Sample record retention schedule

Record Retention Schedule – RRS Sample Policy & Templates

A record retention schedule is a periodical disposal policy table for records may defines retention guidelines, and schedule. Actually, this document describes – how long data items store in records, how to dispose, and what reason for its retention. The Records retention schedule template may describe:

  1. The schedule can include the length of time for each document / record will be kept active, and disposal.
  2. Reason for the retention such as Operational, Fiscal, Legal, Historical or vital.
  3. The third major element of the table is final disposition, it can be either store in archival, or disposal of records.
  4. Schedule of each document for disposal as per policy and guidelines.

Usually, when any document is not in use or no further considerable for active business requirements. Hence, it is very important for the business to put down these documents in retention schedule. Either it can be archive or disposal.

Why record retention schedule is important?

  1. Retention and disposal both are essential process parts of the documentation system. Maintaining records is actually important for the help to take any decision. The documents may provide an accurate information to management for any action require in the business.
  2. The retention schedule basically works on documentation policy. It may define how exactly a document will be kept in system, and when it should be dispose.
  3. The important part of this schedule is consistency among all staff and documents. It may help to enable all employees to maintain the specific details.
  4. Actually, the record retention should be systematic, as well detailed about any subject or objective for serves more effective.
  5. This schedule will be providing an accurate information about which document is currently active, and which will be going to disposal or already require for disposal process.
  6. Mostly in business, some documents are requiring once in year, or twice in year, even once in quarter years. At the movement, schedule will be help you to organize the document more effectively. Mostly some legal, and government related documents can be needs in such way.
  7. When we talking about record retention, probably, it may cover all the documents are needs to maintain within the organization. Even it is the organization’s legal authority for retaining & destroying records.

Sample of Record Retention schedule

Record IDRecord TitleDescriptionRetention PeriodRecord Value (O/F/L/H/V)Custodian of RecordsRetention Source Authority

Record retention schedule samples

Usually, the retention schedule sheet may help to ensure that the organization is creating the optimal use of all of its available resources. Mostly in businesses, there are multiple tasks, products, procedures and standards are needs to handle for improve the product quality. Hence, it very important to maintain each record with specific way. Even the record maintain is very tough if you have so many records for various department as well for procedure. Hence, the schedule will be help these record with flexible as well comfort way. To see the importance of the record management, here are some ready made samples of schedules. You can use this schedules as per your business requirements.

Printable record retention schedule sample

Printable record retention schedule sample
Blank record retention schedule sample

Free Record retention schedule sample for excel  / Download PDF format

It is obvious that, each business has its own documentation and record management policies. These policies are reason for managing these document systems more effectively. Hence, every business should be preparing their record keeping policies more unique, specific, and sustainable. Even it should also very simple and understandable for employee to follow it. Ultimately these policies may help to convert bunch of tasks into routine job as record retention schedule. This ready made sample schedule you are seeing as above is one of the important template which is prepares with all require functions.

Record retention schedule sample 

Record retention schedule sample 
Record retention schedule sample

Blank Record retention schedule sample for excel \ Printable PDF Schedule download

In business environment, as the business progresses, the number of documents as well as the employees are increase significantly. Even employee’s burden is also increase in line with record’s numbers. Hence, employee needs the unique document, which may cover all the requirements, its related information as well makes the system more unique and powerful to maintain. The schedule is one of the important document may help to employee in this regard. The schedule helps the employee in retrieving, locating, maintaining, updating as well disposal of records.