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The supply request form is standard document format may helpful for recording all the requests of the materials requirements. The request can be from individual or department, which is sent to supplier as request of supplies requirements for process, offices or even any equipment’s requires.

In the manufacturing, engineering, textiles or even large scale businesses – it is standard practice to send request form for materials to supplier in order to purchase materials. Generally, it might require to send this form before placing purchase order. This is actually base document for the purchase order or even for communication between suppliers and buyer.

Typically, in various businesses, this is standard practice that department or individual sends requests to qualified suppliers before raise the purchase order.

As response of this request form, supplier will be providing quote / price list to requester for go ahead with the communication channel. Once, both the parties are agreeing on terms requester will be provides purchase order officially.

What to include in the supply request form?

This form can helpful at anywhere with multiple purposes – offices, manufacturing or service sectors etc. Even it is necessary document when you order office supply to your supplier. The form may to request to your supplier for your day-to-day functions.

Practically, the request form template may include similar details of the purchase order. But this is not purchase order but it may be in the form of request for quote or even for potential required materials list. Supplier may be quote the materials or supply directly if the contacted or agreement done before. Here below basic points may outline the elements of this form:

Order Code

At the top of the form, you have to describe key details of this form, such as form number, date of this form, as well submitted date of the form to supplier. This details may help to keep track the request as well existing status of the request. This can be also primary communicate medium – through you can communicate with your supplier.


Organization details

Herein this section, you have to describe your company details. Such as company name, full address, delivery address, telephone number, cell phone number of single contact point, as well you have to also describe the email addresses that through supplier can communicate with the company. This details are helpful to suppliers as well company for frequent communications and delivering the materials which are requested.

Supplier information

As same organizational details, you have to also describe the specific details about the supplier. Such as vendor code / supplier code, supplier name and its address, contact person name and cell phone numbers, local phone number, email address etc. This details are much important for the communication. Hence, the details should be verified with the supplier before the mention in the form.


Item number / code

The item number or item code can be unique number that either computer generated or manual set as per business needs. This will be help you to keep track the records of the materials that require for internal / office use purpose. Each item code / number may help to verify the existing stock, further purchases or even on hand stock.

Item Name

Typically, item name / material name is common as both the parties can understand. This may be specific or formal name that both parties i.e. supplier and buyer are used at internally as well communication.


Item Description

This is actually much important and can be specific details that much helpful and necessary. The description of the item can be specific and focus on the items’ identify details. Such as if office require printer paper:

The description can be –

A4 Size (8.27 x 11.69 inches) – White standard paper with 90gsm.


Unit of measurement

The UOM (Unit of measurement) is require to describe separately in the form. Because through it – both the parties can agree to calculate the prices as well payables through it.

Such as:

A4 Size Paper – UOM is 1 Pack (500 Papers) and the price for the UOM can easily describe along with. Such as $10.00 / Pack.


Order quantity

In this section, the form should also specify the requirements of materials in the specific quantity. Such as A4 Size paper 0- 10 Packs.



The amount of each item should be specifically require to describe / calculate in the line of item. The item price and the total price of this particular item is calculates – item price x order quantity, mean,

Amount = 10 Pack (order quantity) x $ 10.00 (UOM Price) = $100.00


Payment Method

The details in this section is also much important. Herein this section, you have to describe specific details of the payment mode. Such as visa, Cheque, Cash payment, online transfer etc. This details may be helpful for supplier to know – how you will be pay for this requested materials.


Review and Approval

At the end of this form, you have to describe authorities signature and remarks. Herein, authorized person will be review this form and approve if all the details are correct. This is actually important – each details are verified and checked by authority, and then sign on the form at bottom of this form.


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