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Performance report template – Free Performance reports in word excel format

What is Performance report?

A performance report is a written document describing of the performance by measurements, observation, an action, task, or function of something. This report may be representing on after completion of any assigned process or works. Which will be describes detailed information of objectives.

It is necessary to assessing the performance of business activities or an individual in a particular period of time. This may help to identify the proper condition and requirements of improvements. Hence, here we prepared performance report template which may contains all the information which need for identify and assessing the performance on completion of reviews. It can be maintaining for specified period of time, same as you expecting to review of performance. Simply, a performance report is a document that contain results of the performance for particular time period. Here as below some simple report template which may help you to your business:


  1. What is Performance report?
  2. Annual Performance Report Template
  3. Performance Report Sample
  4. Performance Appraisal Report
  5. Employee Performance Report
  6. Performance Evaluation Report
  7. Sales Performance Report
  8. What details can be including in performance report?


Annual Performance Report Template



This template is designed specifically for reviews and making a performance report for annual. With this report unique requirements of employee or business objectives can be possible through annual performance report. Generally, the performance reviews can be performing in any business for various reasons. The performance report is important task that other tasks and assignments are depends on. Hence, it is necessary that the performance of any subject that may be individual employee or any business objective should be proper reviewed.

As you know the importance of the performance reviews, same the structural reporting is similarly important. Generally specific and unique performance report for particular objective gives you advantage. Hence, most businesses are expecting unique and specific report structure which may here we providing. Here you can see the annual performance report which is specifically designed to understand general needs of any business and segment.

An annual performance report may require in management review meeting, and it is necessary for discussion in it. Generally, management representative need to present this report against the management to explain overall or particular objective’s performance during the year.

Performance Report Sample

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Performance Report Sample


Simply, the performance report sample template should must cover the following needs of businesses such as:

  • The report can cover the annual / Monthly – Productivity and profitability of business.
  • If you are multinational company that you have to know what is cost at any unit, or you have to estimate cost to compare with any other unit at another country. This report can help to reviews and provides a facility to easier for management to take the right decisions.
  • In some monthly performance report can contain the information such as quality related, project timeline or batch timelines, general resources utilization, employee commitment and working conditions, and weaknesses or overall business.
  • Some general financial practices like cash flow and cycle, cost management, technology and marketing campaign may need to reviews. Which is directly impact the sales growth and company reputation in the market. Hence, the performance report of each segment is necessary.

Performance Appraisal Report

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Performance Appraisal Report


Actually, there are nine steps process of the performance appraisal report. All nine steps are necessary which are needs to perform for the achieve the final conclusion for the further review.

All the nine steps for the performance appraisal are as below:

  1. Job description and job specifications
  2. Standard base appraisal.
  3. Appraisal through interviews, records, observations
  4. Internal and external factors – Considering both factors for measurements.
  5. Comparison with employee’s previous works, and with other employee (Verify if something may wrong with the standards and job analysis).
  6. Comparing the actual performance with standards, observation, and findings.
  7. Communicate with employee for its best performance.
  8. Suggestions for necessary changes in job analysis, standards and work environment if require.
  9. Follow-up performance appraisal report (For improvement and trainings)


Employee Performance Report

Employee Performance Report form, Employee Performance Report format, Employee Performance Report example, Employee Performance Report sample, Employee Performance Report pdf, Employee Performance Report template, Employee Performance Report xls, Employee Performance Report doc
Employee Performance Report


An employee performance report is a structural designed template which may contains the observations, overall performance, job description and tasks. Which is review may conduct once in month, quarter or annual. Generally, this template includes department name of employee, employee name and unique number, date of reviews, joining date, position, review period, best achievement and previous job tasks.

Here you can also rate the employee performance as structural design provides with this template. Generally, it may require information for rating such as quality of work, communication, independent work, takes initiative, group work, productivity, creativity, honestly, integrity, co-worker relations, technical skills, dependability, punctuality, attendance etc.

Performance Evaluation Report

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Performance Evaluation Report


Now days, it is common and necessary thing to preparation of performance report of each employee. Every business expecting their employee’s performance increase and become more productive for their job. But It can only possible, if management makes a sharp of their skills, increase training and motivation timely. That to be possible when management have to a right documents and reports that show employee current evaluation. Hence, periodic employee performance evaluation is becoming more important for businesses.

A performance evaluation report may explain the overall performance of individual, and it will display whole graph of career of employee. Hence, it will be easier for management to take right decision at right time.

Sales Performance Report

Sales Performance Report form, Sales Performance Report format, Sales Performance Report example, Sales Performance Report sample, Sales Performance Report pdf, Sales Performance Report ppt, Sales Performance Report xls, Sales Performance Report doc, Sales Performance Report document, Sales Performance Report templates
Sales Performance Report


This report template is unique for businesses, who really expecting to analyze their sales’ overall performance. A sales performance report is describing sales performance for monthly, half yearly or annual. Businesses can able to analyze the information in this report which are collect from sales department. This report describes an overview of the state of the sales activities within an organization. As you can see in the picture, with this report you can check the trends, sales volumes over a certain time.

What details can be including in performance report?

The contents of a performance report are depending on objective, it may be for business or individual, cost or sales etc. The details or raw information are collect, analyze and preparation of report is all are linked works. Hence, for each performance report of objective can be liable for particular subject. But, when we are talk about performance report, many things are common and must be included in the report such as:

  • At the top of the page, you have to mention date of preparation & year for the performance in the report.
  • Objective of the performance report with brief description will help to the reader for understand subject of the performance.
  • Describe the details of areas of the individual or business that are subjected for performance assessment.
  • Include the details of attribute such as performance of duties, internal communication with co-employee, and attendance of the employee.
  • Incase performance for the employee, you can rate every individual for various purposes.
  • Current responsibility of any particular job tasks, attach job description.
  • Make the column for performance assessment – evaluate performance and achievable or achieved goals.
  • Details of discussions areas of excellence within performance.
  • You have to include discussion areas for improvement in it.
  • Information of future development and goals and current condition of business.