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A reference letter template is a written recommendation in favor of someone with overviews their character, abilities, skills, and individual’s disciplines. In industries, any former employee or well know person can advocate for someone for employment or something in favor by this letter.


Actually, the reference letter is type of recommendation, in this letter, person may assess someone’s personal skills, capabilities, qualifications etc., positive things in favor of them. This letter is normally use at – school admission, job applications, scholarship applications, etc. Basically, the reference letter may include the salutation, name of the person that the letter about, the purpose of the letter, why recommendations, qualification of person, abilities, and conclusions are common.


Free Reference letter template

Simple Reference letter Sample format
Reference letter template



In the professional world, it is much helpful to candidates who needs a job. Even this is official document which is much useful to gives a reference for job purposes. This is actually, request letter, which is provides any person for another person for any application to the company, university, or for job concern.


There are actually some points that may help you to write a good letter:


  • Choose the good format for writing a reference letter. The letter fonts and structure should be looks goods and professional as well.
  • Before the writing a letter, you have to understand – what is the requirements of the requester?
  • Keep the motive of this letter, your requester’s requirements as well why you are writing it.
  • Understand before the writing the letter, why another person will be accepting your reference letter. Your effective writing will be one of the important thing for reader.


Actually, the contents of the letter may depend on the requirements of requested person. But still you have to take some effort to show the letter formation much appreciate.


Printable Reference letter template

Simple Printable Reference letter template
A4 – Reference letter template

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The letter of reference is actually referring a person, who you have known personally. The letter may help to express recommendation for someone or candidate for job, school or university admission. Usually, this letter is much important or valuable document for personal as well business level. Because whenever someone doing favor another person makes much values in case.


When we are talk to refer the about hiring process, the reference letter is much important for candidate who is participating of a job. Even the potential employer can get much information about the individual candidate, if they receive such letter from any reputed person or well-known person. Typically, the letter may contain the qualities, characteristics, skills, achievements, capabilities of someone who willing to get a job.



Basic Structure of the reference letter


If we talk about the formal structure for a reference letter, there are actually no such specific structure. But you can use the simple or general format for a reference letter. Even some contents must be change as suitable for reference letter as well.




There are actually two different method or contents that you should put at the top of the letter or as salutation.


If you are writing a general letter without any specified recipient, you can begin with:


“To Whom It May Concern” at the key phase of this section.


Or, if you know the name of the recipient or addressing someone, you can put the salutation such as:


” Dear Mr. Thomas…… / Mrs. Thomas…. Ms. Maria…. Mrs. Maria …. etc.”


About the person / Candidate


At the top of this letter, you have to describe the details of the person / candidate for whom you are giving this reference letter. Explain about this person in brief details.


Purpose of the letter


The purpose is one of the important section that may explains the brief details of the reasons why you are writing this letter and why you are giving reference to this candidate.


Connection with the referee


Herein this section, you have to explain that what is the connection with the candidate? – to the person you are going to recommending. You have to describe the brief details – how you know them, and why you are qualified to write this letter.


Qualification and abilities


Actually, you have to enter the meaningful details, specific and brief about the person’s qualifications and abilities, which makes good sense. This is actually key section of the letter through reader can get much information about the candidate.




At the last section of the letter is conclusion. This paragraph of the letter may help you to conclude the details in brief. The reader can get sufficient amount of the information about the candidate once they read it. The details of this section must be specific and summary of this entire conversations.