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A project scope is an essential part of a project planning phase may include specific project details with project goals, deliverable, tasks, costs and deadlines for the project. In project management, project scope may help to involve determining and documenting, as well define key milestones to assure the future success of a project. Through the project scope stakeholders as well sponsors can include the interests and requirements as finest potential achievements.

Actually the project scope is useful document to describe the entire project details for the specific tasks for a project. It may include project objectives, tasks requirements, goals, costs etc. Most of the businesses are using the project scope example template to achieve the expected results from the project templates.

In short, the project scope example is very important tool that used in project management to explaining most important deliverable. It may describe top level requirements such as key milestones, assumptions and limitations.

Key Elements of a Project Scope

The project scope statement may define in single line about what the project can or will be accomplish. Actually the scope statement helps to ensures comprehensive initial for your project. This will be help to identify high level requirements, milestones and results from a project. Typically, each element of project scope statement may cover objectives, structure, roles definition, project team definition, assumptions, deliverable, functional requirements, change control, approvals.


It is obvious that to define the project objectives, very first you have to define project goals. This may be help overview the key objectives to get targeted achievements. Actually the objective gives motive to complete the tasks on right direction.


The project scope statement gives a justification on the project tasks and its potential profitability. It will be help to directing entire project as ultimate goal that is benefits, to the stakeholders and sponsors. Even its makes the process much emphasizing to easier for quantifiable and measure of success.


The deliverable are potential final outputs from a project which can be product, services or customer expected objectives. Actually there are two types of deliverable, one is intermediary, and second is final deliverable. Mostly sponsors or customers are interest in final deliverable because its outputs of entire project, even they expecting it.


It is obvious that when you are running any project, every task has its own constraints. You have to identify these limitations and potential solutions. During the project establishment and implementation, technical, financial, operational, geographical, time manner, resources, legal etc. can be constraints.


To fulfill your project scope, you have to consider assumptions along with risks and dependencies which are associated with the project. More detailed information about specific and effective scope statement may require assumptions to resume the path & potentiality of success.


Mostly in project management, milestones that indicates the significant stage of the any task or barge on the timeline. Usually during the planning, team mostly define the milestones which is describe the important phase where complete at on particular stand. Even it may describe in the project schedule sheet. These milestones may help to track the progress of a project.

High-Level Requirements

Actually this is very important element of the project scope statement, even for entire project management. This part of the statement may describe high-level requirements which are much important to accomplish the project timely. Even mostly it may contain the technical descriptions, objective oriented statements, etc.

Project scope statement templates

A project scope templates are often used to creating all of the works and tasks which are need to be completed for a project. Usually it’s may contain the outlines of entire project and potential outcomes. Here are some simple templates which may help you to create your own project scope templates.

Free Project scope example template

Project scope example template
Project scope example template

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Normally in the market, there are so many websites that may serve you ready made templates but they can charge you for the template which are common. Here you can find specific and unique template, even this template is easy, flexible and easier for customize. And you can download with single click. The template is made with excel format. Hence you can customize after download, Its free.

Printable project scope example

project scope example
project scope example

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It is obvious that when you are working with any project, and you must need to hard copy of any template. At the time it can be very trouble if is not printable format. Nowadays ready made templates are not conformable for printing due to some technical issues. But here you can download this template with easy and flexible design, even you can print it as you wish.

Simple Project scope example template

Project scope example template
Project scope example template

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A simple project scope template is description of the scope for a project with require functions and details to makes easier to complete the project timely. It may contain the objectives, and key details which is help you to creating a simple project scope. This simple project scope is very easy and helpful for any business purposes. Mean you can use this template even you are from any business segment and industry.