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Free Proposal letter template [Business Sample Word Doc]

A proposal letter template is business letter may help to introduce idea s business proposal to someone. This letter can be used as various purposes such as – It may use as sales letter to promotes product / service to potential customers. In some cases, the letter can contain opinion, suggestion or ideas / programs or something innovative things to management.


The proposal letters may help to business for establish and maintain the communication with another business or personal. This is actually professional practice for introduce someone to business’s idea. The letter can be write for proposing something by any individual, organization or group.


Whenever you are going to write a letter; you have to keep remember some tips that much important.


  • The letter contents, writing must be formal manner as well it should be very precise.
  • Clear writing much helpful to reader for understand the matter of subject.
  • At the main body, brief your aspects well – even more, “State the reasons” for writing this letter.
  • The written language must be polite, formal and soft enough.
  • Try to keep convince the person to accept your business proposal.
  • Avoid any spelling or grammar mistakes, even try to keep the simple language.


Writing an effective business proposal letter is much important for establish effective communication with professional manner. It may be gain the attention of the potential investors.


Sample proposal Word Document

Letter of Proposal - Word document
Simple Proposal letter


Typically, business proposal letters may be sent to businesses generally by small or medium scale businesses in order to promote their products to another business. This is actually one of the best option to grow the business much faster and optimum pace. Even the proposal letter can be also used to explain something best ideas to another business or group of businesses. Overall, this is best way to explain something which is important and innovative through the letter. There are actually multiple purposes and reasons behind the creation and uses of this letter are:


  • Practically, the business can use this letter to presenting the business idea against the potential investors.
  • This may be gives a clear idea of the targets, goals and objectives that concern the performance.
  • What the business expecting? – Second, What businesses intends to take to achieve? – What are the goals? etc., things that makes clear.
  • In the letter, you can explain the diversity and describe how your ideas are much advance from the competitors.
  • One of the common used of the letter is – describing features of the product or services.


Usually, the proposal letter template may be used for various business as well as personal purposes. Even, this is actually professional way to explain your business ideas.


Printable Letter of Proposal – Excel / Word Document

Effective proposal letter format
Letter Template – Sample


If you are not sure how to write effective business proposal, then you do not worry about it. You can take the reference our ready-made templates.

Even you can follow below points that may help you to write good and effective letter template of proposal:


  • Make sure before you are sending either it hard copies or email, all the details, formation is completing, as well all the require details are as requirements.
  • At the top of the letter, you have to describe your name, address, contact details, date / follow up date, reference number, recipient name and contacts as well other details which are generally require in the letter.
  • The salutation should be requiring before the begin the letter.
  • In the first paragraph, you have to describe unique details / brief details about your business intentions.
  • At the second section / paragraph of the letter, you have to describe the detailed information about your goals and objective. You have to clear about your business idea / or products that you expecting to promote.
  • Before the closing the letter, you must put brief conclusion about the entire letter. This may be specifying your intension, ideas as well as it will be sound professional.
  • Sign off with your name, place, and signature / date as well.


Keep note that, whenever you are going to write the letter, the essential information should be highlighted. Make clear what your point of view, and what the key objective of the letter. Even how your idea will be helpful to Letter receiver. Even you can also include – how your entire project / activity or idea will be work.