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A sales order template is a document may contain sales contract details between seller and buyer with specified goods or services estimation figures and delivery schedule. The document may specifically outline both the parties i.e. supplier and receiver are agreed upon the product / services, unit prices, quantity, terms and conditions, payments, as well delivery.


At another hand, the sales order template can be also used as internal document and used within the company. The document may contain specific details and records the customer’s order details such as quantity, item, specification of the product, inspection requirements, technical details and acceptance criteria etc.


Typically, the sales order template may contains following details:


  • Company information. Herein this section, S.O (Sales Order) template may include some general company information. Such as Company address, contacts, distribution channels, division, etc.
  • General Details. The section is actually for some important information which is require to complete the Sales order template. There are actually multiple details like sale person name, job and job type, shipping method, Delivery type etc. This details will be specifying some delivery requirements at time of shipment.
  • Item description. This is actually key section which is generally, internal as well as external parties are take attention. Herein this section, some specific details are needs to include. Such as item name and number, quantity in unit, unit price, discount if any on product. There you can also include some details such as material type, batch number, unit details, material group, technical code, etc.
  • Delivery Schedule. This is actually unique details which is also much important which should be include once both parties are agree on schedule dates. May be delivery schedule can be in multiple dates along with multiple quantities.
  • Delivery Locations. If any customer having a multiple branch. They can order particular items for any delivery location. If in such case, sale order template must be describing the multiple delivery locations to accurately, and timely delivery.
  • Payment terms & conditions. Herein this section, some general payment terms and conditions are needs to describes. It may be containing payment mode, date of payments (it can be in installments, cash on delivery, against L.C. (letter of Credit), Wire transfer, RTGS, online banking or any similar method.


The details of the sales order template can be different on needs of business and industrial segments. But the structure and format contents may be similar as described.


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The sales order template is actually simply the details of the customers’ requirements. Where all the production details, items and its specific details are including for further processing. This sales order template may include:


  • Common information.

    Herein the template, first of all you have to describe all the details about the organization. Such as company name, address and contact details. You have to also describe customer details and shipping (delivery Details) too.

  • Unique Identification.

    Each sales order template having a unique and specific details. Even more, the identification of the sales order must be unique and specific number which is typically use for tracking the sales order, as well extract details.

  • Sales man.

    Herein this section, you can include the name of the sale person. Even if group, you can describe the brief about it.

  • Job Details.

    There are actually depending on you, either you can mention Job ID or name of job.

  • Shipping Method.

    In this section, you have to describe the shipping method. Mean how you will be deliver the goods to customers.

  • Shipping terms.

    In case any specific details related to shipping, you can describe herein. Usually, the shipping terms much important when the materials are under the transportation.

  • Delivery details.

    The delivery date and its related information you can include in this section.

  • Item description.

    This is actually key section of the entire sales order template. Herein this section, you have to describe all the details related to customer’s order. Such as quantity, item name and number, description of the item, unit price, as well amount. Even more, you can also describe brief details of the product.

  • Product specific.

    This is also much important section; the section is actually for the technical requirements of the customer. The section may include technical sheet, technical and specifications requirements for the products / end applications, as well special characteristics that needs as industrial standards.


Using this template, you can manage your product details with accurate figures of the customer’s requirements. The template may be including the details of the customer’s purchase order which is needs to processing for manufacturing / assembling or production which may results the fulfill customer’s requirements. In this sales order template, you can manage the details which is necessary to provide with its specific requirements.


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Typically, the sales order is issued by sales department for the further processing at the floor level. This details are much important for the manufacturing plants through they can produce the materials. Obviously, supplier can’t describe all the details of the purchase order, hence they insert sales order which specific and only require details that charge to deal with the customers.


Why Businesses are using sales order?


It may adjust changes


Typically, when customer drop the inquiry for its requirements, suppliers are providing quotation as response of their inquiry. If both the parties are agreeing on each term, customer can issue the purchase order from it side. At the movement, may be customer can make some terms & conditions, request for discounts, add some technical and specification requirements, as well include some special characteristics for the product specific. Hence, it may be miss-match the purchase order and quotation details. Even, planning team should be needs some unique and accurate details for organize the production where all the important details are requiring for further process.


As results, sales department will be insert the sales order, which may include all the details with updates, changes and information on which agreed both the parties. This details will be final and usual for further proceeding.


The bridge information.

It is obvious that, when anything deals between two parties i.e. supplier and buyer – the sales order will provide extract details which is officially acceptable for both the parties. The details will be key information between both parties, that both can establish meaningful communication.


Using within manufacturing facility.

The details of the sales order may be including actually details from the customer’s purchase order. But it will be including only useful information. Some confidential details will be keep hide from others. Even it is necessary for each business. Business needs to gives details to their manufacturing facility. But they can’t issue copy of purchase order. Hence they will be generating sales order with all necessary details, which is require for producing materials.