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A project scope template is a document may contain project planning information with “scope” involves such as specific goals, deliverables, activities, milestones, functions, features, even estimated costs. In short, the scope includes what the management expecting to achieve through the project may include in the “Project Scope” planning section.


Practically, project scope says –


“The activities that require to be complete to deliver outcomes, product or services with specified functions and features”.


The Project Scope is actually work oriented process, which is helps to define and describe some expecting deliverable with specific values, measurements and controls.


In the project management, scope of the project is much important part of the planning and entire project as well. This part of the project involves some important information that through project being start, even the it may initial stage of the entire project. It may also help to determine the potentiality of the milestones, goals, deliverables, costs as well outcomes.


How to deal with Scope creep?


in the scope management, due to uncontrolled or ineffective event of changes may represent the circumstances is actually “scope creep”.


In case, the scope is disable to define and describes the requirements, as well as failure to define effective change control for a project may results scope or requirements creep.


  • Documenting your projects’ requirements to avoiding scope creep in the project. Focus the key requirements, make the best decision to discuss on “requirements” to finalize and document it well.
  • Establish proper change control process to define proper scope of a project and even for management. Describe proper or straightforward sequence of process that makes easier to identify leakages in process. What actually changes get in process – Understand it with – application for change – review – approvals / rejection – part of standard process.
  • Clear your project path with proper project schedule – detailed task list, step by step milestones with projection of timelines, expected deliverable, and potential goals
  • Review the entire details with your team and stakeholders to ensure the entire project process for scope management is sufficient and properly set.


Actually, managing a project scope is index of the activities to be needs to tasks that to be accomplished along with the available resources, and its requirements such as – variety, quality, quantity, even in the time frame.


Distinct uses of project scope


  • If constantly changes. The scope is much helpful when the project’s requirements are constantly changes.
  • Whenever the requirements that frequently change may results needs to brainstorming on the existing status of the project. The scope may help to re-structure the entire things with needs “a rethink”.
  • Avoid Overrunning budget. At the financial point of view, the scope may help cover important and only necessary tasks that avoids overrunning budget.
  • Covers each major needs of project. It may be helps to accurately tasks mapping and enables management to allocate the sufficient labor and costs which is necessary to accomplish the project.
  • The scope having three major elements which are planning, controlling and closing the project.
  • Task Management. The planning may help to includes capturing and define tasks that are require to complete the project on time.
  • Controls on potential issues. Controlling much help to concentrate on “scope Creep documentation, track the events as well focus on change effect to eliminate possibility of project failure.
  • Reviews & Auditing. At the last closing is part of reviewing or auditing of the project’s deliverables – as well assessment of results – and compares with base plans.
  • Outcomes from Project. The scope is actually focus on the final outcomes from the project. It may help the management to avoiding to out track the outcomes, what the client expects.


Simple Project Scope template Word

Word Project Scope Format
Project Scope template Word

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This template is actually one of the best example that – may help you to understand “what to include in a preliminary “Scope Statement”.  There are multiple sections where you can include some important objectives, deliverables, milestones, as well as on specific timelines. To ensure the project success it will be covers “Project requirements”, charges of requirements, “rethink”, change controls, tracking as well controlling features.


A good and effective scope statement for a project.


  • Potential fence of tasks. The scope is nothing more than building a fence as selection of list of tasks which are necessary to complete a successful project.
  • Key deliverable. What outcomes from the projects, and what it will be deliver to clients? This is actually key requirements that the project’s outcomes must meet the client expectations.
  • Specific Features. The key features should must include in the scope, which is deliver project satisfaction to clients.
  • Realizing in order to priority of project, you have to justify the potential tasks and makes the clear scope to understand – why it is on priority.
  • Identify Constraints & Describe in scope. It is much important to identify limitations and describe specifically in the scope to avoiding such a chaos.
  • Forecasts and assumptions. The conditions which may directly or indirectly impacts on the project should be properly defined in the scope. The forecasts concern to project tasks, even the assumptions should focus on certain conditions which may potentially impacts.
  • Identify what to include. The scope may be map your project, hence it is much important to understand, which things should be including and what to exclude.



Free Printable Scope template Excel

Printable Scope Excel format
Free Printable Scope templates

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The project scope template is actually important document that cover important information and initially perform the key role to execution at the project. The template may include project purpose statement, background, key objectives, details of the key stakeholders and team of the project, requirements, approach, timeframe and milestones, timelines, inclusive / exclusive details, critical factors, constraints and assumptions, risk factors, reviews and approvals’ details.



The project scope template typically includes:


  • Project purposes statement.

    Herein you can describe the reasons for the project. Even in this section, you can describe the feasibility study which may help you manage the scope of a project, even explains reasons, justifications, evaluation methods and potential outcomes may also include.

  • Overall background.

    This is actually depending on the project type. You can use historical records, or information that may help to understand the background. In this section, typical details such as working environment, potential changes, resources, and any circumstances identified may also can include.

  • This is the initial requirements of the project scope.

    The objective is strategic vision and directly impact on the outcomes from the project. Hence, it should be properly defining in the scope sections.

  • Key stakeholders and team.

    You have to separately describe the key stakeholders’ details as well as project teams. The details may helpful to allocation of works and to whom the reporting should be move on.

  • Clients’ Expectations.

    The scope should cover clearly the organizational requirements that meet the clients’ expectations. Even what resources, efforts and finance needs should also include along with.

  • Managing milestones with timeframe.

    This is actually practical expectations that is much helpful if the milestones should be describes with timelines. The Timeframe is important factor of the project, and its impacts can be fail the project. Hence, it should be much focused.

  • This is actually essential requirements.

    That items must appearing in this section are clear and unambiguous. The section must provide specific details to ensure the deliverable from outcomes of the project.

  • Critical Factors.

    You can also include the critical factors that may directly or indirectly impact on the outcomes.

  • Potential Circumstances.

    First of all, you have to create separate list of all potential circumstances, event and/or any object, that can be potential risk. However, it can external, organizational or external as well.

  • Closing and sign offs.

    This section is necessary for approving the entire scope details. This may be “agreement” between “sponsors” and “project Management” – and commitment to deliver the high level or requirements and outcomes or results as the project success.

The document holds important role as part of the project planning, that involves determining and documenting a specific detail such as deliverable, works, goals, costs, deadlines, as well as outcomes that meet client needs. The Project scope also called a “scope of Statement”. Even more, it may help to establish “responsibility and duties for each resources, manpower and team as well.


Project scope is actually much important for the entire project due to its details makes helps you to keep track your project. Even most decisions may come on reviews on changes that needs to establish during the projects.