5+ Packing slip Templates

Packing slip template free in excel sheet & word format

What is packing slip?

A packing slip is a document used to list out items for shipment. It may include all the packaged materials, customer details, shipping details and weights of product. Actually, it is describing what is inside the packaged boxes or containers. Generally, packing slips is go along with materials for the shipment, during the sail custom officer or any border government can able to check the shipment details through it.


Actually, there are so many documents, report and paper works are requiring when any organization selling their products. Mostly when you are selling the product to another country, some initial documents require for passing the borders. Such as commercial invoice, material packing slip / packing list etc. Invoice and packing slip both are different things; both the documents are important for selling procedures. In our previous article we discussed about commercial invoice, now we talk about packing slip.

This is one of the important document which contains product’s details such as product name, product category, HS code, product quantity, total number of packages, weight of each package and total weight etc. This information is very important for shipment. Hence packing slip is important part of sales activity. Packing slip describes all the details which are packaged inside the box / containers.

Packing Slip templates

Blank Packing list template – Free packing slip template in excel

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Blank Packing list template


This is simple and attractive packing slip template is designed in excel sheet. The template will be cover all the require information which is used for listing product description. It may have covered packing slip number, purchase order number, commercial bill number, product name and number, product wise quantity, total quantity, weight of boxes, shipment destination etc. In short, it will include all the features and needs of general business slips for packing the materials.

Simple Packing Slip in Excel & Word format

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Simple Packing Slip in Excel


A packing slip is indicating the items are that included in a shipment. Generally, this packing list or packing slip is attach with the commercial invoices and other documents along with products are shipped. Customers, government officers or any third party inspection agency can verify the packing slip for its interests. Hence the copy of packing slip is paste with each box is good idea. each box should properly have labeled with its packing details will more convenient way to display details.

Packing list template (Word | Excel sheet)

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Packing list template


This template is blank packing list format, it printable, editable and easy for modification in excel format. You can use this template for listing your packing the product for shipment. Generally, packing list may include product, quantity ordered by customer, total number of boxes or containers shipped, product total weight, and description of product.

Free Packing Slip Template for Excel and Google docs

Free Packing Slip Template for Excel and Google docs
Free Packing Slip Template for Excel and Google docs


This template is one of the best designed, fully featured and fabulous information are available for your packing list. Now days, google docs is very popular for online documentation, hence we prepare the template that you can modify this template in google docs.  All the features, formulas and other information are possible to customize in google docs, hence it is really great deal for who want to save documents online.


Why packing slip is important?

Some small scale businesses are generally avoiding to attach packing slip along with dispatch document, but it’s really mistake. Packing slip is probably more than product packing list or document. This will be helpful for multiple purposes, and make your transactions smooth and reliable when you shipping the products. You can some general benefits are  as below:

  • The packing slip will help to inform to customer about the shipment, selling product details. Mostly in international businesses, payment terms are held on L.C. is convenient method. Hence once the shipment is loaded or reach at the destination port, packing ship can be send to customer for inform about the order details.
  • In foreign trade, there are more than two-time custom department can be checking the containers and its documentations. At the time, custom officer should know the product details and other information which is legally require to communicate the shipment. Packing slip provides such details which is enable to shipment passing from custom checking.
  • It will provide convenient way to verify the products, packing and other details at the customer premises.
  • When verification boxes, lost boxes or require checking during transportation by government agencies, packing slips provides tracking details of each box, details of products, weight and other related details.