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Project analysis template is a document to evaluating and support the critical steps for improvement such as project budget tracking, monitoring, task analysis, cost analysis, time estimation and analyze the data of project tasks.


When you are starting any project for particular requirement, it is necessary to analyze the whole project before establish of project. It may help to provides a single direction and helps to understand possible risk, treats as well as enable to possible pre-actions for success. Generally, when you are staring the project, you must have prepared the timelines, stages of projects and action plan for step by step improvement. Hence identification of significant failure mode and cause before and during the project is important.  Project analysis is one of the best technique that helps to those requirements which makes project smooth.

Generally, during the analysis process, there are so many documents are needs to prepare and used for improvement procedures. project analysis template is one of the important document which may use for various purpose such as:

  1. Whole project analysis before the establishment of project – Post Project analysis checklist
  2. Budget estimation of the project – Project Budget estimate template
  3. Project timeline ( Time analysis) – estimation of time for project’s stage wise – Milestones – Project time analysis template
  4. Risk Evaluation & Assessment (Project’s Risk evaluation & Template) – Project risk analysis template
  5. Costing & Budgeting – Project cost analysis template
  6. Improvement of project & management – Improvement project analysis template
  7. Analyzing of quality of works, project tasks, outputs and overall project quality – Project quality analysis template

Whole project analysis before the establishment of project – Post Project analysis checklist

Generally, post project analysis or post-project review is conducts after completing a whole project. It may simply evaluate all the project criteria, objectives, stages, and goals once its completed. Actually, the post project analysis is helps for understanding the real benefits, and provides assurance that met its requirements.

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Post Project analysis checklist



This analysis is very important part of the project management. probably, post project analysis or review is good practice once it’s on completion. The analysis will help to compare the status of project such as:

  • Project performed as per planning – It can be possible to measure in percentage, figures, or on time scale.
  • It will be helpful for understand the extra cost spent on project against the budget.
  • That will be easier to understand, what really meaningful outputs from the projects inputs and processes.

Here as you can see the above evaluation checklist is part of the post-project analysis. This checklist is just parts that describing the vendors’ related reviews. On base of the reviews, project team can analyze information may helpful for future projects.

Simple Project Budget estimation – Project Budget estimate template

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Project Budget estimate template


Estimation of the project cost is necessary part of the project management. Hence accurate estimation of the project cost is initial requirement as financial view. There are many methods that can be used to estimate the budget of the project. Such as stage wise budget management, project task wise costing, project phase and / or budget on time period. Simply, project budget’s estimate will help to manage the financial system in a better way. It may give an idea and enable to estimate how much cost is required for a particular task.

The same way, project budget estimate analysis important process in an organization. It will help to reduce the cost on whole projects to monitor and control over the expenses for individual project’s task. See the example below will help you to understand the simply manage of budget for project.


Budgeting ItemsLabourMaterialsothersTotal

Enter the name of the budgeting Item that you are budgeting.

You may want to enter high-level categories and then list detail line items under the high-level category. Refer to your work breakdown structure for project categories and task details.


Phase 1

Initiate the Project

  1. Develop Project Charter
  2. Finalize Project Charter

Enter the FYYY-YY –  the planned fiscal year in which the budget estimate will be incurred. Example: FY02-03

  • The Labor – the budget estimate of the staffing required for the line item.
  • Material – the budget estimate for equipment and supplies for the line item.
  • Enter the Other – any budget estimated for items other than Labor and Material such as training
  • Fiscal Year Total – the sum of Labor, Material and Other for each line item for each fiscal year
  • Total – the total costs for each column – Labor, Material, Other and Fiscal Year.
  • The Total Project Budget – the sum of the Fiscal Year Totals


  • Cost information can be entered as fiscal quarter or fiscal year depending on the project’s needs.
  • If large numbers are used, include a comment that indicates the units of the numbers. For example: values in $000, Values in millions

Excel Project timeline estimate – Project time analysis template

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Project time analysis template


As you know, the project timeline templates are the powerful tool to represent the milestones of the project by graphical view. Naturally, timelines milestones, details and its path are managing in order. Hence it may easier for tracking each project stage and its individual improvement.  Here you can see the project timeline analysis template is one of the important document for the project.


Project Risk Evaluation & Assessment – Project risk analysis template

Project risk analysis template excel, Project risk analysis template pdf, Project risk analysis format, Project risk analysis sample, Project risk analysis example, Project risk analysis pdf
Project risk analysis template


The project risk analysis is very important task for the organization. It may identify the possible risks and causes during the project. Generally, the analysis process can perform during the project development cycle. This analysis uses some basic tools such as failures & effects analysis. The risk identification, evaluation and mitigation are then recorded in the appropriate document.


Costing & Budgeting – Project cost analysis template

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Project cost analysis template


Project cost analysis also refer as cost benefit analysis for the evaluating financial performance of the project. Every business expecting the minimize the cost and get maximum benefits from the output of the project. Hence the organizations are normally use this analysis tools for analyze cost with precise and accurate. Because This cost analysis provides a systematic approach and helps to estimate the possible cost benefits of the existing or upcoming project. Mostly when you are dealing with multiple tasks on the single project, and resources that needs to define accurate goal for direction. Some basic goals for the cost analysis, you can define as below:

  1. You have to identify potential cost savings opportunities and projected implementation requirements
  2. Identify potential cost avoidance opportunities and projected implementation requirements
  3. In project, identify process improvements to increase future workforce agility while sustaining or improving service levels.


Improvement of project & management – Improvement project analysis template

Improvement project analysis template
Improvement project analysis template


Analysis of project improvement is the continual process of the project. Hence it may be conducts on initial stage to final stage of the project. Generally, this analysis can be used for the identify improvement of the project during or on after completion of any major stage of project. The analysis generally focusses on the improvement of individual tasks, time, quality and overall project performance. It may also help to compare the previous project with current projects to more focus on general requirements & target improvement points.


Analyzing of quality of works, project tasks, outputs and overall project quality – Project quality analysis template

Project quality analysis template
Project quality analysis template


The quality of works is always appreciating and matter for the organizations to accurate and seamless improvements. Generally, the project quality is also precious subject for the management to understand the outputs and its quality works. Hence during the project, it is necessary to analyze whole project works, outputs, project’s individual tasks, and overall project quality for further improvements. This project quality analysis template will help you to do so. Here you can see the template contains the information which is directly concern with project tasks. So, individual tasks, time & quality can be possible to measure.

How to prepare project analysis template?

When you are working with the project management, you must well aware about the project’s mission, vision, possible risk, hazards etc. Simply, you have to prepare the list of the all resources & processes of the project. All those processes & resources must be in order to process sequences. Later on, you will enable to analyze the situation of the project. See how to prepare project analysis template:

  • List out all the resources & processes in sequence.
  • Understand the product, material supplies, inputs, outputs, machinery and equipment, handling processes, testing, looking and locations.
  • Generally, there are four part of the analysis 1) collection of data (2) identify risk & status (3) Estimate it (4) review whole analysis – Actions & improvement.