Risk Assessment Templates & Examples

Risk Assessment template – 5+ Free Forms & Formats for Excel

Risk assessment template is document may contain information of overall process or method to identify risk factors & levels in process or activities. It may help to assess the potential risk factors to cause analysis and evaluate the risk associated with the process, object or event. Actually the risk assessment template may help to organize the assessment process and its dynamic procedures to evaluate sequences of process.

The document will be act as proactive process that may identify hazards, risk levels and organize the priority for assessment of risks.

  1. Introduction to Risk Assessment template
  2. Purpose of the risk assessment template
  3. Types of risk assessment templates
  4. Functions of risk assessment template
  5. Risk assessment templates

Introduction to Risk Assessment template

When the business working with heavy equipment, machinery and processes for producing the materials. It is obvious that the some of the processes or objects can be general or potentially hazardous for humans as well for environment. Hence, it is very important to conduct risk analysis for these processes to eliminate or reduce the impacts of the risks. Which are associated with existing processes and activities.

Actually the risk analysis is very important and useful procedure to identify hazards, and assessing the risk levels through prioritize the level with systematic manner. Hence, the business needs to establish proper system or documentation that may cover these requirements of safety. Normally following types of requirements are general.

Purpose of the risk assessment template

A risk assessment is actually systematic investigation task. Hence, it is obvious that this process will be establish in processes to achieve the objectives. Normally the main aim to establishing the risk assessment process can be eliminating the hazards from the processes. Here are some instant points that may describes the actual purpose of the risk assessment. These main purpose for establishment of risk assessment template are:

  • To identify significant hazards from the manufacturing processes, equipment / machinery uses in the processes, and / or potential hazards from the process activities.
  • Identifying significant control measures to reduce the risks.
  • Well categorize each risk identify from the processes.
  • Managing risk levels as per standard risk matrix.
  • Prioritize the risk levels for each hazard identified from the process / activities.
  • Identifying potential actions to step out actions for eliminate or reducing the levels of risks.

Probably the main purpose of the risk assessment can be to provide a safe workplace to each employee. Normally this process will be verifying each process, activity, equipment, machinery, and associated manpower. On review of the entire system, in case any hazard identifies from any, risk assessment process will be record these hazards & process to carry out potential actions.

Types of risk assessment templates

It is obvious that risks and hazards can be change as different industry and segment. Even the risk factors and levels of the risk can be varying. Hence, there may so many varieties of the risks and along with assessment methods and templates. Here is list of the most risks assessment templates which are generally require to assess the risks.

  1. Fire Risk assessment template
  2. Security risk assessment template
  3. IT Risk Assessment template
  4. Project Risk Assessment template
  5. Business Risk Assessment template
  6. Basic Risk Assessment template
  7. Environmental Risk Assessment Templates
  8. Health Risk Assessment templates
  9. Electrical Risk Assessment Templates

Normally the structure and design of each risk assessment template can be vary. But simply the contents and method will be similar for each one.

Fire Risk assessment template

Most of the organization can have its own fire management & control system. Even it should be requiring to deploy to comply government rules. Obviously the fire risk assessment template will be cover the risks associated with the processes related to fire incidents. Normally the templates are using to take necessary actions pro-actively.

Security risk assessment template

Using a free security risk assessment template may be helpful for conducting the process more quickly. When any business looking for the safe environment, or safe the valuable information, security risk assessment template will be help in this regard. Actually this is proactive action that may help to prevent the information or operation.

IT Risk Assessment template

At other side of the industry, IT industries are bearing different type of issues and risks. Obviously the risk assessment process contents may be change. It may be focus on the critical points in order to know the best solutions. The IT risk assessment template will be providing initial platform to establish professional assessment process.

Project Risk Assessment template

This template will be providing comprehensive stages and bunch of points that may cover identification, assessment, impact analysis, mitigation, planning and evaluation. All the steps will be focus on the risks associated with the project.

Business Risk Assessment template

This is the different type of the risks assessment which is focus on the business contingencies. This type of templates may focus on the business’ critical processes to identify and listing in order of importance. Possible business continuity impacts can be possible to assess through business risk assessment template. Normally this type of template can be cover entire business processes, even it more focus on critical processes.

Basic Risk Assessment template

The basic type of risks assessment template may describe the details of the simple steps that require to assess the risks. Normally it may be identification of the hazards, determining the categories and risk level, evaluating the entire process, implementation and review the process.

Environmental Risk Assessment Templates

Using this environment risk assessment template, you can take the proactive action to eliminate risk on the environmental impact. This template will be cover the environmental related risk such as air, water, land, plants, and wildlife contamination. Actually this can be scientific process that the template will be provide the contents to easier for establish initial steps.

Health Risk Assessment templates

This is the common issue for each organization to identify risk and assessing. Most of the businesses are using the health risks assessment template to identify the risks associated with the processes that directly impact on human health. This template will be providing simple steps to assessing the health conditions of each employee within the organization.

Electrical Risk Assessment Templates

It is very important for the organizations to proactively conduct the electrical risk analysis to eliminate possibility of any electrical incident or accident. Even this may be government requirements to comply some rules that to avoiding incidents. Electrical risks assessment template will be providing a structural content design which may easier for any organization to conduct the assessment process.

Functions of risk assessment template

Normally when you are creating any document or process that to be question why this process or document require? Simply the functions of any process or document which help you to organize or achieve the target. Same thing the functions of the risk assessment is important part of the health and safety system.

In the health and safety system, management have to identify the hazards from the process, activities, equipment, machine or event. And the risk assessment template will be help to do this. Here is some simple list of functions that will be focus more on this subject.

Identification of hazards

The process or sources that are within the scope of the assessment process which require to identify these hazards can potential cause damage to human health and environment. It can be any form, such as object, sub-process, machinery parts, equipment’ process, or materials which are used in the process.

A hazard may potential impact on the process, human health, or environment that direct loss for the business economy. Even it can be challenge for the compliance of local government’ rules too.

Risk Analysis

It is not enough to identifying and listing hazards. But it should be properly analyzing for understanding the actual risks. Actually the risk assessment may involve the procedure of risk analysis wherein the characteristics and nature of a hazard will analyze to know the further. Probably the analysis will be identifying the vulnerabilities of the hazards to implement potential actions on it.

Risk categorization and risk levels

Actually the risks categorization and defining risk levels both are part of the risk analysis. When you analyze the one by one hazard, you may get the real causes and potentiality of each one. Base on the severity and occurrence, even the level of the risk, each potential risk can be possible to manage accordingly. Risk categorization will be help to understand the type of risk, its impact even and frequent place where it can be occurring. Even the risk level indicates the seriousness of the hazards that may extremely important for prioritize the hazards for elimination.

Risk Evaluation

Normally the risk evaluation process complete using the risks matrix, even the prioritize for the completion of risk assessment. During the risk evaluation, the analyze can determine the control measures. The evaluation team also ensure that each control measure defined is sufficient, and complying the requirements for assessing the risk.

Risk assessment templates

The risk assessment is very important activity for the organization to eliminate or reduce the risk level in processes. The hazards can be danger if it is not isolate on time. Hence, the risk assessment process will be identifying potential hazards, categorize in levels, prioritize it to setup actions on it. Here are some of the ready made templates may helpful for your own assessment template:

  1. Safety risk assessment template
  2. Fire safety risk assessment example
  3. Risk assessment form template
  4. RAMS Risk register template
  5. Free Risk assessment form template

Normally these templates are for education purpose only. But you can take this document for your reference. This is very important and key requirement for any business to establish standard template for risk assessment:

Safety risk assessment template

Safety risk assessment example
Safety risk assessment template


Safety is essential part of the any business process. Hence each safety need should be complying as proper requirements. This safety risk assessment template may focus on the potential risks and hazards that may associated with the processes. Normally the safety risk assessment conduct at each department, even at each process which is identify as critical. These process should be conduct for the reviews for identify potential hazards. This template will be help to identify, categorize, prioritize, and review the existing system concern to safety requirements.

Fire safety risk assessment example

Fire safety risk assessment example
Fire safety risk assessment example


Normally where the flammable materials are using the processes, machinery, or equipment for regular use. The fire risk assessment template is much important to identify these processes or materials which is highly flammable, even the possibility of incident. This ready made template will be help to conduct the assessment processes.

Risk assessment form template

Risk assessment form example excel
Risk assessment form template


When you are conducting the risk assessment process for hazards and risk related review. You have to any standard platform that may easier to enter the values outcomes from your review. Even when you using the checklist at the plant or any office area, you have to note down the information which may concern to the risks. This information can be organizing with risk assessment form. Actually most of the businesses are using the risk assessment form to maintain the values of information with standard formation. Hence, here you can find ready-made risk assessment form which may suitable for your business needs.

RAMS Risk register template

RAMS Risk register template
RAMS Risk register template


RAMS is short of the Risk Assessment and Management System. This is actually entire system name which is use in the manufacturing processes for the risk elimination. Actually this is vast topic, but here we are talking about RAMS risk register, which is part of the system. Even it is much important or essential part of the system. The risk register may help you to identify and recording hazards which you are observe in the processes.

Free Risk assessment form template

Free Risk assessment form template
Free Risk assessment form template


It is obvious that the business peoples have many tasks that needs to complete in limited time.Hence creating some risk assessment templates, which may cover all the functions and aspects for the risk elimination can be very tough job. Hence, here you can find the ready made format which may be fit for your business requirements. Normally this ready made template can be cover all the functions and contents which are generally required for the assessment.