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A pie chart template is graphical representation of some figures which a circle is divided into sectors a proportion of a the whole. This chart can be in form of circular statistical graphics which bifurcate to illustrate in numerical proportion. Each division of the chart may represent proportion in quantity of the whole.


The pie chart excel template is actually tool that help to display targeted statistical information with much visual representations. Creating a pie chart is actually much easy in the Excel sheet. There are some simple steps that you have to follow to create effective pie chart with variety in Excel application.


In business environment, the pie chart is usual tool that help at any stage of the management. This chart helps the business to describe their various requirements to processing the data, presentations, discussions as well use in meetings for explaining something.


What pie chart use for?


  • The chart is shows the figures, percentages or sections into two / or more slices. Hence, you can compare the group / categories with the overall / whole.
  • It may illustrate segments of a whole.
  • Helps to make sense for well understand any whole quantified numbers into small segment, that easier to compare, valued and assess.
  • Usually, a pie chart describes / shows the relationship between percentages / numbers of a whole. Example. – out of 1oo or 100 %


Using the functions of the pie chart most of the businesses are get the benefits to comparing different items. Typically, the pie chart helps to divides the numeric values that makes easier for businesses for observe any particular process. Practically in pie charts you can display things in particular colors that makes each section different. Hence, it makes easy to observe the figures at a glance.


Excel Pie Chart – Simple Worksheet in Excel 

Printable Pie Chart format
Excel Sheet: Pie Chart

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The pie chart is different type of chart where you can use to divide figures or information into portions of a circle from a whole. Practically, it may helpful for analyze and compare by values and measurements of quantities.


This template is specifically designed to review the product sales for a business of particular time period. As you can see the details may help you to understand which product is higher values in the market. You can measure which product having a good market share among all the products. This template is designed in the excel sheet. Which is easy to create, modify and customize the properties the chart as well.


Blank Pie Chart Format for Excel Sheet 

Effective Pie Chart format
Blank Pie Chart for Excel Sheet

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Overall, the pie charts are shown up data as a visual representation. Hence, it will be easier for reviewer to rating the values, observe and assume actual details. Even more, it makes much easier to makes a conclusion by calculating of variants.


Creating a pie chart is not big issue if you know the Excel sheet. You have to just select the table and insert the pie chart which you like. Even you can categorize the values that makes your chart more effective.


Printable Chart Excel Sheet

Attractive Pie chart Excel Sheet
Printable Pie chart Format

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Creating a pie chart is very easy in Excel sheet, you have to just open the Excel sheet in your computer – open the new a spreadsheet, then enter the details in the table as you can see in the example picture. Now, select the chart and customize it. There are multiple things that you can do with this chart, such as you can change the chart style, slice label, change background and border color etc. Even you can change the axis titles, legends etc.