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Effective Risk Assessment Forms – Free Simple & Basic Excel Formats

The risk assessment form is document used to recording important details of risk management such as identifying and analyzing potential hazards, risks, level of risks as well identified control measures.

The form may include combination of join efforts mean – (1) Identification of Risk, and (2) Assessment of Risks. Typically, the form can be for any particular process, project, or even entire manufacturing processes. It is all depends on how the management deploying the assessment process in the existing processes.


Practically, this assessment tool may use to identification and managing control measures for risks in the workplace.


At the first steps of the assessment – Team identifying hazards which are associated with the processes. Secondly, it may be assessing the incidents, injuries, etc., by ranking it as per severity, likelihood and implementation control measures to reduce the level of risks.


Overall’ the form helps to managing this entire event information by systematic way. The management can review this form to take necessary actions for eliminate the risks or even reduce the risks level significantly.


Tips for effective planning of risk assessment form


Well established scope


In the risk management – identifying the risks and assessment results can significantly impact on the entire management process for risks and associated processes. Hence, it is necessary to specify the scope for guide the entire operations. Even, the scope may provide a quick priority of the potential hazards’ levels controls and potential solutions. Overall’ scope is much important when you are going to assessing the risks at various level of the management.


Resource planning


When you are going to filling out the assessment form, practically first of all you have to decide what devices, equipment, machinery as well manpower will be deployed in the processes to minimize the level of risks. Even more, which resources can helpful for reducing the significant level of risks at various processes. They are multiple things that directly impacting on the level of risks such as – manpower management, security and safety equipment.


First of all, you have to aware the workmen for each risks, hazards and potential treats associated with the processes. Same side, the optimum uses of the safety equipment is much appreciated for reducing level or risks.



Methodology & Approach

Selection of the methodology as well as approach for conducting assessment process is much important in risks management. However, the it is much important that your scope of assessment, and procedures should coincide with – selected methodology.


Importance of risk assessment form


  1. The form provides a platform through management can assess the risks and hazards effectively.
  2. This is actually integral part of the safety system, hence this is necessary for reducing level of risks and safety management.
  3. It may be helps to organize the information of the risks and its associated information accurately.
  4. The form is specifically defined for the risk assessment; hence it is much important for overall process.
  5. Referring the form, every one – each individual may be preparing for the risks that they might be face during the process or even with equipment or other resources.
  6. This form provides some guidelines for organize the solutions and control measures for different aspects, risks and hazards.
  7. Accurately recording the information of identified hazards, and helps to review the assessment process.
  8. Management can take reference of form of previous years for identifying and assessing the hazards.



Simple Risk assessment form template

Example - Risk assessment form
Blank Risk assessment form

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The key purpose of the risk assessment is establishment of systematic inspection of the tasks, processes as well examination of each activity that may significant for hazards. During this process the team may be identify the significant hazards and risks that associated with the regular processes. These lists of hazards are managing in the risk assessment form. This form may help to organize information of hazards as well identifying and deploying control measures in various processes.


Typically, the form may include name of the department, assessment date, assessment team members name, review date, reference number, about the risk, hazardous event name, consequences, affected peoples and area, initial risk rating, risk control measures and residual rating. This is common fields that require for assessment of the risks in the processes.


Free Risk assessment form template

Excel Format for Risk assessment form
Excel Sheet – Risk assessment form

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Using this risk assessment form, you can document information related to risks that associated with the business or project. The form may be helps to organize, identifying as well as controlling to significantly reducing the risk level. The form may be enables you to describe the details as well manage it – the information:


  • The list of the identified risks which are directly or indirectly impacts on the processes and associated with the project / business.
  • You can categorize the risks mean “Nature of the Risk” and also describe the affected peoples / areas specifically.
  • It may be help to record likelihood of the risk occurring in the regular activities.
  • The form may be enable you to list out preventive actions for reducing the likelihood of the risks.
  • With support of the information from the form, you can easily identify contingent actions that may significantly reduce the impact.
  • You can review the identified hazards and risks, deploying the control measures, as well actions that possible at a glance.
  • Enable to management for monitoring and control risks.


It is obvious that, when you are involving in any manufacturing, engineering, construction or any other business – the risks are major factor that directly or indirectly impact on regular process. Even it may also have associated with the equipment, tools, machinery, manpower or any other resources. Hence, these details are much important to document with the risk assessment form.


By using the form, you can manage all the information which is require to take necessary actions that mitigate the risks. The form much helpful for communications, recording as well identification of potential risks – and management can take preventive actions to reduce it timely.


Basic Risk Assessment Form

Sample Risk Assessment Form
Risk Assessment Sheet

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This basic risk assessment form is simple, but all the information that require to assessment of the risk is available. Herein this form, you can manage multiple risks and actions list for the process improvement and safety. The team also needs to include details – such as affected manpower, resources, areas or environment details.

At the next section, team should rate each risk as per control measure chart. Even, the form also includes the control measures for each risk. In the last field – you can describe list of the personnel that involve in the risk assessment process.