Printable Salary Increase Letter format

Salary Increase Letter Format & Template for Word

A salary increase letter is formal document, which may use to declare the employee’s (Letter receiver) salary increments. Practically, the letter may contain details of increment with variety of reasons for incensement. The employer is providing this letter to individual – who gained the incensement, or will be.


In the briefly:


  • This is simple and formal way to inform employee (Individual distribution).
  • The letter may contain the details of individual employee’s salary increment.
  • You can include variety of reasons for wages increase.
  • Usually, the increment process may be conducts annually.


At another side, salary increment letter can be in form of:


  • Employee can ask about their salary increment to their employer.
  • This may be in form of request to employer for pay increment.
  • The letter can send by employee to their employer, when employee wish their salary should increase enough as he expecting.
  • Some cases, salary increment letter may also include about the bonus. Employee can ask about their annual bonus if he believe they performed well during the financial year.


In business environment, salary increase letter is best way to express their condition as well declare status about pay scales. In the both cases, the entire communication of letter may be between employee and employer.


Employee Salary increase letter format

Blank Employee Salary increase letter template
Employee Salary increase letter format

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The salary increase letter may help you to incorporate important information related to salary of an employee along with some basic details of employee’s position and role in the unit. Typically, this letter is medium to inform the status of individual’s salary along with percentage or figures of increment may include.


As you can see the picture above is exact preview of the format. You can check your requirement with this letter template. Even if any modification requires as per requirements, you can do it as well.


Simple Salary Increase letter template

Word Document Salary Increase letter Format
Printable Salary Increase letter Word Document


Most of the business are using this letter to explaining the incensement of individual for financial year. The employer can also ensure that wage and benefit compositions. That are details clearly, regularly for employee. Even this details must also describe in the letter. Typically, the salary slip is one of the important communication between both the parties, but this letter is one of the important document that used to inform the existing status of the wages as well increment details may include.



How to create a salary request letter?


Start with positive way

Obviously, your objective of the letter is for requesting to your employer for increment in the salary. But you should not start directly on the point. First of all, you must begin with some positive thing about yourself. Such as your well experience in the workplace as well concern the job, your annual performance, and co-relation with your colleagues. This is actually take you on positive as better candidate.


Persuade your expectation

As the second paragraph, you can now explain your expectations. Even with specific reason your salary should increase. appreciatory, you can explain about your self. Why you are deserving a salary raise? and Even you can explain your contributions in any particular process or project.


Point out the facts

In this section of the letter, you have to convince your employer about some facts such as – Supporting your reasons with facts. You can explain about your living condition against your employer. More over, you can describe how the Peoples, which are on similar job position, experience and level of skills. But still they getting highly pay scale then you.


Describe actual amount of salary

At herein with, you can state the salary amount with specific. The employer should know what exactly you are going to paid, and what your expectations.


Close out the letter

Complete your letter systematically. You can conclude some important information with brief details. At the end of the letter, never say something that odd, such as “If the salary does not rise, I will quit my job”.