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Progress Report Template – Daily, Weekly, Monthly (Excel, Word & PDF)

A progress report is a written document may contain status of the works progress with allocated budget & scope for a specific time period. Generally, most of the businesses are using this report to ensure monitor the growth of works and overall project progress facing plans, scope & allocated budgets for project.

Simply with progress report template, you can review the status of the specific tasks and its’ stage wise progress against the planned and allocated budget. Normally it may cover essential activities of the project to visible the entire project progress.

Table of Contents

  1. Overview to progress report template
  2. How to write a progress report?
  3. Progress Report Templates – Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Annual Reports Format
  4. Progress Report templates – Project works
  5. Project Progress Report Templates – Daily, Weekly, Annual
  6. Progress Report Samples for Word
  7. Student Progress Report Templates – Excel sheet
  8. Daily Progress Report Templates – Free Example Download


Overview to progress report

Actually, the progress report can use as important tool for assess the project works, as well it will help to update all the concerned personnel. This current status can be used to review for identify key priorities, and identify potential actions for continuous improvement of entire project.

Probably, monitoring and accountability can be key objectives of the progress report. But if it uses as visual tool, it will be providing accurate estimation through brief timeline with anticipate completion time for the entire project significantly. Typically, the progress report template can describe details as below:

  • It may provide brief summary of the entire project objectives / goal.
  • During the reporting period, it will describe progress towards the goal.
  • The report helps to understand how the project that management has funded is progressing. Even it may include significant costs and project plans related issues concern to financial.
  • The reviews of entire progress report can be deliver the future objectives list.

The frequency of preparation of progress report may little vary for each business and industry. Typically, it is introducing for weekly, quarterly, monthly or annual. When you are creating a monthly or quarterly report, even for annual the contents and structure of report may change on time scale. Because each tasks may have its own priorities and time bounds.

How to write a progress report?

  1. Start from heading of the progress report
  2. State your progress report’s purpose
  3. Introduce the summary for the progress report
  4. Elements of the progress report
  5. Review the budget
  6. Make an outline of future tasks
  7. Challenges & Lessons Learned
  8. Conclusion & recommendations at bottom line

When any business initiates a new project they always expecting the accurate results from the project outputs. Because the most of decisions can be made on report of the progress. Hence, it is very important to introduce the progress report once in the month or quarter to update related project team. Writing a progress report is not much easy if you don’t have proper updates from the projects. Hence, the collection of the information and analyze with sufficient method is equally important. In short, this report is an update on a project’s status. Here are some steps that may help you make a perfect progress report template:

Start from heading of the progress report


The header of the progress report may contain the identification information for the report. Typically, it can include:

  • The project name and its related brief information.
  • Project start and estimated end date. Normally there you can also include the time period of the project in the report.
  • Describe about the subject of the report.
  • You can highlight the project existing condition with specific color code to describe instant status.

Normally, each progress report may little vary from another progress reports from different businesses and industry. Hence, some of the contents may more or little with progress report. There is more thing you can add with your progress report at the heading. Such as overall metric, percentage of completion, project team details etc.

State your progress report’s purpose

At the introductory section, you have to describe the purpose of the progress report template. It may demonstrate entire project review. The purpose will outline for a report that will require to achieve the goals. The purpose may address the significant problems, and individual progress of task.

Introduce the summary for the progress report


Describe brief overview on the progress report for the background progress of entire project. If you want to make effective and enhance visibility of the summary, try to make objective-based summary. Even these summary will cover all the key aspects and goals cover.

There are so many methods to introduce the summary for the progress report. Normally, reports may contain highlight major steps and key objectives’ progress can be describing in line with plans.

Elements of the progress report


Actually, this is the main body of the report. In this section you can describe the details of progress in entire project components with its completed & in-process activities. Normally in this section you can include:

  • Brief Introductions of the each completed & running tasks
  • Review the on-going issues, challenges and solutions in line with requirements
  • Describe the methods are used for the implement each work tasks.
  • Desire outcomes – and achievements can be describing in this section.
  • General Work plans & Schedules, Intervals & existing position of schedules
  • Describe the estimated budget against the completion of works, progress and upcoming schedule details.

Normally, this section may include above details are common in any business progress report. At the end of this section you can include some more things such as what more resources require, management commitments, and additional assistance for complete the task smoothly.

Review the budget


Budgeting and allocation for tasks is important part of any project. It is obvious that each task may directly affect due to budget allocation. Even its monitoring and tracking for each task is essential part of the project. Normally, at this section you have to describe the summary report of the expenditure during the reporting period. These section may cover the comparison of the allocated budgets, with expenditure and to-date.

Make an outline of future tasks

Normally, the making an outline of the future tasks can be results from the discussion from the project team. The details of the future tasks or plan may be as per project requirements. Even in this section you can to describe the specific time require to accomplish work. You can use the specific tools for the forecast of the potential issues might encounter, and risks that associated with project. Schedule the proper plan with deadlines for each task.

Challenges & Lessons Learned


This is the optional requirement of the progress report. Normally, in this section you can explain what challenges were faced during the project progress, and how the solutions are deploying to reduce impacts of these challenges during the project. Even you can describe about what lessons learned from these challenges, which may help to prevent these for upcoming task schedules.

Conclusion & recommendations at bottom line

At this section, you can sum up what really achieved during this reporting period. Even make the list of completed tasks with dates with highlight the points. Normally, this is detailed summary and the timeline of the project’s components. Hence, make it more specific and accurate the details.

Normally, from the discussions of the project team, may be some suggestions can be raise up for the entire project improvement. Note down these suggestions in the recommendations section to show the potential improvement.

Progress Report Templates – Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Annual Reports Format

Printable progress Report templates – Project works

Progress Report format, Progress Report examples
Progress Report templates – Project works


The progress report template is a format the can captures for the specific period of reporting. Normally, the progress report template is widely use in the businesses to describe the entire project’s progress with specific way. Here you can see the template is ready made and instant for use. Even it can customization format that can be use in various type of progress report template. This report may include Executive summary, activities and progress, outputs and deliverable, evaluation, risks issues and challenges, collaboration, financial statement, official requests, next future jobs, and list of equipment.


Project Progress Report Templates – Daily, Weekly, Annual

Project Progress Report Templates - Daily, Weekly, Annual
Project Progress Report Templates – Daily, Weekly, Annual


This is simple project progress report template typically help to tracks the entire project’s progress in periodic scale. With this template you can create an effective summary of each tasks perform for the project run. It is very important to review the project status at on period. Hence, this report can be used to provide sufficient information that will be makes easier to reviews the overall performance of the business. In this simple report, the information can be including such as details of the projects, summary of work complete during this reporting period (including all tasks), and percentage of tasks complete.

Progress Report Samples for Word

Progress Report template, Progress Report format
Progress Report Samples for Word


Simple project progress report template can be helpful for any organization to effectively monitor and find the accurate track of the progress. This template design for the weekly reporting target the basic functions and section wise progress in percentage. It may also cover the budget section to easier for understand what the status of funded for the tasks. At the second section of this report focus on the objective and progress with plan for each task.

Student Progress Report Templates – Excel sheet

Student Progress Report format
Student Progress Report Templates – Excel sheet


This student progress report template is specifically designed for analyze each student’s progress. The report is used to identify the individual student performance of their academic records. Simply the report may describe the strength that is excels part, and weakness where still require for improvement. Reporting individual student can be very easy and useful for focus on each student performance within their regular activities.

Daily Progress Report Templates – Free Example Download

Daily Progress Report format
Daily Progress Report Templates – Free Example Download


Monitoring the progress of an employee for their daily activities can be useful for individual performance improvement. This template initially uses to overview daily performance of the employee. Typically, it may include the regular activities such as attendance, skills, initiatives taken during the works, leadership etc.