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A project timetable is structural document to organize project’s tasks on proper way in time frame. It may also contain accurately setup the resources that require to accomplish the project. The perfect project timetable makes the well-established mechanism to describes schedule of entire project.

  1. Tips to keep in mind while creating a project timetable
  2. Examples of Project Time table
  3. How to create project timetable in Excel?

The project timetable is not just a monitoring tool; it is also well-organized planning sheet where you can manage each project’s task systematically. It may enable you to quickly overview project time line, herein each project task’s individual status, mean project reports can see. Mostly it may help you for comparing actual project’s progress against you estimated task works during planning phase. However, at time of plans you have to establish the proper structure for the project, which may help you during the project to understand when you have to enter in which phase?  The primary benefits from the timetable is to make easier for you to determine the actual project’s track to meet the designated deadline dates.


Tips to keep in mind while creating a project timetable


The project is essential part of any business, but maneuvering a project is not quite easy job. With the project, many tasks and activities that Semantically performing at various level, even each should be accomplishing successfully is much important. A well-planned project could be much beneficial for a business as organize and acquire expected outcomes.

The planning may help you to achieve your objectives with minimum effort and time. That mean you have to organize the plan with project timetable. Actually, the project timetable is one of the important activity that extremely important to maintain, update, monitoring and control the tasks which running the project. Hence, preparing the project timetable may help you to track your project’s work and its progress. You can check some tips that may help you while you are going to create a project timetable for your project.

Time duration (Start & End dates)

The time duration for each task of the project is much important to organize and prioritize the tasks. It makes an outermost point on the time line for existing projects. The peoples associated with the project can get the idea through the time duration, when, where and how much time they have. Actually, this is the standard method to organize the tasks and complete each task on approximately time. The starting and end dates are much important to communicate accuracy on time. There are one of the important side of the time duration, mostly in businesses there may be some of the equipment are available at particular time. Hence, the well-defined time scale may help to communicate with resources owner for allocate and use during the performing the task.

Components of project

While you are going to create timetable for the project, first of all you have to clearly understand all the components of the project. Usually, you can break down the project into small phases. Such as planning phase, development phase, testing and product development etc. In each phase, you can describe the detailed information particularly. Organizing the components may help you to manage the task with more effectively. In short, it makes easier for you to understand the project requirements, and expectations even for gathering the information to accomplish the task accordingly.

Allocation of time for each phase

Now, you have sufficient information to understand each phase of the project. Hence, it will be easier for you to allocate the amount of time available and specify components. Create the timetable for each phase with simplifying allocation of time to each phase as per total time. When you estimate the time to calculate total available time, it will much accurate for allocation as priority of phase.

Review the Timetable

As you calculate the estimated time require for complete any particular phase, mean now you are at final stage of the creating a timetable. Now you have estimation of time, total phase, priority list, as well activities and sub-activities list. Hence, it will be easier for you to assign starting and end date of each task.


Examples of Project Time table


One of the key aspects of any project management is the ability to control the use of money and time. There to be also needs to ensure that all the project’s tasks are undertaken during the project is adequately resourced and carrying out in the correct order and with appropriate use of the resources. Actually the project timetable is a tool that may enables the assessing and monitoring of entire project’s progress. The timetable is widely use in the manufacturing, engineering, constructions etc. segments.

Sample Project Timetable Template

Excel Project Timetable Template
Free Project Timetable Template Excel sheet

Excel Sheet Download

This sample project timetable may help you to break down a large project into smaller tasks with specific allocation time slot to each task. The distribution of the time for each task will be easier, as well performing the task much effective. The team is one of the important component of the project, even with the timetable it makes much comfort to assigning duties and responsibility to each team member. Hence, most of the businesses are using the timetable for effectively manage their project’s tasks, even completing their project smoothly.

Using the sample project timetable, you can design and visualize the entire project plan in the specific tabular formation. To making a well-organized your project’s plan, you can use this template as reference document.

Project Timetable Excel

Project Timetable Excel
Project Timetable Excel


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When you are dealing the complex projects may be requiring to multiple tasks are performing parallel. To managing each task to be perform sequentially, you have to make such combination sequential and parallel tasks in the project timetable. Actually, this is very easy to managing accurately each task in order to priority, sequential, and right combinations in the timetable.


How to create project timetable in Excel?


Creating a timetable using excel sheet is very easy and quick job, but you have to needs some simple steps. The charts should have to link with data table where all the details you have to enter and update accordingly. All the updates will be reflecting on the timetable where you can visualize the information much easy. With this simple timetable in excel sheet, you can visualize some essential functions such as planning, tracking, monitoring and control a project tasks.


Listing activities and tasks

Actually, there are one of the important and initial element in a project timetable is the activities to be carried out during the project. The first step you have to consider details of all project tasks and activities, which need to complete. it may be including assessment, analysis, fieldwork, conservations, disseminations etc. Accordingly, the project timetable will be significantly influenced by the project scale.

Creating a table

The first steps in the section is to creating a table for listing all the tasks in single sheet. You can describe the project from beginning to end, even includes key decisions and deliverable. There you have to setup starting date, end date, as well duration of each one. If you expecting your timetable represent graphical and much visual interface, so you can insert suitable bar chart into it. It may show you best bar chart that present information more visual.

Time and resources

When you are going to plan entire project tasks, very first you have to estimate the time and resources available. Draw up project timetable may require all the details of availability of time slots, resources such as equipment, manpower, funds, etc. With the project timetable, you can manage each task as accurate estimation of time with particular task. Therefore, all the resources and time are need to set up with project timetable is much important to complete the project smoothly.

Prioritize and set in order each task

Listing and allocating time to each task is not enough, you have to prioritize each task even set up each task in order. The task which is much important to complete should be on first, and all the certain task may also manage accordingly. Therefore, each task should manage in order to create a project timetable.