Project implementation plan template – Fee Excel & Word Format

Project implementation plan template – Fee Excel & Word Format

An implementation plan template is a document may contain critical steps for conduct implementation plans as well improvement to achieve project’s objectives & goals. Practically, the plans may be providing a guideline – “How the information may be organized, established, and carried out in process.


This is actually brief description or overview of “the system”, where all the key activities may be including with “systematic” and well-organized steps for implement process. This plan includes – Resources, manpower, time, require environment, and manpower as well. In short:


  • The plan describes how the information will be deploying.
  • It can be including how the information system will be establish / install.
  • This can also describe how the information will be ins transition in the operational system.


In project management, the implementation plan can possible to define more specific, such as you can describe the project’s tasks, duties and responsibilities, time deadlines etc., much specific and separately. Most of the businesses are includes the milestones to makes easier to compare the existing status of implementation plan with expected path.


Components of an implementation plan


The contents & design of the implementation plan can be little different as organizational requirements. But the basic structure may be similar no matter whatever the scope or size of the project. There are so many different types of the templates for the implementation plans are available online. However, the suitability of the template may be depending on the project needs and subject requirements. Typically, the implementation plan can be includes following components:


Define Goals & Objectives


It is very important that your project’s goals and objectives should be stately described at the implementation plan. However, it may be depending on what you expecting to accomplish! – Even it may be including in – project’s scopes and size.


Setup milestones


This is one of the important step that necessary to set for the project. The milestones may be help to understand which steps are needs to complete at on time. Even, it will be makes easier for monitor and compare the existing status of a project.


Make a Schedule

Actually, it is much important for the project to incorporating the proper schedule for each task. Even the implementation plan must be described the schedule for each activity to easier for executing the steps.


Manage resources

The planning should be including the resources along with proper allocation for each activity as well as each project’s task. The resources also refer the manpower and time too. It can be actually core purposes of an implementation plan.

Duties & responsibilities.


It is much important that the defining and allocation of duties & responsibilities for each team member. This may be helpful to completing tasks much smoothly. Even more, each person will be much aware about – what their duties and responsible for particular task.



Simple steps to making an implementation plan 


It is obvious that if you expecting in the improvement of an organization, you should be creating an implementation plan that may guarantees success of the business. Even, it is actually much difficult to take some crucial steps without any structural & systematic procedures. Hence, here are some that may help you to deploy strategic implementation plan that you can use as reference:


List out expected results from the plan


You have to come up with a proper list of the expected outcomes that you may get on accomplishment of an implementation of a plan. You have to actually determine what steps that may provide a proper result that match your objectives & goals. During the implementation process, you can review and amend the list to get proper results by understand the direction of the planning.


Allocate accountability to leader for each expected outcomes


When you identified and determined multiple outcomes from the plan, you have to assign a leader for each of the expected result. The person should be accountable for the entire conversation and improvement. Typically, the leader and its team should be dedicatedly works to achieve to put in center the targets and objectives.


Determine procedures & actions to achieve expected results.


To achieve the desired outcomes herein this section, you have to write down proper procedures as well actions that may ensure the success. Without any procedure, you can’t take steps accurately that makes your path clear and feasible.


Budget your plans


When you working on the project, it is much important that your actions should be directive to increase the business’ profit. Because the business’ ultimate goal is profit, however it may be in term of money or even brand. Budget is one of the key requirement of any project. You have to determine the budget for each action.


Monitor your implementation plan


There is actually multiple way for keep monitor and tracking the entire process. Even you can create a tracking sheet, so that you can keep monitor of entire progress of your actions. It can be daily or weekly, but it is much important that you have to update the status of the project timely.


Keep maintain standard project management procedures

Typically, resources, time, activates, structure, process as well controls should be properly designed and managed in sequence. The project management procedures may help in the draw these things easily. Hence, if you expecting to effectively implementation of the plans, you can follow the procedures as well methodology for the project management.


Periodically reviews of schedules


It is very important that each project task’s schedules and concern plans must be reviewed. With the times, market condition, environmental changes, management changes etc., may be change. These may be directly impact on the ongoing project. The review may be helps to understand those changes, which may be potential reason for failure of the project.


Project implementation plan template


Blank implementation plan format
Implementation plan for Project



The implementation plan template can be cover overall process of the business that may directly needs to implement. Typically for each business type, the implementation plans can be different, it’s all depends on internal system and industrial requirements. As you can see above implementation plan template is for food industry, it will be cover associated activities and procedures that focus on the foods safety, food quality and end user requirements.


Simple implementation plan Template

Project Management - implementation plan format
Project implementation plan format




Some tips for implementation plan


To get successfully process, it is much important to focus on implementation process instead of the substance and form of the plan. Herein some tips that may help during creating as well implementing the plan:


Dedicated a team for each task


To focus on the task instead of the multiple tasks to a team, try to assign a team for each task. Getting perfection, accuracy and accountability the team should be fully responsible and will be creditable for success. Deploying dedicated a team for a task is half work of the allocation. You have to identify and select a strong team leader is part of the entire allocation process. The strong leader should be capable for various skills includes coaching and guidance.


Establish goals


Whenever you are going to improve the business process, you have to be definite what your goals are? – At the initial stage, you have to make sure the taken path may lead the success.


Add strategic actions


The strategic actions are a way to deploying effective activities, that may lead the business objectives, and help to ensure the path needs a more efforts to meet the business goals. The strategic actions may be in terms of day-to-day activities, which is focus on the “objectives” that you defined for overall implementation in business operations.


Focus on communication


This is another potential way to effectively implementing plans in the business processes. The project management should be encouraging communication to add values in the overall planning sections where team can provide inputs by its own ideas. Even more, the communication makes the processes more transparent and gap-less. More peoples – more idea – more opportunity. The communication can be help to management for encourage peoples to participate in the implementation plan.


Keep track the progress

In the project management, tracking up the overall project’s progress is necessary for implementation. Even you can create a tracking sheet to monitor on overall progress of an implementation plans. This may be help you to modify the plans before it hits crisis level. This tracking tool actually shows the direction of plans, its performance, and status of the allocated resources.