Free Project Planning Templates

Free Project Planning Templates & Examples [Project Planner]

A project planning template is document may contain planning information of project life cycle. This document covers Initial steps towards to project management is planning of entire time frame and schedules. It may give an assurance to success of project. In businesses, project planning creates foundation as procedural step to achieving success through effective project management.

Let’s simplying the words – “a document which describes how a project is implemented, monitored, controlled, and complete”. The Project Planning creates a road map for the entire project, even if for multiple projects within the organization. This is essential steps which describes where you are going (Milestones)? and how you are going to get there? (Goal). Probably, the project planning should be cover entire project steps, it may include each task, activities, processes according to its objectives.

Project planning template may serve the following important functions:

  • It may help to define objectives & policies which are formulate to serve as a framework for the decisions to be require to made throughout the life of the project.
  • The template can be including the technical performance objective together with cost standards and time targets.
  • To achieve the objectives, the template can have spelt out in details the activities concern to the project.
  • You can well-organize the schedule and sequence the activities.
  • It will be make easier to allocating the resources, such as manpower, materials, as well equipment to each activity.
  • Obviously, time & costs are main factors for the project, hence it should be considering and estimate as objectives to accomplish each task.

What to include in project planning template?

As you know, project planning is a vital aspect of the project management. Even more, you can define it as key managerial functions. Actually, it may describe the clear means to complex and dynamic conditions of the projects. It means, planning gives the guidelines and standards require for coordinating as well controlling on running projects. But it is much important, what you include and what to exclude from the project planning. Here are some points that may help you to organize it.

Goal and Scope of works

In the project statement you have to describe scope, definition and objectives. It should be same as agreed to in the project initiation process and/ or in the customer contracts. Even, the scope statement must review as part of the baseline process, and the baseline plan also define which to measures progress. Remember that, the baseline plans should be address some of the areas such: scope, derivable, milestones, work break down structure, task plans and estimation etc. Even you can also improve your base plan to include some other planning sections such as – project and milestone schedules, quality plans, project progress tracking, risk management etc. Typically, the Scope of works may include following types of steps:

  • Defining milestones and phases
  • Listing the various sub-activities and tasks
  • Deciding upon the duration and dates for individual task
  • Assigning weight age to individual tasks
  • Defining the critical activities
  • Readjusting the schedule

Resources Planning

In this section, you have to describe the planning for available resources. Resources planning involves determining what physical resources require to complete the project. Such as Peoples, equipment, machinery, manpower, materials etc. Even more, you can also describe the quantities of each resources used to perform the tasks. With the resources planning, you can include the cost estimation along with to perfect plan.

Key Roles & Responsibilities

In this section, you can describe the details of each team member who involved in the project design, planning, delivery and implementation. Here you can specifically allocate the role of each on for each task, even more detailed information of individual responsibility. This part of the planning is extremely important because each one should be accountable for the part of itself.

Tasks & deliverable

At the planning phase, you have to define each task as well deliverable specifically. This is very important in order to achieve the objectives to accomplish the project successfully. There are many methods to organize the tasks and deliverable of the project, however simple categorized and priority setup can be helpful in this regard.

Organize milestones and timeline

Obviously, the organizing milestones for project is really practical way. You have to define the milestones of long project tasks’ sequences. There are one of the important process to describing the task organize with timeline. In this section may include sensible ordering of each project’s task. With it you can describe start and end dates of the tasks.

Tracking and monitoring

The project tracking and monitoring may be defining as a project of inducing action for adherence to project plans and schedules. With this project, you can have acquainted how much works are completed, the volume of works may describe the project status at the movement. Typically, the monitoring having three major steps those are – Measuring, reviewing and reporting. These all the steps are necessary to understand the ongoing project status.

Project Control

To sufficient control over the entire project, first of all you have to identify variances from the plan through measure project performance. The basic of the controlling on project tasks is to extent the significant variances observations.

Examples of Project planning template

The project plan is not just a schedule; it may give a meaning to the project. Through this planning section, you can define some important objectives, milestones and significant goals. The planning may help to define the purpose, mean what problem is it ongoing to solve? deliverable, project deadlines, as well individual roles & responsibility. In short, there are multiple tasks that needs to incorporate for plan and schedule in advance. Simply, organizing a project from the start to finish should not be much difficult if you have great plan. The plans give a systematic guideline that make your work smoother. So, here are some templates for you, which will be help you to create a project planning template for your business.

Sample Project Planning template

Free Project Planning template
Sample Project Planning template

Download Excel Sheet

As we know, the project planning is the important component of any project management. Obviously, during the planning phase you have to determine some critical factors of a project such as time, budget, quality, management processes etc. On base of the plans the processes will be perform to accomplish the process on time. Typically, it’s all depends on project complexity, how the planning makes your complex project into simple task management. Generally, businesses are using the planning templates that having all features that makes their works simpler and quick.

The planning template can be in form of timeline, charts, graphical, or even checklist. It is no matter, but all the require features, process plans, resource management etc., things should be cover to make easy for task performance.

Printable Project Planning template

Simple Project Planning template
Printable Project Planning template

Excel Sheet Template download

To entity the entire concept of plans the business needs sufficient documents which may provide platform to complete it. Transforming the concept in actual can be possible with project planning. Hence, this is initial stage, as well entire success is depending on – how you plan your task for complete the project. The project planning template is one of the important option that fulfill business requirements. In the template you can define overall goal, as well steps to achieve the goals mean, creating a task list. Scope of the works, vision, mission, schedule tasks, process and management can be possible to include in it. Hence, you can organize your plans with template easier.

Project Planning Template Excel

Excel Project Planning Template
Project Planning Template Excel

Printable Excel sheet 

The success of any project is depends on your project planning, if it is defining well – the success is much easier at any stage. Well-organized, and structural planning makes your complex project more suitable and simple. To implement the steps from the plans business needs effective platform where all the plans can be draw in it. The planning template can help to organize the information with effective way. The information which having a specific details of plans, charts, timelines etc., can possible to manage in excel sheet comprehensively. See the above template may helpful to organize your information of planning much easier.

Blank Project Work Plan template

Project Work Plan template
Sheet – Excel – Project Work Plan template

Simple Excel Sheet Download

This project work plan template is an outline of the detailed information of project’s processes, targets, objectives and deadlines for each task. This sample work plan template may help you to organize business planning information such as scope of project, task management, time management, risk, tracking, monitoring as well control over the project. The project management team are always expecting a comprehensive project work plan to manage their project tasks from start to finish. This template is surly much a good tool that make their tasks information uniquely.