Simple progress report format

Perfect Progress Report Template for monthly, weekly & daily project report

A progress report template is a document may outline status of any program, project or activity. The document provides measurable progress details with exactly how far the deadlines, and how much time and efforts needs completion of a project.

The report may be summarizing the certain details that makes easier for management to determine effective decisions. Even, the reporting can be for particular time period, which can be focus on one-time line to another milestone.


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Typically, the report may be records the entire project’s status including what tasks are done, and what will be needs to complete over the time. The project reports may be helpful in conditions are:


  • When the project team have to update the information to their top management.
  • The stakeholders, partners of the project may expect the periodic updates from the project management.
  • Some period updates, major changes in project, any issues that directly impacting on the project – project reports take a place.
  • Periodic or regular updates.


Practically, project reports are necessary part of the project. It may be needs to prepare periodically – may be quarterly, six monthly or annual. Even, it may be require when any major milestone achieved, or if any issues or project in trouble.


Project Progress Report template Excel


Blank Project Progress format
Report for Project Progress – Simple format

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The project progress report may provide outlines that makes the project more visible. Usually for the interested parties such as partners, stakeholders, and project team etc. They can review the project report to understand the existing status of the entire project, as well they can determine what steps needs to improve the overall project’ performance.


The progress report for a project is actually ideal, consistent and essential process that makes the project management more effective. The team can ensure the actual level of achievements of objectives, as well overall utilization of resources.


Key elements of a progress report



Practically, there can be so many things that projects needs to involve for achieve the objectives and its own goals. It does not recommend to include all the things in the report, even if it is not necessary to include. The relevant topics, activities and tasks that directly associated, and which are needs to reporting periodically.


Present the status using specific measurements


This is very important for the reporting to highlight some things, which should be shows at a glance. You have to classify the fields that you expecting to highlight. Even more, you also have to decide which types, measurements etc., things that you will be highlight.



If you expecting to show the progress:


  • YELLOW = The works under going on.
  • RED = Project team identified any issues associated with project tasks.
  • GREEN = The tasks are completed.
  • ORGANG = Tasks on hold.


This is example measurements that may help you to describe the progress of a project. There is may be multiple measurements can use making the report more readable, attractive and effective.


Structurize entire project status


It is all depends on which kind of the project reporting you are going to deliver. If it is for the partial reporting for quarter or something relevant then, state reporting can also perform effective status. But the reporting covers entire project status then you have to structure the entire report for much visible status at a glance.


There is multiple way to do that, one of the best method is categorize the subjects. Even it is for budget, scope, task performance etc., grouping makes your reporting effective and much appreciate easy for understand the actual condition.


Specify status of each milestone


The status of the milestones is much important section in the entire project progress reporting. This section may include the specific details of the milestones which is describe the status of tasks that either completed, work in progress, or hold. In this section, you can include – milestone name, starting and ending date, existing status, remarks if any.


Identified risks & issues


When you are going to reporting the project status, the details of any issues, risks and concerns must be described in the report to complete the entire views. Each identified risk and issues, even potential risks & issues, which associated with project should be needs to specifically described in the reporting.


Key action items


Practically, the progress reports are based on the key objectives and actions items that makes your report more valuable. The key action list may be for individual or for group, the details of each tasks against the actions plan, progress and its existing status must be described specifically.


Major decisions


The progress report must include all the key decisions that directly effective on the project tasks and associated activities. These decisions can be for resolve the identified & potential risks and issues, which may be turning the project status. The details of the major decisions should be specifically described in the report.



Weekly Progress report template

Weekly Progress report sample format for Excel
Project Weekly Progress report

Sheet Download

The report is actually “Status in Summary” of all tasks completed during a week, even may also include the allocation of tasks, contributed process and upcoming events. The weekly progress report is specifically targets the progress for a week.


Usually, you can describe the tasks details which are done during the week, activities still under progress, and tasks still pending can be needs to describe in the report. Usually, the report may include individual’s tasks details as well as exact status of the group works’ progress.


How to create weekly progress report?



Determine what to include in report


First of all, you have to make a plan that outlines what really needs to include in the weekly report. You have to consider your audience and information which is really needs to include in the report. Actually, it may be depending on the key purpose of the reporting and interested parties.


Keep reporting straightforward


The reporting mean you are going to describing important information and updating serves to your associated and interested parties. Hence, the details of the reporting should be enough plain and simple language. May be your interested parties such as partners, donors, investors may not have enough time to read a lengthy reporting. Before the issue the reporting, you should review the entire report for check out grammatical, spelling errors as well typographical.


Keep note daily activities


It is actually much important to keep note daily activities at any level of management. These details may be much helpful for analyze the status of the programs and projects. The notes will ensure that all tasks of team members have been accounted for and reserve the information in written.



Monthly Progress report – Word / Excel format

Blank Monthly Progress report format
Blank Monthly Progress report for Excel

Sheet Download


The monthly progress report can be in any form, design or structure. It should be describing the status of the any activity, project or program. Typically, it is focus on program or procedure sequences, tasks of lists, assignment of duties, time slot, milestones for each tasks and existing status of works that done, and remains. Practically, the monthly progress reports are only describing the status for a month. Where all the tasks details, action plans and future tasks details may include.


Steps in writing a progress report


  • The first step to go ahead for writing a progress report is – purpose.

    You have to identify the purpose of your progress report. It will be actually providing a direction, and guidance for write out the report. Usually, any document should have a header where all the important / key information is requiring to describes. Practically, it may contain the report name, date of reporting, report number, prepare by, recipient etc.

  • The section may include an overview of the entire progress report.

    Herein you can compose the brief introduction including some important information.

  • Main contents.

    This section is actually much important in the entire progress report where all the major updates, milestones progress, achieved /unachieved goals, completed and uncompleted tasks details are needs to describes. Keep Note that, this contents may only include the details after from by last reporting period – mean it, if you are writing “January progress report” in 1st week of February right. The report should content in Key information about only “January’s works with pending works. The remain key details you can describe in specific table or separately.

  • Upcoming tasks & future plans.

    The report should also need to include the major task list where all the future plans with which tasks are scheduled in the plans. Even more, each upcoming task should be specifically described with its time schedule.

  • Risk & Issues.

    When you are writing the report, you can ignore some identified and potentials risk as well as issues that associated with the tasks. You have to clearly needs to describe each challenges along with possible solutions, at the end of the report – you can to summarize the details with key points. Even, you can also describe the team’s, management and associates’ discussion details.

  • Review before publish.

    Keep in mind, before the submit report to your senior, you have to review and update the information where you find any error, mistake or unnecessary information.