding checklist can be different as per internal system of business. But the preparation of checklist, and efforts to make it simple is very important. To creating an effective new hire checklist can need much efforts, time and money. Hence, you can check out below templates and download it free of cost. After download it, you can modify, add information as your requirements.

Samples of new hire checklist templates

Obviously, the questions come in mind when any business at small scale or initial stage – Why do human resources need a “new hire checklist”. The simple answer is – it is very important for the new employee to know about your business and processes, even this is best method to introducing staff, and it is also for reviews the allocated job tasks to them. The checklist gives an idea to new hire employee about what business expecting from them, and how they can contribute for business growth. Simply, this can be positive experience for the new employee, at first introduction itself to organization. Hence, this is very important to fill out this form to acknowledge the business structure, policies, procedures and rules. You can check out the ready made templates as below.

New Hire checklist template

Blank New Hire checklist template
New Hire checklist template

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It is very important for the business, each new hired employee should be well knowing what are the company policies are? and what company expecting from them. That is the movement new employee can get proper direction, and may well understand their duties & responsibilities. The reason behind the new hire checklist is that communicating important information in first meeting with new hire through this checklist.

Free onboarding checklist template

Printable Onboarding checklist template
Simple onboarding checklist template

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When any employee hired in organization, it is very essential to build a professional relationship between employee and employer. A new hire checklist template may help to human resources team as well seniors, to ensure all the require steps are prepare as needed in hiring procedures. You can get the free checklist template which having all features, and contents require for checklist.

Employee onboarding checklist word

Free Employee onboarding checklist word
Employee onboarding checklist word

Onboarding Checklist Download for Excel

Typically, once the new onboarding checklist processes are completing, new hired employee’s training process are enables. However, in the small scale businesses, skips the onboarding process, and human resources are preparing for training to employee. But this is not right method to providing training, because without better communication and understanding, the training will be meaningless. The checklist will be gives an idea about the employee, the gap can be possible to identify through this kind of documentations. Hence, it will be much important for the business to build relationship at initial stage of job starting, or at first day of the job.

Excel New hire checklist template

New hire checklist template for Excel
Excel New hire checklist template

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An Excel new hire checklist template will help you to keep track of all of the documentation needed when new hires process starts. With his template you can easily list out new employees along with necessary documents, status, dates and related information. As you know, Excel sheet is always easier than any software. Even more, with the excel sheet you can track checklist points, to ensure all require information, steps and processes are covered. Probably, the checklist will be make hiring process less stressful, and much effective for both parties. You may also see checklist templates.

Final Words!

Onboarding (new hire) process may bringing a new employee into company. But completing process is not enough, but it should be effective program to well beyond the first day of orientation. Hence, it is very important for the business to formalize their new hire template better to make their smooth, and less stressful. Here on above, four different types of templates are given for your reference. You can choose any template as suitable for hiring process. This downloadable format is easy for customize, so you can change anything depending on your business scales and requirements.