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A sales order form is a document may contain the specific information about products or services. The seller may be preparing SO to describe the items, issued after receipt of a customer’s purchase order. This is actually confirmation of the product order received from the customers, which is seller send to customer. The SO is makes processing much transparent as deal of the product or services between supplier and customer.

The order form is actually an internal document may use for the work flow with contains information to distribute different department.  Actually it may issue once the management getting a confirmation from the customer’s purchase order. Usually, it may generate before the taking the materials for internal processing at production facility. It may require to confirmation from the customers to release. The entire internal communication may depend sales order form if the production facility is not using the job slip or job card.

Typically, sales order form may contain:

  1. Description of your company name & contact information.
  2. Sales order number and generated date
  3. Customer billing address, delivery address and contact information.
  4. Accurate date of the delivery, and contact person details.
  5. You can also include contact person name & details once the material reach to customer’s premises.
  6. Description of product or services, it may include item name, unit (specific) Quantity, unit price, item wise amount. [Amount in not important with the sale order form]
  7. Taxes and levies details (According to government rules & regulations, Local taxes etc.)
  8. Payment terms & conditions, including payment method.
  9. Advances & payment schedules
  10. General Terms and conditions
  11. Signatures & Approvals


Samples of Sales order form templates


There is no matter you are operating a retail, small business or any larger organization. You definitely need a sales order form where you can include the information which is require to processing the customer’s orders. Typically, the sales order form is containing the important information such as customer’s intends to buying the products, details of goods, delivery information, estimation of billing amounts, packing and delivery etc. In short, the sales order form is part of the business to make your processing much easy. You can download order forms as below:


Free Sales order form template excel

Printable Sales order form template excel
Blank Sales order form Excel Sample template

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Using this template, you can manage your customer’s order details more effectively. This excel sales order template having an advance tool, features, functions and formulas that will improve the flexibility and customize much easy. The form may be coming with basic information, or as structural requirements that needful for creating a sales order form. Herein the typical information such as order number and date, product details, total costs and financial details may include.


Product Sales order form template

Free Product Sales order form format
Download Product Sales order format

Excel Sheet Template download

This order form is typically focus on the product and its specific requirements. mostly in the manufacturing and engineer units, some details are much important to make as pivot information for communicating. Such as product’s technical details, specifications, grades of products, raw materials specifications, delivery schedules, special packaging etc. Whenever you generate the sales order, this information are takes a place as primary or key information. This template may help you to organize these types of key information, as well inserting it.


Sales order form

Printable Sales order form
Blank Sales order form for Excel

Sheet Download for Free

This simple format may help you to create perfect sales order form. Because the design of this template is very effective, simple and well-organized. This descriptive sample format may provide guidelines to manage your order details very easily.


How to Make Sales Order Form?

In the manufacturing or engineering units, sales order form is one of the important document which that various operations can interconnect through it. To manage manufacturing operations, it is always needs any key document that make easier the communication. Whenever any producing activities are taken, the sales order form may provide an initial information about the products that needs to produce over the time. Overall’ it may provide information about customer’s requirements along with their quantity and technical details. So herein, the steps that make your sales order more effective are:

Initial SO details.

Whenever you are going to create the document, you have to make clear the initial details of the document such as document name at top, brief details of document, date of prepare, document number and standard format number. Herein the Sales order form, you have to also needs to describe the necessary details such as:

  • Sales order Title at top of the page
  • O. gradual number
  • Order prepare & Issue date
  • Short description of the sales order

These details may help you to manage the sales order for tracking, record-keeping as well communication with various department. Even it establishes the entire communication between department to department, management to department or supplier to customer.

In the manufacturing or engineering unit, there are multiple sales orders can be under the productions. Hence, it is very important for the management to identify and track sales order for take the update at ground levels.

Company info

As the primary information, you have to provide your company name, address, contact details. This details will be helpful for the client to make easier for communicate.

Customer relevant details

When you are creating any official document, it is always important to describe the basic details of the client at top of document. Typically, the document may contain customer name, address, contact details etc. You can also describe the single contact point, or contact person name and its direct contacts.

Design the table to inserting information

The details which are need to enter in the sales order form is important. Hence, each details must be describing well to make easier to readable. Well-organized information can prevent to error during the processing it. Even the design may help you to organize all the elements systematically.

Key information

When you are initializing to creating an order form, make sure all the important details such as –  products and its related information are described perfectly. Actually, product’s key information such as item description, unit quantity, unit price, type of packing etc., are much important. It can be possible along with order, there are multiple items can be requiring to describe. Hence, you have to take care about each item’s technical, customer requirements and specifications describes perfectly.

Calculating estimation of order

At the bottom of the sales order form, you have to describe the total amount of the entire sales order. This will be help to your customer to understand the entire order’s estimated values. Even you can also describe the taxes and levies that make the clear, what the government taxes are applicable on the product.

There are some important costs such as:

  • Shipping costs,
  • Packing and forwarding costs,
  • Labor charges etc., can also describe with specific column.

Reviews and Approvals

As usual, each official document should be containing the important information. Such as reviews and approvals are necessary. At the end of the order form, the entire document is taken for review and signature of reviewer(s) are must. It is very important to gives an assurance to client, all the details of the order form are checked, reviewed and verified by authority.