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Printable To Do List Template – Excel Sample Example PDF format

A to do list template is document describes a list of tasks that require to be completed in time. Actually, it can manage the individual task in order of priority. Naturally, list to do list template organize all important task and related information that you do not need to remember. Even more, it may help to put all the important tasks in single document, that you have to complete it on over at time.

Probably, To-do list is management tool for prioritize and improvement of work operations. Most the peoples are using this list to introduce priorities for each job, focus on works without missing any information, and track each task’s progress.

Table of Contents

  1. Overview to To Do List
  2. Benefits of To Do Lists
  3. To Do List templates & Formats – Free Printable Samples Example for Excel
  4. Types of to do lists | Duration Based To-do list templates
  5. How to Make a To Do List


Overview to To Do List

It is always begging confuse when you want to start something and don’t know how to start. Normally, when you have multiple tasks for limited period. You have to well organize those works with effective way. But first of all, you have to list out those works at the single platform to easier to identify the priority of works and importance for the current projects.

To-do list is one of the important document that can be easier for to complete these task effectively. here are some benefits that help you to understand the importance of To Do List Template in regular works environment.

Benefits of To Do Lists

Creates order

When so many things for works in your mind to do for the next upcoming days for the project. It can be possible to miss some points that may be important for your works. The best option is to list of those points and idea with the proper list. A To Do List Template can do exactly for you.

Your things can be precious for your works and your project. Hence, it is very important to create it in order with well-organized system. With To-do list, you can organize your points and gives a strategic schedules and management to easier for follow it.

Sets your priorities

The second step is for making a to do list important is manage tasks effectively. Each task which are very important for your work or project, you can set on priority to focus on it. It may highlight for set at the top to easier for glance and prioritize the content point which is much important for your business. The positive impact of the to-do list is it may help to focus on immediate effect for what you want to do first to on your task schedule.

Accountability / coordination of similar tasks

You can understand this is add-on benefit of the To-do list. Actually, whenever you making a To Do List Template and schedule or plan each task at one timeline. You may realize that some tasks that can possible to allocate to single person. That can be perfect example of smart work. Allocation of multiple works to single person can save the time and money which is already responsible for their jobs.


On company having an outstanding payment across the country. Company management representative preparing the to do list for collection their payment. M.R. realize there are multiple customers are in single city having an outstanding payment can possible to collect in single trip. M.R. can allocate the responsibility to Sale executive to collect that payment to visit customer premises. That will save the money and time of business.

Normally, Sales executive is accountable for collection of the payment from multiple customers from same city. And that will be possible to making a To-do list.

Rescheduling and organizing your time

When you have prioritized your works, definitely you may complete those tasks on time. But in some case you have to cancelled your schedule or something reasons that you disable to complete those tasks should be rescheduled. you have to re-organize those tasks to make these tasks complete over the time. Even more, you can take another tasks on the extra time which is on priority. It may save your time and you maintain productivity.

Feeling Productive

This to do list is sufficient document for review your works and plans which you made in it. This will be gives you satisfaction and feeling productive once it over successfully. Even more, it is motivating document that you will feel not to waste your precious time on trivial activities that do not really matter.

Easy to carry over tasks

In case any task is incomplete at the end of schedule day. It can be possible to carry forward to next day easily. This is the best part of the To-do list document which allow you to do this. Even you can change the priority, schedule and plans for particular task at any time. Hence, this is the one of the best document that may help to organize your tasks effectively.


To Do List templates & Formats – Free Printable Samples Example for Excel

Creating a to do list is easier task that can possible to make in free time, and recommended shouldn’t take long time to complete it. Making a lot of stuff in the to do list is not things, you have to prepare a short and important tasks on priority with sufficient information. Don’t waste time to make lengthy information that can confuse over time. Even more, once the tasks are completed, try to hide those task or mark on to focus on remains list. That is the reason we made some readymade template may useful for your regular works. Here some to do list samples and examples that may help in this regards:

Excel To Do List Template – Google Doc / Excel sheet

Excel To Do List format, Excel To Do List sample, Excel To Do List example, Excel To Do List Template excel
Excel To Do List Template


If you want to advance to do list for your regular requirements which can track your activities, help to estimate time, drop-down lists, filtration etc. Excel have an advance tools and functions that help to making an excellent application. Even it is very easy to use normally for any operator. The functionally it can help you make a reliable and quick organized list which you always expecting form soft copy.

Daily To Do List Template – Excel / PDF Format

Daily To Do List format, Daily To Do List example, Daily To Do List sample, Daily To Do List Template excel, Daily To Do List Template pdf, Daily To Do List Template word
Daily To Do List Template


When you have multiple tasks with complex jobs that you need to organize your tasks with to do list. Normally daily to do list is common for the businesses. They can manage their daily tasks, track and check on completion with it. Hence to see the important requirement of business, here you can find the best daily To Do List Template which you can use as reference for your own list.

Weekly To Do List Template – Free printable template

Weekly To Do List format, Weekly To Do List sample, Weekly To Do List example, Weekly To Do List Template excel, Weekly To Do List Template word, Weekly To Do List Template pdf,
Weekly To Do List Template


This is template is similar to daily or monthly to do list, but the different is the tasks are managed in it for week. In some projects may require to organize their tasks for week, and verify it on last day of the week. Hence, the unique requirement for each task that can be easier to manage, review and implement on the floor can be possible with weekly based list.

Work To Do List Printable – Sample Work Schedule

Work To Do List Printable excel, Work To Do List Printable template, Work To Do List Printable example, Work To Do List Printable sample, Work To Do List Printable format, Work To Do List Printable pdf
Work To Do List Printable


To be a successful employee or business person, need to conduct each work tasks with responsibility. However, it is depending on how much working load you have, balance of works and how you can accurately manage your works in the day. Hence, to be a perfect employee or business person, you need a sufficient tool that help to achieve your goals and targets. Work To Do List Template is a one of the best tool document that can help in this regards.

Monthly To Do List Format – Things to do list for Month

Monthly To Do List template, Monthly To Do List sample, Monthly To Do List example, Monthly To Do List Format excel, Monthly To Do List Format pdf, Monthly To Do List Format word,
Monthly To Do List Format


This is unique template may help you to manage each task for the month. It is obvious that the businessperson having a multiple task that having a different estimated time of each one. It may be you have work for day or weekly time boundary, Monthly do list can manage your time by marge your daily, and weekly schedule in it.

Printable To Do List Sample – Printable Excel Sheet

Printable To Do List Sample
Printable To Do List Sample

The template is specifically designed for the people who want to print the to do list template for its personal use. The design of the template is made simple and all require elements are included in it. Even it can help to make the plan very sophisticated and well organized.


All this above readymade to do list templates may help you to maintain your works on track. there are so many software and applications are available that can help for it. But it may costly and similar function can provide which may not require for commonly.


Types of to do lists | Duration Based To-do list templates

Normally, this document can be in form of time-bound for each point. Here are some types of to-do lists / to-do checklists examples may help to understand how to implement or execute effectively:

  • Annual To-do list >> This kind of list document are needs to prepare for long term projects. This can be special to do checklist to use for making a plan for particular project.
  • Monthly To Do List >> Normally, monthly templates can fit for the small and medium scale businesses. This is common to do list can be similar points that can carry forward for the next month. Even more, this types of templates help to business to achieve their goal and objective as defines for monthly basis.
  • Weekly to do list >> Some very short term tasks that needs to complete in limited time. Even the points may require to plan and implement for week so it is important for planner to make it for weekly. Normally, it can be seen a weekly schedule with important points for week time to complete.
  • Daily to-do list >> There are so many things in business that can raise the requirement of daily template for to do list. In this template you can point out daily basis of usage that may help to complete the tasks during the day.

There are so many things are different and common in these to do list templates. normally, it is all depends on requirements of business and length of project. Actually, to do lists or to do checklists may similar things that having a simple different between both document. To do lists is list of points that prepare for conduct works on schedule, hence the to do checklist verify these works are on track or not.

How to Make a To Do List

If you don’t have an idea how to initiate the list that here are some samples that may help to create it. Making a to Do List is systematic approach. It may help to avoid missing out any particular task, hence it should be requiring too quick note down the points. But before the making a To-do list, you have to take care some points that needs to includes in it:

Prepare a draft

If you have spare time, then you can prepare a draft of the tasks that you plan to do for the specific duration. Second thing is, understand your total work load. Prepare further points that define your works in partial or full time on suitable days. This may help to organize the draft well.

Choose suitable platform

Every point that is important for your work, you can list down in the format. Even you can use the technology that make your work simple and easy. There are so many mediums that can help to it. Such as you can use smart phone, excel application format, etc. But more important what kind of your works, what frequently you need it, and locations that you working. In case you are working in multiple location then smartphone based list is best. If you working in office for day, electronic copy is much better option. Whatever you select the platform, you have clear yourself what is better for you.

Estimated time for each task

It can create unnecessary stress and chaos, if you can’t complete the task over the time as you planned. Hence, at the stage of preparation of list, you have been realistic, don’t define estimate time for any task which is hard to complete. Estimate time for each task may lead your plans, and you can be relaxing for appropriate works. Try to make time space between two tasks, which is much practical.

Make it in order

For organized well each task in the list, you have to make it in order. Set in order can be depends on your works, priority, importance of tasks, and arrangement of resources etc., can be base of your list. Normally, the basic measures can different for your list. But you have to clear yourself, what can be theme for your list such you want to make it in timeline, table form, urgency based etc.

Simple list for complex jobs

It is usual that you have multiple jobs and / or complex jobs that you need to significant solution for structural list. of course To do list is better solution for making an organized task in perfect index. But it is more important that your list should be simple as possible. The simplicity of your list format may give you control over the time.

Review on completion

Review the entire list once against, and check there is any item that are double, unnecessary, priority of items, important items are in sequence, and all important items are included in the list.