Free Safe Work Method Statement Template

Safe Work Method Statement Template for Excel sheet

A safe work method statement template is a document that may contain systematic procedure for work to carry out safely in workplace. The SWMS outlines “Logical Sequence” for the procedures how become “Regular Work” more Safe manpower, equipment and Work Environment.


Actually, the method statement will be help to organize the works more precise and safe, even you can ensure to follow it, all the require “precautions” are taken at its place. Moreover, it may evident that all the significant related to – Health & Safety – risks has been identified, actioned, and controlled.


Actually, the safe work method statement is write before the any task get began.  The management will be review the entire document and approve to implement at the production floor. This document each employee and workmen will be follow as their appropriate job’ task.


Importance of Method Statement template


In construction, manufacturing or engineering units, a method statement is much important to avoiding any incident. This document provides a detailed and step by step guide on how to do the job safely. Even it may help to ensure that the tasks / process should be completed with enough safely. The SWMS focuses on following:


  • The SWMS outlines how the any particular process should be completed with safely.
  • It may cover equipment and tools, machinery and processes to be used as well.
  • The document helps to identify significant hazards and risks that associated with process.
  • The key purpose of this document is – ensuring all the necessary precautions have been taken and involved in the logical sequence.


The method statement template may define as manual which is prepare by organization for outline information about steps to carrying out any task safely. This significant tool helps the business to identify potential / and associated risks in the process. In short, this is very important document for incorporating guidelines for performing tasks safe enough.


Safe Work Method Statement Template


Simple Safe Work Method Statement Template
Safe Work Method Statement Template

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Using our safe work method statement template, you can create document in minutes. It may be help you to quickly create, and easily fill up the details without any trouble. This template having all the features and contents that may help you to create your own SWMS template.


Organization Details

At the top of the template, you have to describe general details of the organization. Such as principal contactors, project manager or supervisor name, who is responsible to fill out this entire process, designation of this person, date of preparation and contact details of each responsible person.


Project / Process Details

In this section, you have to describe scope of the work, the statement should be containing also the manpower details, equipment details, as well what high risk work activities are covered by this document. You can also describe the standards and code of practices.


Identifying Risks & Hazards in the process

This is actually one of the important section in the entire document. Herein you have to fill out the details of the tasks that your regular processes and associated jobs with it. Identified all the tasks and associated hazards should be describing in head of this section. Mostly the hazards should be associated with health and safety, in case of environmental related you can also describe with it. Even more, you can describe all the “control Measures” – list of all the measures in this section. Details of the manpower – and name of the responsible personnel are also requiring to include.



At the end of this document, you have to specify the details at the bottom of the document. Herein, you can clearly describe key information such as what are hazards, which process having a high risk, what are the control measures, and what actions are require or taken to control over it.




Method Statement Template


Sample Method Statement Template
Method Statement Template

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This blank method statement template is specifically design to use for project requirements. It may help to identify risks associated with the project. Normally, it may contain background information of the process, implementation of the process and site control, even you can also record specific note on it. Actually, this is one of the important way to providing information to all the staff about – how to conduct the regular jobs safely.


Background information

In this section, you can describe some basic information about the project, site address and project risks that you identified and potential risks may also can include.



There is multiple way to implementing the process as require to apply to each task. May there are so many processes should have specific action plan which may cover the tasks. In this section, you can describe what steps are requiring to conduct or what is safe work process.


Site control

In the method statement, site control is one of the important process that through entire project can be possible to potential controls over each process. In the section, you can describe the project task name, and requires steps for each project task. This is simple way to taking control over it.


Final Note

In this section, you can describe the final note or conclusion of the entire method statement. Typically, it may provide a brief information to reader about.  Genially, which process needs –  which steps to performing safe working environment. Basically, the document that apply to the activity, and entire work flow to eliminate possibility of risks.