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A problem statement is official written document of an issue to be needs to dealt with solved. It may contain formal statement of problems, suggested solutions, a situation, action plans and methods used to solve the issues. Actually, the problem statement is formal way to clear description of an issue(s), and focus on things that needs attention to be solved.


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What is problem statement?

A statement of problem is formal document may contain:

  • Clear vision (Illustrates a vision)
  • Issue statement (Or needs to a condition to be improve)
  • Method used to solve issue(s)
  • Focus on main objectives / goals (Focus on needs to be solve.)
  • An action done to express an opinion.

In short, the document describes the details of an issue(s) is currently existing, and which require to be addressed to resolved. Typically, it may provide a base information that help to raise the study for research to get perfect solutions.

Actually, the statement is part of the system for resolve the issues. Whenever any issue(s) are occurring in any operation, it is obvious that the management try to understand what actually problem is? the issue statement is document that describe this issue(s) with specific ways. Even more, methods, a condition of area or problem, category of issues, requirements of improvement, possible actions etc., information can be including.

This information can be inputs for the research team to understand the problem associated with an operation. Usually, research team can get focus area for improvement or resolved. The ultimate solutions can be met if the right & accurate information can have with a problem statement. Hence, it will be make easier to troubleshooting the outstanding queries and resolve the issues in line with statement.

Problem Statement in research

Actually, the research is a systematic way to investigate the current existing issue(s) to identify new facts and potential solutions in line with statement. Typically, the research can be done in two common phase. One is processing basic information to understand the issue associated with operation. And second is conducting and processing for development of improvement such as modification in processes, improvement in products and technical enhancement etc.

As we discussed, the research may contain the processes to identify and delineate the research problem. But it may need to care during the entire processes. Usually best results can get from the research for the identified research problem must have some characteristics in the document should be:

  • The document should describe an actual gap which is identified.
  • Actually, the contents must be informative that contribute as inputs for research.
  • Statement must describe each observation, even it should contain number of observations for feasibility identified for possible solutions.
  • Try to organize the problems on the time scale, mean when, where, how, what issue(s) identified.
  • The information from the Issue statement should be significant enough to lead to further research.
  • Document should also describe the impact of the problem. Even it can easier to quantify the existing divergence.

Usually, the research problem is a definite clear statement related to effected area, conditions, challenges, and its troubleshooting. But it does not explain the specific ways or something to do to solve it. Typically, in any research is to identifying and delineate the research problem.

Case Study – Problem Statement Examples in research

When you are talking about standard formation of the problem statement in research, there are actually four major parts are:

  1. Ideal – What should be?
  2. The reality – What is existing condition? or happening?
  3. Consequences – The impacts / Costs & Losses
  4. Proposal – Potential Solutions, opinions – suggestions & course of actions.

Here are some examples that may focus to clear the topic straightforward.


Actually, the problem statements can be in different form and length, it’s all depends on the research / and complexity of the issue(s). Here as below simple example of Issue statement:

Ideal: Ideally, XYZ company using a promotional tool for the advertisement to successfully launching a new product in the market.

Reality: The promotional tool is insufficient to successful advertise in the village areas, about 70% villages are unknown about the product.

Consequences: The company will be approximately loss the 25 to 30% customers, which may be potential customers of new launch product from the 70% un-covered areas

Proposal: The Marketing research team can make a special program or tools to cover remain areas.

How to write a problem statement for business?

Actually, the statement of problem is very important components of the entire study, even it is very not simple matter to writing an effective problem statement. The statement explains a clearer views of the overall method you can use to solve a issue. Hence, the reader should well understand to read the statement, why and how the potential solutions will be act on existing issues. Typically, 200 to 300 words that you can used to explaining your statement, but it should be convincible the entire activity. Moreover, the issues statement will be inputs to eliminate problem by more deep examination. Even it will be providing a potential solution for some part of the serious issues in a unique way.

The Statement should be specific, concise, and measurable

Try to make your statement of problem more specific, it should be focus on the key points which indicates the issue(s), research, solutions and potential impacts. Even more, it should be also enough concise. Usually, the sentence length can be varying, it depending on the complexity of the issues. But more unique contents, brief, and easier to understand is much important.

When you are following the issue, and tracking their impact can be makes easier if it is measurable. Usually, problems may measure in terms of frequency and degree.

Write down the vision

Obviously, you are going to decide for expecting the accurate solutions for particular problem, you should deeply understand and describe your vision. A vision statement for the accurately identifying and solve the problems is necessary to future benefits. It is important for the problem statement to declare vision that intended to guide its decisions.

Write down problem statement

Typically, the length of the problem statement can be varying, it may be depending on the complexity of the issue(s). Usually, a line or two can be sufficient to describing the problem. Remember that, focus on the include important and enough information rather than concentrate on the length of statement. Reader should be understanding what actually you want to describe, on single view.

Methodology used to solve the issue(s)

By systematic way, once the completion of the identifying the problems, the next step is to planning for deploying methods for solving the problem. This important step will be increase the potentiality for the solve the problem on time. The Methodology for solving the problem may help you to explaining an actions or suggestions that through, you can plan for solve the issues.

Problem Statement Examples


Quantitative Study – Example #1

A steel tubes manufacturing company producing 5000 Steel tubes per day. As standard practice, they are drawing the tubes from big outside diameter to small diameter for increase tube length. The company using big outside diameter tubes as raw materials to get 19.05 diameter tubes with require length of tubes. Normally, to get 5000 Steel tubes as production from multiple big outside diameter tubes.

Case Brief:

Production: 5000 Steel Tubes

Final Product: 19.05 Outside Diameter tubes

Raw materials: With Multiple sizes with big Outside diameters from 19.05 OD. (Such as 25.40 OD, 24.30, 22.10, 20.50 etc.)



  • At end of the day, all the multiple sizes tubes (Raw Materials) quantity’s records should be match with final product.
  • Variation up to: +/- 0.5% in quantity, and up to 1.5% wastage should include.
  • Each Input Raw material’s individual records should be maintained.


The raw material register not match with production register. The Management can’t segregate which raw materials having a variations and wastage.


The Quantity records describing variation is about 1.80% (45 tubes) and wastage is about 2.30% (58 Tubes) of raw materials. Monthly: Variation in quantity is 45 x 30 = 1350 Tubes, and wastage =1740 tubes.

Issue statement

The company don’t have a sufficient system to identify, measure and quantify the inputs for the production. Even Does not have any method to analyze the information to rectify actual variations & wastage.


The administration team & production team working to evaluate potential solutions for establishing sufficient IT system such as ERP.


Problem Statement Examples 1


Download Quantitative Problem Statement Examples for Excel | PDF Quantitative Problem Statement examples download

Qualitative Study – Problem Statement Examples #2

A steel tubes manufacturing company engage to producing round steel tubes for various industrial applications. The manufacturing has a lab facility for testing tubes manually. Usually, testing engineer test the tubes for identify defect by water test method. The company facing issues with insufficient testing method for test the tubes.


Ideally, the defective tubes should be zero percentage at after the quality testing at next process.


At the tube marking process, some defective tubes are coming, some with minor defect 0.5%.



Whenever any defective tube found at marking process, entire process being disturb. Most of customer receiving defective tubes about average 0.2% with every delivery. Company losing reputation, and number of complaints are increasing about 1% every month.


The company does not have sufficient system to detect the tubes with more precise and accurately. The manual testing process have some limitations, and possibilities of mistakes during operation.


The quality assurance & management team are working on the establish sufficient system such eddy current testing machine to test the tubes more precise and accurately.


Qualitative Problem Statement examples 2


Download Qualitative Problem Statement Examples for Excel | Download Qualitative Problem Statement examples PDF

Problem Statement Samples

In business environment, identifying the potential solution early as possible for the problem can be benefit. Usually, the statement gives a specific remarks and questions that require to proper answers. Typically, statement also provides some best opinions, suggestions, and massages that gives a way to solve the issues. But if you don’t waste your time to drafting a problem statement, you have to look out some sample statement as below:


Project Problem Statement Sample 1


Excel Download – Project Statement of Problem – Sample -01 | PDF Download

The good problem statement is very important as inputs for identify and deploying proper solution for particular issues. Hence, the state problem statement may give an advantages to keep on the track to resolve the problem in line with problem statement. You can use various methods, such as 5W 1H. You can organize the sequence of question such as:

  • What is the problem? (Actual statement for problem)
  • Where does the issue occur? (Location, section, area)
  • Who has the issue? (Person, organization, responsible)
  • When does this happen? (You can describe on time scale)
  • How often does the issue happen? (Frequency)
  • What is root causes of the problem? (There are various method to identify the causes of issues.
  • What is the impact of the problem? (Measure the impact at various processes, activities, and scale)


The best method to identifying the problem and organize your information in the problem statement sample is downloading ready made samples and use as your requirements. Here are the set of the sample of statement of problem. You can download it and use as your business requirements.

Research Problem Statement Sample 2


Download Research Problem Statement Sample Excel | PDF Research Problem Statement Sample Download

Actually in the problem statement sample, length of any statement can be vary, typically it is depending on the complexity of the problem, task and issue(s). This sample statement of the problem will be help you creating the objective of a research project clearer. Typically, the sample is designed with basic structure, and minimal requirements for the statement. But, if you want to more advance problem statement, even you can modify as your business requirements, and as per criticality of your issue.

Problem Statement Templates

When you have to problem with your process, or an activity in the business, it is very important to describe enough specific. The objective of the creating a problem statement template is to organize the information of the problem into a well-defined statement of the problem. Which will be help to better focus on the problem, and possible causes. Here are some ready made templates which may give your better picture about what a problem statement template contains.

Writing a statement of the problem is initial stage of entire problem solving system. When you expecting the proper solution for the particular issue, you have to well-defined problem statement. Through the outputs from this document may give better attention to the propose options to solve the issue.  Here are some ready made templates that may provide you better idea for creating a statement template.

Problem Statement Template 1


Download Problem Statement Template 1 for Excel | PDF Download

The problem statement template may contain detailed information of the problem with specific information of the causes, solutions, opinions and suggestion for identify solutions. The perfect problem statement may give and direction to identify effective solutions for your business. Hence, here you can identify some best templates which incorporated all require details.

Problem Statement Template 2


Free problem Statement Template 2 for excel | Problem Statement Template 2 PDF

To depicts good statement of issue, the problem statement template is perfect tool for small business. Through the sufficient information of the problem, and occurrences of issues at particular area can be easier to identify, treat and resolve accordingly. Hence, the statement of issue makes the picture clearer. This ready made problem statement template outline, how exactly problem statement can be draft. Even more, this sample template is included all details which needs to make your statement more readable, easy for understand and makes easy to find proper solutions.

Sample Problem Statement – Basic Template Ingredients

State the Problem

Here in this section, you can describe the issue(s) with brief details that easier to understand what problem is? where, how, when, and who had the problem. Usually, two to three sentences are enough for the describing the issue. The details should be enough specific and focused.

Answer – Does / Does Not

Actually, the problem statement may outline the issues occur in the business. It may describe the problem with specific statement. Naturally, the series of question will be raise to makes easier to get answer in state sentences. Most of the businesses are using the 5W technique to get at root of the causes of problem.

Who, What, When, Where, Why

A good statement of problem should answer the 5 W’s:

  • Who: Target specific groups, organization, individual.
  • What: Describe the problem with specifically.
  • When: Detailing of issue – when was started, and when it expecting to solve on.
  • Where: Specific location where problem occur.
  • Why: Why is it important that we fix the problem?


Re-state the Problem

After the entire exercise, obviously you may find some extra key point which will be indicate the real causes and actual problems. Now you can re-state the problem statement for better understanding through deep investigation.


The statement of problem must discuss the gap between the existing performance level, and the expected perform level. Even you have to measure the gap and potential solution to minimize consequences with negative impacts.

Focused on the problem (2 to 3 Sentences)

Now it is time to polishing your problem statement with systematic way. Look all the sentences very closely, if you get anything that irrelevant you can remove it. The contents in the statement of problem should specific, measureable, and concise.

Final Problem Statement

Actually, the entire process in this template help you to make your problem statement enough polishing, concise, and accurate. The statement of problem is the backbone of final proposal; hence it should be well-defined. Here in this section, you can describe your final problem statement for further actions.


Problem Statement Template Doc

The problem statement template document may provide a structural design, contents which are require to complete the statement, and effective for drafting the statement. In this ready made template, you can draft your statement of problem for your current existing issues, questions & answers and details of 5 W’s series. The best features of this template is makes your processes more unique, and contents will be help you to reduce times of consumption.

There are so many things that this template will be help you. Such as this template gives an instant example which is really helpful to make the concept of statement of problem easier understandable. You have to just follow some simple steps, modify the details as your suitable for your statement, and it will be ready for print.


Printable Problem Statement Template Doc 1


Free Download  Printable Problem Statement Template Doc 1 | PDF Download

The problem statement template document can be helpful to incorporate key elements that focus on the problem. Usually, the document may contain the details of the gap which are require to identify in existing situation, time frame, locations details, impact of the problem at various process, activities and objects, as well important notes which may help to identify state solution. This problem statement is also describing the detailed problem statement which will be helpful to communicate, discuss and identify proper solution for particular issue.

Black Problem Statement Template Doc 2


Black Problem Statement Template Doc 2 for excel download | Black Problem Statement Template Doc 2 PDF

Usually, when you are working for identifying the solutions for the any particular problem, you have a perfect problem statement which will help you to give a proper direction. Normally, to see the problem statement, you will be raise the questions about the existing issues. However, the solutions will be coming with getting the answers of these questions. This ready made problem statement template document will be helpful for creating a problem statement for your business or organization.

Problem Statement for Project

It is obvious that when you are doing anything that the problems will be comes and you have to shoot out accordingly. It is does not mean you just leave the project because of so many issue associated with it.  Your best project management knowledge will be help you to solve some of the most common problems.

Delivering the existing issues / problems with anything in the project is important part of the statement. The accurate details may help to obtain proper solutions through review the document. Some of the important things that should be include in a problem statement for project.

The concepts

Remember that, when you are creating a statement for the issues, you have to explain the concepts used in the context rather than in the general quote.


Why this problem is important to solve early should be describe relevant history and benefits. The importance and advantages on resolve the issues, even describe the beneficiary and associated benefits should be also including.


It is very important to explaining the scenario at this point concern problems, and expecting to review further. It is also important to scenario includes a specific detail, and constraints, weaknesses, advantages and assessments.

Correlate the advantages of scenario

You have to correlating the importance and advantages of scenario which are goes to discuss to address problem. The problem statement should be raise the questions that may help to state the solutions. The questions make sure the end of the project get success.

Summarize the issues

Here this section is very important that the summary of the entire document details will be concise in short sentences. The reader should be the point and understand each word of the statement.

Typically, the statement of problem obtains to conducting interviews, reviews documents, observations carrying out, which are related to problem occur. Each question rise during the writing the statement will be help to understand why the project important, even why the immediate solutions for existing problem is beneficial for project.