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A project proposal is a document may contain project deep information with proposed solution for particular problems. Usually businesses are using this document to convince a sponsors as assurance to success of the project.  It may also contain outline of entire project description.

The document outlines entire project requirement related to resources, even help to focus on objectives, and structure. Actually project proposal is different from the business proposal, because its focus on some proposal description of activities that may aim at certain issues and project goals. Even It may also include some logical presentation for the potentials, design, objectives and resources concern.

  1. Things to consider before making the project proposal
  2. How to write perfect project proposal?
  3. Project proposal templates
  4. Where to use this template?

Things to consider before making the project proposal

Before the making a project proposal, you have to consider some things that very important for the successful implementation of the proposal document. Normally each business as well business segment can be describing their contents with different styles but the mostly structure and its basic contents will be same. Such as executive summary, history, project risks and issues descriptions, timelines, etc. Hence, it is very important to understand what to include in the project proposal.


What is Your Vision and Your Goal?

Initially, you have to be clear and state before you move on to creating the proposal, about your vision and goal of the proposal. Even the goals should be measurable to easier for tracking, and monitoring on its progress as well trending. You have to clarify that the what exactly issues are? and how it could be solved. Even you can create simply framework to outlines solutions in line with problems.

When you establish your vision and goals, you will get initially sure about progress path. How the entire project i.e. curtain part of the project will be move? even the methodology for evaluate, monitoring, tracking, and implementation of project steps.

Potential financial stakeholders and sponsors

It is best practice to identifying the potential financial sources at before the project proposal. Even the best project proposal always focuses on ultimate goal, that is potential profitability at end of financial system. Actually this is most important aspect to identifying the possible fund sources and its options.

You have to identify the resources cost money, even you also have to estimate it. Whenever you starting the project, normally budget is being important aspect for the project. Hence, you have to clarify that, where from the money will be come, and how to allocate the budget for framework. Usually, sponsors are more interested in the returns from the investment. Hence, the project proposal should outline potential financial benefits to rise fund for entire project.

Understand what will be framework?

Usually the framework describes system, deliverable, time frame, resource management etc. Hence, it is very important aspect for the project proposal to include and outline the basic framework. Normally, the framework helps to understand what will be deliverable from the project. Even the project proposal must outline the time frame details, when it will be start and when it be finish. The amount of time you have describe in project proposal with specific time period of each activity.

One of the most important aspect is resources. As usual any business activity need resources to complete any task successfully. Hence, project proposal must framework the resources requirements, cost of money and type of resources require to accomplice it.

Identify Dedicated team

It is obvious that without manpower, it is not possible to implement any project. Even need leader to organize the proposal development effectively. Hence, at the initial stage, you have to identify the team which may dedicated works for the project. Normally, every team member can be responsible for to manager their tasks, as well establish effective communicate at various stage of the project.

What can be risks associated with project?

Usually when any project under the establishment process, management takes the survey or assessment for the potential risk associated with project. But some potential risk should be well analyzed before the project proposal against the sponsors. It is very important part of the project proposal to analyze entire project risks and issues can be occurring, when and what can be happen.


How to write perfect project proposal?

  1. Proposal Title:
  2. Executive Summary:
  3. Background:
  4. Objectives:
  5. Resources:
  6. Budget:
  7. Potential risks:
  8. Project Statements:
  9. Prioritizing trigger points:
  10. Project timeline and implementation :
  11. Evaluation and future plans:
  12. Appendix:

Normally every business making their project proposal with different style and with improved contents, but some basic will be same. Actually it’s all depending on the type of the organization structure, and business needs. However, some information will be always similar and common such as:

Proposal Title:

Defining a proposal title at first page of the document is usual practice. Normally the proposal title is very important to describing the brief about project, the title words may give an idea about the proposal. It may include project title, name of the organization, date of the project preparation, location of the project, etc.

Normally the information in the title are general and describe the organization’s basic information. Even this is very important for the reader to go through it.

Executive Summary:

The executive summary or abstract is very important part of the project proposal. Here in this section, brief description of the project can mention to present to sponsors. Normally the summary describes the short description, but it gives a better idea about the entire project. Hence, this part information is very important in the project proposal.

Normally in this section may contain the history, vision, goals, time frame, deliverable, resources, potential risks, etc. Usually, executive summary may to reader to focus on their interested topic. Normally readers i.e. sponsors are expecting the project proposal should cover the information which on help to understand the projects, and make them motivate to invest.


Here at this section you can describe the background of the company. Normally the background section gives an assures to sponsor to presenting the vibrant history of the company, that may help to pointing success of the project. It will be gives moral assurance for profitability from the project to sponsors.



Actually without objectives and goals, there no any effective activities can be considering as system improvement. Normally the objectives focus on the outputs from any task that help to analyzer to ensure the improvement of productivity. Hence, the objective should be measurable, and should be focus on key performances of any work.


Usually the project proposal may include require resources to complete the project. Even the project proposal can be describing the existing resources, and resources which can help to improve the productivity. The resources section may include manpower, machinery, equipment, tools and spares, etc. You can also include the allocation of resources to each task, that will be given an advance frame for the proposal.


Provisioning budget in the project proposal is important aspect for this document. Without accurate budgeting to each resources and task cannot be complete the project estimation. Hence, budget is always important to listing each item of the project, as well costs that associate with various activities.

Potential risks:

When you are doing the business, it is obvious there are potential risks associate with any activity. Hence, it is very important to identifying the risks, categorizing, defining levels and assessment is one of the important task for any project. That is the reason that, project proposal should be include potential risks, solutions and estimation costs for each actions are much important.

Project Statements:

This section may include the issues and general condition of the project. Normally you have to determine the description for the target issues, and activities which are require to complete the project. Usually project statement can be point out major issues, and actions which needs as prevention, as well against the issues.

Prioritizing trigger points:

At this segment, you can highlight major points which are most important for the project. This important points should be describing with specific lines at the content project tasks. Actually prioritizing key points are not enough, you have to also prioritize issues that can be negative impact on the project.

Project timeline and implementation :

Normally, project timeline is initial stage of the project proposal. At the begging of the project establishment, project leaders are defining a project timeline for each task. But this project timeline is very important for the project implement. Hence, project proposal should be describing the implementation phase along with project timeline to easier to describe each task with specific timeline.

Even, Project timelines and implementation of the project phase are not always on sequence due to some tasks that are more important or setup on priority can be taken first for implementation for making the project more secure. But usually project implementation phases can be well decor with project timeline setup.

Evaluation and future plans:

Usually evaluation of the project is final stage of the project proposal. Here in this section you can describe the method of evaluation, tools and resources require for the evaluation. As well as what will be potential opportunities can be raise from it.

The project management always try to convince to the sponsors for the future plans for the project, or on after the implementation of the entire project. This is predictive aspect of the project proposal.


As you know the appendix is list of the separate documents that are associated with the project. The project proposal documents, and if any analysis results can also enclose with it. This is last section of the proposal for the project.


Project proposal templates

  1. Project proposal template for excel
  2. Printable project proposal template – blank word format

The project proposal template is a document outlines project information with specific issues in line with solutions for certain part of the project. Normally the project proposal template may contain the information for convince the sponsors to encourage for invest in the project. It may also describe the inputs, outputs, risks, solutions, resources details, financial benefits etc. Here are some of the best template example for the project proposal. All these templates are for education purpose only:

Project proposal template for excel

Sample Project proposal template excel
Project proposal template for excel

Download Excel Sheet | Download PDF Format

The project proposal template for excel is simply create with excel application. This excel template may helpful for the include important proposal information with flexible way. Here you can make the entire project figures, calculations and key points in the excel sheet. Even you can customize the entire sheet as per your project requirements. Hence, this project proposal template is very helpful to your business.

Printable project proposal template – blank word format

Printable word project proposal template
project proposal template for word

Download Excel Sheet | Download PDF Format

Here you can see, the project proposal template for the word document is one of the best project proposal document format. This document actually contains genetic information but it may basic outlines and essential elements of proposal. Normally the proposal contains problem statements, goals, scope of the project, risks and its solutions, timelines etc. Even you can adjust this document with fully customization project proposal word document.

This template is simple for use with word document. You can customize the document as per your project requirements, and company standard. Even more you can re-use this template for the future project or upcoming projects.

Normally, peoples are asking, why we use ready made project proposal template? simply the answer is – the ready made template gives a platform where you can arrange your information with systematic way. Moreover, it may save your time and energy, even and costs. This ready made template will give you flexibility, and you can print this document as your requirements.

Where to use this template?

This template you can use for the various sectors such as businesses, schools, construction works, NGOs works, etc. Here are some lines for the example segments from the various sectors are:

School Projects: Normally for the academic requirements, you can use this template as group project or single student use. This is very flexible template which may also useful for the academic works. Normally when any students are taking industrial visits mostly for the business management, this template can be very useful in case.

Construction Project Proposal:  For the construction project proposal, normally requirements of the project can be varying. But the contents of this template will be still helpful to organize their internal requirements. This template can be helpful for the single or multiple construction sites. Hence, you can use this template as per your requirements.

Business project proposal: This is unique design templates which are usually very similar contents are use with it. Hence, you can use this template for your business, even the project contents and its structure are very similar and flexible. This template is easy for customize and easy to use.